Terrorist Group Vows to Sell Kidnapped School Girls in Nigeria

Boko Haram claims responsibility for abducting 200+ teens 3 weeks ago.
12:14 | 05/05/14

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Transcript for Terrorist Group Vows to Sell Kidnapped School Girls in Nigeria
I'm -- finding 150. To -- Eagles. Y. -- sometimes we just glad that to a -- fuel light. And idea he's yes if you watch -- on that. New threats and no answers their daughters taken captive and the parents helpless. Pleading for the government to act against the kidnappers and to find their girls right now the international hot spot. Nigeria. -- when I'm -- Cutler in New York three weeks after they went missing the terrorist group vocal Harlem. Claimed responsibility for kidnapping more than 200 girls from a school. The leader of that group today threatening that he will sell the girls on the black market and now the government coming under fire for a lack of response. And actually arresting protesters the BBC's Gordon -- has the latest. The first confirmation of the fate of the school girl sub -- -- in Nigeria. In -- video released today the leader of the Islamist extremist group Boca her -- says I have done to -- wells. It's a development which will do little to ease the pain of the celts families. Their grief and heartbreak his -- the world that gilts were abducted more than three weeks again. But since then the authorities have been unable to find them. The BBC is secured the first TV into these with the mothers who were in agony of not knowing the fate of their abducted -- waters. Many people come to our house -- the day to sympathize with us. But then at night from his stays awake all night thinking of ponderosa. And oleander homes and -- -- -- going through. And led in being held. The Christian -- Muslim girls were seized from this remote school in northeast Nigeria by Boca -- Nigeria's president has been accused of not doing enough to rescue them last night he spoke about the issue for the first time on TV. But independent -- that granite -- this. Fortunately didn't. -- -- -- that plummeted happy and number. We -- many -- -- this is that this most clearly that any of them has the hearts and themselves and judge. -- -- -- -- The president's admitted to be abducted -- had not -- -- being located. Let alone rescued. Demonstrations have been growing with questions being tossed about why more is not being done my -- -- -- to me at the moment. -- tenants -- unless we -- and I not home they should bring did get the guess but. It is -- Dallas hub there is so mind some pundit doubling anything -- do. The president's wife is now being -- when into the control -- Reportedly one woman leading protests was arrested -- meeting with her. That's unlikely to do much to ease the growing pressure on the Nigerian government over its handling of the abduction. -- Cabrera BBC news. Well right now I -- bring -- Reuters chief Nigeria correspondent Tim Cox in the capital Abuja. For the latest on the situation. In Nigeria there. It's -- that the leader of Boca harm vowing to so the girls in the black market what is the girl what is the group try to accomplish from this. Well first of two. The -- the -- And to further embarrassed that the government I would guess. What he actually means by Solomon Montgomery -- known -- who's -- open to remove what what I mean. There's -- -- not as if there's a sort of well established slavery market and in that area that they keep dissidents. -- and that it not be huddled again I think it's bull kind of Bailey terrorists. Statement of we go to goes we can do whatever we -- -- And there it would completely it will complete you know. Power. There were some reports that these -- were supposed to be brides for some of the fighters is that still the cases is that the group have a history of doing that. But this also that claim it was from and -- and -- two of them. Nobody knows exactly pocket -- connect dissolved through -- -- trees with the group. That's the assumption -- the assumption that they are being made to be watched the commandos as public face of a slightly gruesome. Calculus of well what else are they ready to do with them you know given to cook for them and whatever else out. -- still no proof until the bouts of it there and there's no proof. And anything because nobody knows where exactly that goes whether federal together with the big incidents -- -- to different groups. We invest in one group a -- -- into human taken -- -- -- -- to -- -- congress. So a moment that that's really speculation. What we can -- -- is that. That they haven't talked since goes before and they have suddenly forced them to sit if they were Christians -- and -- as -- pulls the do you cook and I kind of thing hasn't yet been confirmed case the likelihood of it and actually -- marrying them as -- If they all doing that then it would be a kind of -- as the replica of what the united. Joseph companies build resistance on the institute in Central Africa -- but it kidnapped thousands of of young girls from schools refugee camps. And places like best and took -- away and -- did pull some steroids. To this story his pick up a lot of traction on social media Twitter celebrities. -- a lot of followers activists -- been using the hash tag bring back our girls. But what why do you think is taken so long -- for the rest of the world to notice this. I think Q well I think it was just missed enough but those of Africa blowing up -- around -- didn't. During this kind of thing to tap into hospitals attacking schools and and brutally killing you steal all the boys in the school and we've had some some acts. That have really been quite terrific and possibly killed the field of sixty schoolchildren. In the in a similar kind of -- like that usually -- a boarding school. And -- a proposal let them -- and that the boys asked -- why this is cool and its national media still. It's sprouts I mean so often these things just rigid kind of tipping well you know people become ingested the minute -- -- have been exposed to the government some. And a woman mess and you get them what is it builds up what they're not deducting up accepting even Nigerians have been. Along used to. Hearing tales of horror from what's been going on in little beasts were particularly shocked -- this just seems so -- A week of brutal. And -- and to many people's minds of the reminds us as well. So I think think. -- what are now trying to grab headlines with -- -- -- -- -- finally agree we succeeded. And that the president Nigeria good luck Jonathan asking the US in the UK to help recover these girls. Secretary of state John Kerry pledging to do everything possible but what at this point from an international standpoint. Has taken place. Up but contended it the only open for the help definitely been made through the diplomatic channel bugs and the United States France and Britain. And take probably some of of course is above of the US and Britain would be the most likely to be able to. To give the kind of -- -- I'm arsenals and senator that as it did nothing has actually happened because. They're feeling in the diplomatic reasons that they -- the margins despite supply and bull. And assistance -- local and also notes due. We -- look past the Petit said -- eight times in the hospital. But Timmons is not always the easiest -- -- help the debate victim Tacoma Mitchell necessary we want that system is so they don't always. If you're the kind of access information -- -- and shattered economy. He needs to be able to build less of a -- corporation. Given the -- this is that this is the state and -- -- last Friday that they have a good. Third awful wouldn't. This can explain a little bit about allegations that are against the president's wife. -- really that sort of turn into a PR battle. Yes -- that it it's so. You know that's one of those things which you you kind of hoped would would you minds. The country -- against book around and as ever as often the case. Military offensive. To help some of what people furtherance Brooks. But she thinks that the -- has been. For working out of me we have an accident -- loans posted on the state meet it that this it depicts the -- -- -- big unfair. They're keeping the government of -- half of us. When actually that they're -- back. And business you know the that the bull in bullish statements is the state where the insurgency is -- Sudanese success but its share of the responsibility. Wants to hold -- protestors say that's that you know that that there's still processing division they should really be. -- implement state where dictate where the attacks happened. There's also an it issue bouts one of the parts that's is being progressives. That was apparently because -- -- it getting back accessed. In the main sticking with the First Lady -- on the on Foster and the very unity is saying initially claimed that she was one of the most and she wasn't. I spoke too -- of the protest to settle that she never said that he just said. A demo -- and there's a sense of -- Nigeria's thoughts as we should people be concerned about them either way. It was a -- C. Pretty big blunder -- the opportunity. The Nigerian government's response they have not sent in troops to recover these girls as of yet who would tell me that about. Obviously parents are upset about this but what about the overall country -- as far as the government's response or lack thereof in taking action. Quote little -- -- little debate that the minister does better than they are but people such as that system we suddenly Canada and not make contact with 222 draw in both both in this rescue operation of the problem is that -- -- most. And -- making full use of an intelligent and for the season and -- -- but. I'm basic things have been he -- we'll make this and I was -- radios. But in its initials -- equipment. And that date -- they do say that they help out from under that the sort of a general problem with the the men gentlemen for in narrative of that they're just very the stretched. -- Common with a set of questions -- It's just hours Wednesday overall countries sponsor 22 with the government was able to do with us. But it doesn't plus united. A place. Often doesn't signal -- one country I'm. That's actually been in -- -- the -- -- that in the southwest the content can feel as if both going on in the northeast. There's something going on in the west are completed and country this is -- a legacy of history that Nigeria -- Created by an amalgamation of of a militant Muslim north it was the collective Islamic kingdom and a -- meat mixture of Christian and animist south. And it's always felt close to two parts -- -- have always felt like they belong that almost. -- -- -- -- -- -- So version of this school often -- -- kind of feeling of apathy towards what's going on in the northeast I think but just -- -- scale of this attack and ambition. -- taken -- anyone who doesn't go so I can relate to that's. Might be starting to change that there was protested -- today in -- -- away. -- have never protest about anything they would -- program. Of course not everyone paying attention closely watching the situation there. Reuters Nigeria bureau chief Tim Cox in Abuja -- thank you so much appreciate your time. And and of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news -- -- in the -- for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching the international hot spot on down -- New York.

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{"id":23591449,"title":"Terrorist Group Vows to Sell Kidnapped School Girls in Nigeria ","duration":"12:14","description":"Boko Haram claims responsibility for abducting 200+ teens 3 weeks ago.","url":"/International/video/international-hot-spot-terrorist-group-vows-sell-kidnapped-23591449","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}