Hong Kong protester shot by police, set on fire

Hong Kong woke up to chaos on Monday morning as months of pro-democracy protests intensify and become more violent.
3:42 | 11/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hong Kong protester shot by police, set on fire
Are gonna move overseas to the fresh clashes in Hong Kong as we've been reporting pro democracy protesters. Holding massive demonstrations for months fighting for their autonomy from mainland China but things taken an even uglier turn today when one protester. Was shot by police and another man set on fire so want to bring in Julian McFarland. In our London bureau. To discuss all of this Julia it seems like things are just getting word summit feels like we're reaching a point of no return when people are in critical condition. Kimberly exactly over the course of these last six months what we've seen in Hong Kong is we have seen that this war of attrition ready between the bad sides should get progressively west on reaching new levels. Of violence we had the start of October the buzz time police used to live ammunition on a protest. We NN Seoul last week the bus to dust. All of a protest. I'm the anger about so full they've gotten through the extent that is not violence in the following days they have been lost weekend on Sunday today. Would escalate that is unfortunately what we have seen. This morning in Hong Kong the first incident you mentioned police I shoot saying. A young student protests in the torso at point blank range the biggest segmenting of that was a life streamed on face that it has gone. All over the wild. Police have responded to that in a press conference added today they said that gilts said he felt he fit for his life. And a separate incidents a prairie Beijing. Print protest was. Confronting a group of Hong Kong demonstrates has. He can be had saying your not from China. And as a sort of front Cox and the seat someone just out of Charlotte does is ham and a flammable liquid. I'm sent him on fire yet now they have protested wrist shot by police he's undergone surgery. He's now in a stable condition but that other protest and who is set on fire he is currently critical in the hospital. Yeah it's unbelievable to see the images and I just want your remind us what the people are fighting for because in the beginning when this started. In the summer it was about that extradition bill. Exactly is that what stuff until this off is not contentious extradition bill got was something about a lot of people's kids. Would mean that China could extradite. Religious dissidents political. Opposition figure as an activist and how of them face said the UG UBS Chinese judicial system home home of course has a very separate. Three of the fact internationally Aaron on judicial system based on the British model with international judges completely different. From the very very MacKey. Judicial system in China not bounce what spots a lot of these protests initially. But that bill has been that it was suspended by the Hong Kong authorities it was then look it is an counseled by Carrie Lam I'm the Hong Kong. Authorities but now. These princess some kind of gal there have been galvanized by a lot of this. Alleged police brutality in a lot about alleged brutality has been court on Cameron has been widely documented another incident today a police Mensa cycle. Was filmed slamming into a crime I would. Old protest does not incidents was cool about by Amnesty International hinted that today says. Let these I'm not police tactics this is not crowds suppression this is. The these are serious issues these anti democratic and endangering life and this is beyond any kind of police. Defend civil crowd control tactics there are some real issues have. Yet Julia and no end in sight my want to thank you for the updates are right there in our London bureau thanks for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"Hong Kong woke up to chaos on Monday morning as months of pro-democracy protests intensify and become more violent.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66915174","title":"Hong Kong protester shot by police, set on fire","url":"/International/video/hong-kong-protester-shot-police-set-fire-66915174"}