ISIS Claims To Have A Surveillance Drone in New Video

Extremist group shows latest addition to its arsenal as White House officials neither confirm nor deny reports of U.S. Surveillance drones over Syria.
13:55 | 08/26/14

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Transcript for ISIS Claims To Have A Surveillance Drone in New Video
You can. No terrorist group vice is now says it has a drone -- the militant group released this video that shows a drone flying over the Rocca air force base. Recording video which ice is then used to plan the attack to take over the basic gaining even more control of the region right now the Internet. Body -- in Syria. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York the group known as a crisis and that now calls itself the Islamic state is being pushed back in parts of Iraq. And there are reports that now the United States has surveillance drones over Syria. The White House -- neither confirm nor deny. But in response to these reports and -- -- C spokesperson telling ABC news that quote. No geographical boundaries will prevent us from protecting its people for the elements were joined now by ABC's Alex mark court -- the city of -- -- in Northern Iraq Alex. The fact that crisis has a drone should that be surprising and what does possible -- -- -- the United States and other forces fighting against this group. -- -- well it's the latest. Additions to the -- arsenal that we know. -- they were able to capture. Heavy weaponry from fleeing Iraqi Army when producers and when he took over this large. Part of -- in in June almonds so it it is if it's somewhat troubling development. As you noted they've they've put out. On this fourteen minute video showing the surveillance. Over the top air base near. Near rocket which they eventually run over and over on the on Sunday it would and huge victory for them. -- -- that they have the ability. To do aerial surveillance. Of course we don't know what type of drew needed they didn't city what truly how how many -- that you have that they do indeed more than one. As you know you you have a whole range of prunes from very small and basic surveillance cameras competent to. The much bigger armed prune elected to the creditors that the US uses so. We simply don't know at this point of -- it would pose to. Iraqi Kurdish American you've -- Syrian forces. But they Jonas lately in the past heated debate now you -- beat on the ability to do with the very least basic aerial surveillance. And the national security -- -- council meanwhile is not commenting on the use of surveillance drones over Syria. What is the likelihood though that there are these drones over the war -- torn country. I. Well -- New York Times reported overnight tonight did the President Obama to leak in house authorized the use. Aerial surveillance -- -- to practice rather. Over Syria and -- being. It would likely mean Bruins and other. And other complaints to conduct this sorted. Surveillance so in all likelihood it is happening under the White House as you noted has said repeatedly. On that day. It. Will not look at international borders this border between Iraq and Syria when it comes in the fight against I suspect will do whatever it takes to protect Americans. Subprime crisis -- crisis and should be noted also does not respect that border between. On Syria and -- in the US is it's going to be watching them very closely in Syria. Aaron they have done in Iraq and in as we seem. In Iraq -- a court the past two months. Rather an -- few weeks. The US happens and a -- -- -- to carry out airstrikes now numbering around -- hundred. Against price system to give me your question now is it indeed is -- surveillance is taking place over Syria. He did and perhaps win -- American airstrikes will happen inside Syria. And we know that these surveillance drones are often of used to. As a precursor to drone strikes is it possible that the US might also launched airstrikes in Syria. Well. Absolutely that's -- really big question now and and you have to imagine that it. The US's any of these -- -- -- the two planes to take a look at what's happening. Close -- on the ground in Syria obviously they would be using satellites already in the past few years. During this sort of -- countless years. A civil war in Syria that they are looking for targets they're looking for movements. They're looking for bases. Anything that there really could -- -- to stop the momentum. Prices fall if it -- the US is sending up these planes it's unlikely that they -- didn't turnaround and sale they were not to do anything so. -- in all likelihood we will see American airstrikes inside Syria. At some points in my opinions on the question of if but when. And hear an air -- now city that was in danger of falling into the hands -- -- -- but it seems an ice is being pushed back in Iraq right. Clearly a lot of progress is starting in Judy unit which it took. -- rocks in the city of Mosul on -- control. The vast majority of the territories stretching from Mosul which is in Northern Iraq all the -- down to Fallujah which she would just north of Baghdad didn't rule out around 13. Of the country including -- -- Anbar Province in the west. Which which borders Syria. So yes you have to imagine that. And the -- -- you know this debt -- to patent of course the past few weeks when. The US has carried out these airstrikes -- that their progress has been slowed her momentum has been stalled on the US has provided support to. The Kurds in the north Condit provided support to the Iraqis so. The -- -- momentum had slowed down but by no means. How they've been defeated on -- Had taken over at the Mosul dam but I was taken back. Com and -- also. Isolated could be a group -- and that the majority of the UZ east on. Mounts in -- -- and we're closing in on them but thanks to American airstrikes. They also don't I'm so on their momentum has been -- the amount of territory -- that they control. Time is smaller but only -- relatively small ways and in every -- goes by they are drawing more and more fighters to their ranks. Not just from the Arab world but also from the -- And Alex real quickly these fighters are doing to the US snow lords does any intelligence. Tell you that they are moving in a mass group are they sort of intertwined with communities and civilian areas there. All. -- really dull aluminum place I'm -- in Iraq in Syria. Condit particularly over major cities -- in both places Mosul here in Iraq -- up in Syria just just to name two. An indicator in those places they're they're very much in control here very much intertwined with the civilian population. That has remained urgency into place. Iraq -- and -- half million people have fled and it has crisis has taken over. -- so obviously that's going to be a major concern out there are American airstrikes. I'm here in Iraq which had been extremely precise nations say Tom these are not carpet -- -- and pinpoint operations against. Vehicles against. Artillery. So it's not like did you like the US just goes in and in carpet bombs -- under their. Who would have been to -- these aerial surveillance missions would be looking poor or are precise. Smaller targets that it. Could -- hits in order to minimize civilian casualties obviously that's -- really tough proposition when you're considering -- acted. -- -- controls it's believed. To be around 35000. Square miles between. Iraq and Syria. And besides let's talk about announced some of these the hostages besides Stephen stock -- we also know we're learning more about the identity of a third American hostage a woman 26 year old what else can you tell us about her out. Well ABC -- confirmed today that she's is he 26 year old American -- woman who learns who was an aid worker. She was in Syria last year when she was taken in so she would have been held. Presumably. I crisis alongside James bully who brewers -- And brutally executed last week. Odds Willis even saw a -- We know that at least. Three. Remaining American hostages. That are being held by crisis there could be more we don't go too much more about this woman that can be reported her family visitors requested that her identity. And not be released not be reported. Which is pretty common practice for. American and another -- hostages are taken by a crisis. And these other groups for the purpose. Negotiation is -- -- -- identity. Even -- -- well -- among among the journalists and aid worker community those who work here in and around Syria I had not been recorded in -- ices. Showed him on that video. And so crisis is is demanding according to someone close -- family -- six point six million dollar ransom. Com of course remains to -- -- wouldn't Wear their debts paid the the United States has refused to be in the past. Ordered to pay exorbitant. Ransom poorer clergy is holy which -- 130 million dollars. We know that in the case of I'm Peter you Curtis -- -- just the past few days that did that the United States that I did not want Qatar to pay. Any sort of prints and so it's it's it's -- -- encouraging sign that that Saddam. It -- crisis is willing to negotiate. It's extremely troubling -- It continues to be troubling to calm the crisis continues to say that that the -- of these Americans remain and in captivity -- them depends on the America's actions stopping. These these military actions in crisis in Iraq and possibly Syria which really at this point show no sign of letting up. And Alex you mentioned the release of Peter -- Kurt Curtis by al-Qaeda affiliated factions Syria. -- stark contrast -- says what are the differences. Between these two groups. At their war. But. -- question. They initially they were not as stark is -- as they were. As they are now. This group in his period it was holding mr. Curtis eyes -- jump up on the street it's the Mina al-Qaeda franchise. In Syria -- with the first group to pop up. -- started seeing. Al-Qaeda in Iraq now known as sciences. Coming in to. Speaking amid a jury originally debuted co existed alongside it -- alongside each other and then gradually the competition grew and -- pretty pretty against each other fighters would switch between two groups. -- the period. The brutal -- -- that we've seen on display. And not just the past week but for several years now -- -- quickly gained steam and and eventually this year. Al-Qaeda -- handed Iman also agree -- essentially kicked. I says al-Qaeda. Leaving it jump up and restricted even mean al-Qaeda group. Inside com inside Syria now did not by no means. Means that their team -- they are very much what you'd imagine an al-Qaeda. A group to be but there aren't as brutal and is and is crisis is. And have much more focused goals in -- did you want to create an Islamic state but they want to do it more so in in Syria their goal is very much kicking out president. -- Charlotte's not but their goals are to some extent and confined to Syria and their loved nationalistic they have. Under the maturity anger they belong where Syrian fighters within their group in the nicest guys -- -- you know -- dinner attracted a lot of poor writers. And Alex of the -- -- funding Sunni militants and Syria to take down which are outside drawing down their support because of prices. Not that we've seen just yet. Com crisis is is pretty impressive in that they've managed to sell funds. A lot of their activities -- earned millions of dollars in. Illegal. Oil trades on the black market in taxation on electricity and water greedy archer essentially trying to run at speeds. I'm in the places that -- in the places that they control. And we haven't seen any evidence yet of this Sunni countries in in the main funders that we're talking about here are. Primarily in the gulf whether it's -- Saudi Arabia Kuwait and United Arab Emirates com. Qatar and and not -- the state themselves but charities and individuals. In those countries that are funding bidders sending funds millions of dollars from funneling them to these various groups and they can they can. The anywhere on the spectrum of Islamist fighters. Our -- more mainstream -- Sunni jihadist groups all the way to all the way to crisis since the big. Question now to be challenge for the United States and and other western countries. He is how to put pressure on those countries that have traditionally served as the thunders through these groups -- to try it. Not local. Of the oldest money I choose groups but but in the meantime we haven't really -- -- slowing down. ABC's -- part of the city of irbil in Northern Iraq thanks for joining so. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- been starring in this story for exclusive updates on the go. -- watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":25131315,"title":"ISIS Claims To Have A Surveillance Drone in New Video","duration":"13:55","description":"Extremist group shows latest addition to its arsenal as White House officials neither confirm nor deny reports of U.S. Surveillance drones over Syria.","url":"/International/video/international-hot-spot-isis-claims-drone-video-25131315","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}