Hurricane Maria strengthens to Category 4

ABC News' chief meteorologist Ginger Zee and meteorologist Dan Peck give the latest updates on hurricanes Maria and Jose.
14:28 | 09/18/17

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Transcript for Hurricane Maria strengthens to Category 4
ES. She's here a lot of us. And and or hurt me so. He. See I asked and right here. I still welcome that sits. Out. There 130. S and it looks. At an. Immensely. Sell it lasted less after seated minute what it there in in direct. Take it right Puerto Rico especially east and that. Nothing happened but I yen. The are. EST. But there. Just hours lot of pounds. Eat. Eat eat your. Touch on top of nearly a 150 mile apparently. Big changes that filed a cup team was now it's could be near cat five's street adds approaching US Virgin Islands Porter you know. And this is continually shelling it's going right over very close to those islands and ad agency that would harm they got Marines. And the US Virgin Islands. Close even closer to the track and the British Virgin Islands still could see some impact so all of sentiment and even unto excellent things that. You know have a lot of damage and let he that an image are so concerned and Asia because you can't even a few hundred now Ferraro. I know it and we'll talk about Jose open but Maria hadn't seen her in place are police. They. Yet Whelan I. And see it fair for world news tonight sun parlor maps news does keep you a better right idiots do. While we have now the hurricane warnings in effect Puerto Rican now under a hurricane warning of Virgin Islands. You can see here is a zoom in on the track. It's hitting a lot of those northern Caribbean islands there. That is the US Virgin Islands and that's Puerto Rico we again have wins 155. That in here in cat five streets and very dangerous conditions. Right now hurricane force trying miles seven. And chop costs 100. That I'm talking about British based on an island gets in. Acts and they'll say that's very light but it don't yet. It's forgot your right not right on the track. And that can eager even in the next abilities that so important that we learned some shifts a little farther west at different art forgery. It's even more impact more worry ships are there. East and north that would be really great thing overall. It that way a lot of impact of movements and now. Connect the question everybody in Florida is still concern and the keys that it don't have a way it warning echoes letting them now. But now is that right. Path takes it east of the and so it's still very strong category three hurricane at least it's. But it's in the Atlantic silt that's Saturday lock changed that. Most of them coming into just 48 hours. Even two. Isn't this is usually good at. C eight. It's east of the I'm. Apps and crying you know and deals on Monday. Next. The easy way and answer act or credit act. And that's why. Recaps the latest. Still one but is becoming more less of a tropical system and basically what that uses. Structurally it's different but it still does mean that the wind field and he wouldn't that that doesn't change anything 13230. Miles from the center are so you have. A large area but still very strong and potentially dangerous weapons. I'm even though it's staying far enough off the coast right now the senator about 250 miles due east Cape Hatteras North Carolina outer banks. Some good news for portions of the Delaware New Jersey coastline we did this happen top storm watches cancel. That's up from threats to Long Island Connecticut and then again it while here it could be yes slightly lower in packs and we had to wait we've gotten us this timeframe to get specific. Still looking at Cape Cod Easton and Long Island. Pretty serious but we use the fourteen feet waves strong winds. Eileen of water over it is that's what the storm a storm that either acts like a nor'easter just doesn't matter it's. I think. Knowing that these reality. Lies and you have. The wind on the north east side is it's just like. Nor'easter. We get the pilings. Water and a site not really which you want to see happen. It's still moving up slowly still rather strong and an east Tennessee expertise in the head patted her without even as well. Trying to turn around and what parent doesn't doesn't get up as much upper air that it. Atmospheric. Pattern that we let it get kicked outlet that's clever talking about by next and weekend certainly will interact at all or block. Oddly change its track and then. I really has been. Forcing everybody that the a lot thanks to be looked at but that's where answer questions. Questions. And we're always happy to take questions. But. Then there was. Yes well maybe he. And just out you can't have any questions about the hurricanes. He still and piling up water happens in oyster an accident. Coastal flooding and that's FC the most news in the piling water of attack in action packed high and it becomes. Self. What else. Now. But it is leave us just H that you on the hill and a lot so concern about just getting hurt in T. I'm the at least it has. I also ask the question. I accidentally along. It colored lights that. Finally there's little a we're all terrorists. It be another ultra left lately. And there's different three different break ups. The geography. Association. It. Out. Some are asking oh from a lot of people wondering how we went from. Jose Maria. That was cut the my. That was occurring all our what was going on and is now let's go next as a way didn't get over K happy. And on that let eloquently. Leslie Lee is hanging on earth are you Atlantic but it analysts it was it just forms and. And an act and that way that I criteria denying that time. Someone asked and cross exactly at battery in the credit check it does the northeast part of Puerto Rico very well. Pretty much right to act mines. And the check and and this others lying takes it just ultimately got us talking about almost over art there. Some odd hours east on the side. But this remember it components that need it to him. Even US and British Virgin Islands even. That western Senator Clinton wants out of its 48 hours we're still talking. Hours. And that's Wednesday afternoon. Questions and. Be another here for a day. This package bomb. House models. Kind of showing timing out what you actually see. So basically here's New York City. The Jersey Shore when you pass and some rain and it is heavier downpours possible throughout tomorrow morning. And to get those gusts on here so late tomorrow night you're seeing you know wing that's generally around when he 500 miles an hour so. While it's not necessarily looking to impressive four with these numbers are still the coastline. Those with the waves in the wind and that's all the way down Jersey Shore and Delaware and it would continue to move his followers. And you could see here and that wind Wednesday afternoon wind gusts sixty possibly over six miles an hours. That he agreed. And eskolaste for hours going to be really terrible out there drop out Wednesday and how this processor. It. Feel it yes totally gonna feel like yeah. And Vicki asked at an at least I'd be strong active at Tennessee's. Worst times executive there's actually this weekend at point three hurricanes three. One. That also two weeks yeah and contract but. To listen. To you counselors. Three. Hurricanes. Twice in one month. And that the last three. US Virgin Islands it is that the US. Seen hurricanes at category three or higher. Twice as he comes as us that is first. Polishing up stats this would be the first need to hurt eaten it does make landfall wariness its. 1990. Yes. And it would act actually happened very first thing on September 21 so it actually. I. And Larry king and well Ken. Help to weekend planning and how much you know we are those going to it also impacts. We're moves going so how much land in an accident in this bigger islands it's pretty. Currency. It. Hit us and countless things definitively say that is now. And and I think ballot question has battery. Anxious family there. Friends there vacation act. Let's Virgin Islands and don't let it gotten for actor not at all I. Covered it will keep very but the impacts to all could be. Significant. Struck at Fuller almost category. That the storm that takes down walls takes off roofs. Even well built structures didn't do not necessarily survive. That's art so. No matter who is in that eye wall like 25 miles outside center. Of that storm now Tennessee acts them. Out. Hearty pats. That's the thing to users. To the government. And we're RG act is. Yet we have no weird that no end it's just flat. And that's latency its earnings every and then. There. And actually the arc can mentioned earlier you. Rightly so for Puerto Rico Virgin Islands emphasizing that really strong winds yet but it's also going to be that potential with those mountains toward not just heavy rain flash. Potentially devastating bust flooding and get a foot of rain in those mountains areas and that could unfold now unfold after the strong winds. In my excitement and that rainforest asking him that's the experience and they can just imagine trees coming down I can imagine. Well some pictures we saw in the US Virgin Islands and posted. It before and yet but the trees shouted there's nothing and then that Raines calling it. And yes. And so it really false. Outside Miami and that's the things outside our site right now he's sightless. Always be panel adds eight in northeast side of pottery witness current cap gains and eat the most concerned. But the entire island should be worried some news just coming in. And homer at Florida's education and it just joining us it's good to see the track we'll. Oh I don't weary Floridians should understand. It right now all that not take. The sting out. Through the weekend. It's a little. Murkier because that's just are out. It takes you can't. Really good where casting within three. It is. I certainly don't want three. The ads. The colonists where. And I. Because east. It goes yes it's. It. Oh. Act. And accurate. Right sport. I. Ash where you end up that's the beauty. Sorry. Eight as Atlanta.

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