The History of Syria in 60 Seconds

Learn the history of this war-torn nation in one minute.
1:10 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for The History of Syria in 60 Seconds
A state sponsor of terrorism Syria is a country at war with itself. In 1970. -- -- -- song became the country's first president Syria joined forces with Egypt in 1973. To battle Israel ultimately losing the Golan Heights. Despite peace talks with Israel in the nineties. Syria never regained control of the terrorist. In 2000 Hafez all -- it done and was succeeded by his son -- -- the new president was new to politics. He was a practicing physician -- elected by popular referendum. 2007 and more conflict with Israel when jets bombed an alleged secret Syrian nuclear reactor. Civil war broke out in 2011. When protesters demanded political freedom and civil liberties from the Asad regime. The government -- fact. With deadly school. Hours more than 70000 people have died and over a million have fled the country August 2012. President Obama's that the use of chemical weapons would cross -- red -- and that. Could -- US military action.

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{"id":19078033,"title":"The History of Syria in 60 Seconds","duration":"1:10","description":"Learn the history of this war-torn nation in one minute.","url":"/International/video/history-syria-60-seconds-19078033","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}