New Video Shows Abducted Nigerian School Girls Reciting Islamic Prayers

Boko Haram claims girls have converted to Islam, ask for prisoners to be released in exchange.
6:47 | 05/12/14

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Transcript for New Video Shows Abducted Nigerian School Girls Reciting Islamic Prayers
-- -- he you know this. Those are the -- school girls in Nigeria. Reciting Islamic prayers the first video released today show with the girls abducted by the militant group -- rom. That group behind the abduction saint all the girls. Have converted to Islam right now the international hot spot. Nigeria. -- over when I'm -- Cutler in New York that video shows about a hundred of the more than 200 school girls. Abducted by the Islamist militant group -- -- and the leader of that group. -- in another video released today that he is willing to give back the girls all exchange. For the release of local raw remembers in Nigerian prisons. ABC's -- MacDonald is -- Abuja Nigeria with this update. This new video from Boca Herana -- the group's leader he claims to be -- some of the missing goals that dressed in full length heads -- and he says that they've been. Converted to Islam the group he says would swap them in exchange for prison it's. ABC news has learned is a specific group that Boko -- would like back I held detained in the -- -- down area in the west of this country. On the opposite side of the country from -- Boko -- Operates largely in the east now negotiating or exchanging prisoners would be extremely problematic for Nigeria's government. Because they've already said that they want to -- -- night Boko Aram. Entirely. ABC news can confirm also this morning that the search now includes the -- dollar and mountain range which runs along the Cameron what do. -- gives us quite a strong indication that at least some of the goes -- no longer be inside this country. Beyond that I can tell you that Nigeria's government has attempted to reach out to -- around I don't know whether the groups we didn't -- around the they're talking to the correct ones. -- -- that Nigeria's government believes the hard courts and sent the ball around may be impossible to negotiate -- Punishment on ABC news the -- Niger. So for more on those girls and the latest on the rescue efforts -- want to bring in new Yorker reporter Alexis OK well also in Abuja Nigeria Alexis thanks for being with us today we appreciate your time. Do we know definitely these are some of the girls that were kidnapped have any of their parents recognized any of their daughters and -- video. Well that's all elements that would actually don't have bear education yet -- IA noted that some. Parents are trying to either the you know to see at least -- artists but we just don't know yet these girls because Welker ran has kidnapped other young women and girls for a long time and so it may be the ground there may not -- Explain to -- no significance at that we can -- -- video. These young women reciting Islamic prayers. Let's say I just wanted to ask you about that about the significance of those Islamic prayers being recited by these women. These young girls in this video. Yes are you -- her second. Yeah this isn't that you know that their current once once this year. And winning here in Atlanta -- the government. It wants to show that has total control where these girls now and it can make due at -- The group wants including content converting to another religion according. And and doing things like reciting prayers that they may not have known for. I think it it's another tactic to to sow terror and and to make. People afraid and collect their girls are no longer America and their hands -- in their control anymore. -- -- -- the leader of Boca rom is now demanding in fact the girls will be released in exchange for prisoners of the Nigerian government is holding. What's from the government's response to that demand. The government has has already rejected it said it will not negotiate with these terrorists and -- -- this is not the first candidate but program has requested. For its. For its members to -- -- at least from -- exchanged. For a western hostages -- it is kidnapped and in the past. You know opening your government has also -- -- those demands. And so the -- and in new requests on the part -- Graham. What kind of faith in our parents and those in Nigeria putting in the government to do to get these girls back -- And given this latest exchange. Well I mean you know against again for our promise to -- people -- -- -- here agent. And there's that he was a lot of pressure from society. To say find it if you don't negotiate -- -- fine. That shows that you do something to target is -- showed the centers military action that -- some concrete search operation. Because you know -- finally understand that you're not going to negotiate program -- what are you doing I think what a lot of -- hearings are asking. And we've also been here at -- reports -- that some of these -- may have been taken across the border outside of Nigeria is that in the line. With what vocal Ron's previous movements have been an inch. Yes I mean -- something -- Graham -- that passes. It will armed attack northeast Nigeria. And then hurt screech its bases in Chad Cameroon and share and in fact it's the conflict has released -- -- -- at -- neighboring countries. And hats camps and hideouts and an -- -- these places so it is extremely likely -- two things current. These other countries and now -- girls -- you know very separated into smaller groups. What a rescue efforts and we understand obviously given the fact the the Nigerian government has responded to that kind of demand by the leader of -- -- But what about the actual you know governments movements right now and other US and UK have become actively involved. Yeah and and now we're here in the eighteen from Israel's -- -- -- several countries are also trying to render assistance. But and a day comes down to how owning your transit aid on the ground and Jerry has its sixteen dollar million it. 98 budget but you know excellent care reports that the soldiers are ill equipped they're not trained fighters this kind of insurgency. And that they're just not really protecting civilians are in the northeast. So it's really gonna depend -- -- uses assistants and -- wise and Smart way to get. -- girls Alexis OK well with The New Yorker in Abuja Nigeria Alexis thank you so much for your time we really appreciate that. And of course you can keep up with -- story in real time by downloading ABC news that -- the story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching the international hot spot for now I'm down -- in New York.

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{"id":23681672,"title":"New Video Shows Abducted Nigerian School Girls Reciting Islamic Prayers","duration":"6:47","description":"Boko Haram claims girls have converted to Islam, ask for prisoners to be released in exchange.","url":"/International/video/international-hotspot-video-shows-abducted-nigerian-school-girls-23681672","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}