BBC Crew Caught in ISIS Firefight

Kurdish and Iraqi army battle ISIS as the militants near Baghdad.
6:36 | 06/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for BBC Crew Caught in ISIS Firefight
Through them. When and how -- done fact. -- War in Iraq in the middle of fire between Kurdish forces and -- -- militants. As the battle for rockets closer to the capitol right now. By -- Lula Iraq. Well over when I'm. Full Iraqi Army and Kurdish forces are trying to hold off I -- But it is proving difficult especially with -- -- its troops seemingly everywhere. Kurdish forces have moved as far south as Tallulah to try to hold off -- from reaching Baghdad. BBC's Paul -- cameraman Steve and Adrian were there and got caught in the crossfire. A warning that some of these images are graphic. East of Baghdad. The strategically vital battle is being forced. These Kurdish forces -- trying to help the Iraqi Army stop crisis from marching on the capital. And -- -- this is -- -- The next time and is in the hands of crisis. The Kurds believe there are a small number of foreign Jihad is backed by about 600 Sunni tribal fighters. But the Kurdish base. The general breaks -- -- to switch sides. -- -- who abandoned crisis to avoid the bloodshed that is shortly coming. It doesn't work. The kids know they have to stop crisis here which countries will -- into the nearby town of Cuba. The Iraqi Army is making a desperate stab -- that. It's the last big time before the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they've just been told -- 75 vehicles with -- despite his. Making their way had to try to cut them off. -- going backwards and forwards things are still very fluid here. And -- half a dozen men who. Ice is something inside that company to find the most senior commander you can find it can't get them to get the -- -- -- -- As drilling panic. They think the Jihad is a coming -- through the back of the building. -- Surrounding contending that and console yeah let's hope it doesn't. -- -- some exotic and unique deployment of senior come on the you can find I'm getting them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just before the break -- up win number. And then you shouldn't come in the car but told me to -- -- and get some more forces but there. -- -- -- They're right -- he says that behind us can't you see them. -- -- They're not anti -- That yeah. The man was shot through the legs he survived. And yeah. I don't think. Okay yeah. Have them. -- and -- it. Yeah. Yeah. Eventually the fighting starts to die -- and of course was probably just a few gunman left behind by -- crisis in June. It was not a -- attack the -- troops fit. But it is in skirmishes like -- some small towns on the bridge to capitol. The fate of Baghdad and may be decided. Who would BBC news in east and Iraq. Now you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading an ABC news apps starting this story -- was updates on ago. You've been watching the international hot spot -- -- --

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{"id":24236296,"title":"BBC Crew Caught in ISIS Firefight","duration":"6:36","description":"Kurdish and Iraqi army battle ISIS as the militants near Baghdad.","url":"/International/video/international-hot-spot-bbc-crew-caught-isis-firefight-24236296","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}