India sets more grim milestones as COVID-19 ravages the country

Dr. V. Ramasubramanian, an infectious disease specialist in Chennai, India, speaks with ABC News’ Linsey Davis on why the country is experiencing such a devastating second wave.
5:16 | 05/07/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for India sets more grim milestones as COVID-19 ravages the country
Kobe case is in hospitalizations. Have been on the rise in India home to about one point four billion people. India currently has nearly three and a half million active cases containing the surge has certainly been a challenge. Today the health ministry data shows a record 4121262. New Kobe nineteen cases. Just in the past 24 hours and a record. Astonishing 3980. Deaths in that same time period. For more on this I'm joined now by doctor Romney ancient nine infectious diseases specialist and Apollo hospital in India there. Thank you so much for joining us doctor. As a critical care specialist in India working with the sickest patients what are you seeing right now in your hospital. Oh yeah seeing an increasing number Jesus. The keys as Newsradio icu the past few weeks he's been issued Ian boom box. And then daily and I'll be CNB c.'s IC concerning also. It is a lot of I think should be in their country. I just everybody. And there are rushing to even go. See. Yeah. How can toss us to get it because. And why do you think you're seeing here now because in many countries in America including really starting to see things dad last summer and last spring but it seems like there was kind of a delay there in India. He has always been lucky few months behind Europe and the US. Beat us we manage the US security cheaper. In India police would be an obsolete and June July and go in September Gruber so people. Expecting their music and Greek which is English daily. I'd probably be issued a garment draws under the city sending in. I mean did you meet he's coming close. Good news and resulting in the US. And Reeves here. And today the health ministry data reported the company nineteen infections have now surged beyond Tony one million in India and it's likely far worse with new Endesa case is going under reported medical experts say the India's actual figures could be five to ten times the official tallies that we're seeing. How concerned are you that India is potentially losing the fight to come of it. Should immediately trust me in India and trotman it and we'll countries because the American significantly. I had a number of people who does it matter if you must go to understand in this case it might easily testing probably not as robust now know it is predominantly. Beat. What more educated people who are eligible and so the man is already sort of drew the immediate legal and this. It's also more accessible and cheaper so hot or not most tests are being done. This and rather than it was under and so the actual number of cases this ice sheet because much much more. Cities and right he seems significant increase. And hospitals there is certainly struggling desperately to have enough beds communities are pleading for oxygen and there's a shortage of supplies. We've even seen medical centers turn the cynical way or in some cases had. Tune different people who are sick in the same bed. But what do you believe needs to happen to get this situation under control. I think the main reasons is that I think I beat. I mentioned earlier that a lot of people who Russian speakers keeper who could be home. Bieber want to get in because from what did you do cheating and so they are. Still coming soon. This is being bullied shortly after all shouldn't I don't notice so I think what we need no more islands mediation. And lastly just and kind of playoffs and that doctor Romney ended up surgeon misinformation. Really I think kind of is is what you're talking about in part. In and in some cases also because of the response of the federal government refusing to impose a national locked down that's created distrust among some people what area and the growing concerns that you may be having beyond the fact that people are you know have a little bit of a tickle their throne and they go to the hospital. The C Frist has little to no one in order to make red be bombarded with information and Bieber and the other two important themselves and probably only to. So we learned more about this report the Chris India and letting it. Country which is on the other one will be a lesion it's not an easy to ensure that these EW distribute it so all of us being owned and I'll see what he'd been unseemly big insulated he concrete. Beam was sequence. So many lessons that I know people. In this guy's got her she's the cheapest but I think we need people relatable about us understand that this solution. We sugary drinks. Okay some optimism their doctor Ronald we thank you so much reporting information night India and your country certainly remains in our thoughts. She stay safe. Should just.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"Dr. V. Ramasubramanian, an infectious disease specialist in Chennai, India, speaks with ABC News’ Linsey Davis on why the country is experiencing such a devastating second wave.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77545748","title":"India sets more grim milestones as COVID-19 ravages the country","url":"/International/video/india-sets-grim-milestones-covid-19-ravages-country-77545748"}