Violence Erupts Over Video of Beaten US Teen

About 1,500 Israeli forces head to the West Bank after Israel and Hamas exchange rocket fire.
10:55 | 07/07/14

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Transcript for Violence Erupts Over Video of Beaten US Teen
And American -- beaten up -- by Israeli police. After -- stopped or killed as retribution for the death. Three Israeli teens right now. But Israel Palestine the where in New York tensions and violence escalating in the west bank and Gaza Strip. Israeli security forces and Hamas exchanging rocket fire all throughout the week and now 15100. Israeli forces. Heading out of the territory -- the conflict between the two battled sides escalates a lot of the anger. Caused by this video taken from a cellphone that shows the -- fifteen year old park -- -- by three Israeli police officers. A book -- says he was just watching the protest against Israel after his cousin was found dead his body -- in what is thought to be revenge killings. Example here mr. -- about cocktails at police officers but he's denied accusations. -- -- sat down -- day after. -- -- Right now I have feeling better than before. And feeling good. -- -- -- Happy -- would be happy. Walk me through it what do you remember from the moment you were assaulted. Members standing there. I'm standing in marching to protest in -- food food used them attack me from the side -- me. And -- -- in the hospital. You were knocked out right away I was constantly. Nick mentioned in the first couple condos it was a week into the lunch room Warren. Conscious. Have you watched the video yes. -- is the means so. We've been told by the police and by a top Israeli official. That you were in the protests are attacking police -- -- Molotov cocktails. No I did not throwing remote closed or. At a -- or near that in and take any part in protest. You're just watching the -- I was just watching the protest. I didn't do anything that's and that's our ration national have a punishment. -- -- -- -- -- Are you angry. Varying being. I don't know why -- gave -- a punishment for something and in -- Tell me about the last you for the last person to see your cousin Mohammed before he was abducted. What's that lost been like -- -- That I can still remember his voice in my head to playing -- game. And storm in his voice. -- -- -- Whatever and now ABC's -- part in Jerusalem via Skype Arcsight joining us today appreciate that. You -- -- up close those bruises looking pretty severe. Do we know if Israeli police officers are they going to be reprimanded for that. -- Desperate punishment -- those police officers they certainly haven't been identified. The a police spokesman -- spoke to yesterday. Said that two an investigation has been launched by the ministry of justice. -- and -- the latest we know in terms of any sort of punishment for them. At least -- fact that that the police were the ones who were beating. -- and so far there hasn't been any sort of punishment that we know of -- and in fact heart was one who got punished he was. I'll put in jail bird for three days held without charges until he was released yesterday afternoon -- Asked him about his cousin his death still sparking outrage obviously is Palestine on the verge. Of another uprising. It very well could be I mean it. Let's be honest that this place is always a tinderbox it's it's also on the verge of something and in any little spark could set something off but there's certainly an elevated feeling of tension. Right now we were really dealing with two separate things that could provoke a much wider -- conflict. On the one hand you have visited in the murder. Tarts cousin Mohammed in and we now know that you set on fire and burned alive. Six Israelis were arrested yesterday three of -- Have confessed according to Israeli media that of course come. After the three Israeli teens. Now who were abducted -- -- -- their body. Killings and revenge killings that of course could spark an -- Rise to thought as it's known in Arabic reports there have already been to hear. Now on the other hand you're also seeing an increase in -- pockets fired by Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip it. Into Israel Israel responding with air strikes overnight. Killing at least not militants seven of whom are released updated from Hamas -- you really have these two runs unchecked could provide the spark. -- for a much wider conflict. The -- -- your family obviously due there was a lot of pain a lot of grief right now one child killed his body -- -- cousin beaten. But police EU sat down with the family what is there is sense of safety what is your sense of moving forward. Well they're obviously very angry -- you know. Mohammed was targeted for know what the reason we believe. -- -- Palestinian and he he was sitting outside the mosque. On on Wednesday morning as you know this is the holy month of Ramadan -- they had just eaten there predawn meal. And he was about to go -- when he was taken and you know. He's also -- there's not only outraged in the Stanley there's outrage -- among the Palestinian community. -- -- You know -- saying that. Zaps and this is -- that that this is it's crazy that that that any group of individuals should be targeting. They're teenagers in fact we've seen this family. One -- the Israeli teens who was killed the Frankel family coming out in condemning. -- murder -- Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to the father. Mohamad today condemning the murder saying this is outrageous Israel was very quick to come out and say we're gonna -- Palestinian terror the same way we're there we're gonna treat Israel -- terror of course many. Accuse Israel of harboring some sort of double standard so Israel was very sure. To go out aggressively. Investigate this crime arrest very quickly these six young man who were who who were suspected of of being behind it. Do we just does -- really what. Prime minister Netanyahu said to the -- to the father. Well he put out a statement earlier expressing his condolences. Condemning it. Again saying that that this is the sort of crime that they will actively. And investigate they'll hunt down the perpetrators and -- they'll treat as -- it was an Israeli team who was killed and and not a Palestinian. You've alluded to the point that obviously this is a very tense situation that -- very very quickly. Looking at the region as a whole -- that firing more rockets nine Hamas militants in -- killed. Israeli airstrikes just last night alone. Does it speak then to the level of just how quickly that violence can escalate. Absolutely I mean this tonight. All the rockets have been fired so far have landed. -- in the southern area and that's something that Israel. Has has grown to tolerate. And they're there -- cities like ask a lawn and steroids and in the south that are. Frankly used to this to this sort of thing but let's say a rocket. -- you fly out of Gaza tonight and hit Tel Aviv or. Or any other major city that isn't. Used to -- com. To use that phrase it would all bets would be off and there would be a massive escalation. You can see massive air strikes all across Gaza Friday by the Israeli Air Force. Scores of lives lost -- mean we will go back to a situation like we saw in 2012. Out an operation that. Israel called pillar of defense or organ 20082009. Cult. Cast -- means reading. At any moment especially now is elevated. -- you could be on the cusp of an all out conflict. Now if Israel does escalate. I was going -- strike Hamas beat these these Hamas targets with. Precise air strikes a mosque could -- back down and all of this could Peter out. But we're at this juncture in the road -- a sport where it really could go one of the -- weighs in there's no way of telling which way we're gonna ago. Air strikes -- and Gaza obviously you've -- pointing out not renewed violence or any of this kind of tension. What is the likelihood that if in fact there is -- there's an army presence in the West Bank if the protests by Palestinians continue. Well days the focus. Now on the protests really has been Jerusalem and we have seen other protests popping up in cities like -- -- in cities in the north. Some protests in the west bank and Ramallah. I think in terms of the protests the clashes. Israel is less concerned about the West Bank if that's something that they're used to that's something that Israel can keep a relatively confined because the security. The security wall it's there because of the district checkpoints. It's it's not very easy to cross from the West Bank in Israel. So when you see -- the riots popping up in places like Jerusalem origin. -- in other cities across Israel that's where it's much harder. For the Israeli police to control -- so. You know when you go for example to go see the outlook for their family they live in the neighborhood called soft spot -- -- seen the bulk of this this these classes of the past few days. It's heavily fortified it's it's surrounded -- by police because they are very much trying to control the situation so. The focus in terms of the rioting in keeping that under control is mainly in Jerusalem. Other parts of Israel. The operation of the West Bank which had. Has calmed down a little bit was. An operation -- call brother's keeper -- the Israeli military was carrying out. To try to find the abductors of those three murdered Israeli teens and also to to weaken the Hamas infrastructure. In the West Bank they arrested more than 400. People the majority of whom they say were were. -- media organizations and charities related to Hamas so that was that was a separate operation that has calmed down a little bit the focus now. By the Israeli government is to to keep -- home in Jerusalem in Israeli cities in the south try to prevent an escalation with Hamas in Gaza. ABC's outsmart court in Jerusalem out -- you for your time as always appreciate it. And you can't keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news App Store in the -- for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot on down that's -- anymore.

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{"id":24454708,"title":"Violence Erupts Over Video of Beaten US Teen","duration":"10:55","description":"About 1,500 Israeli forces head to the West Bank after Israel and Hamas exchange rocket fire.","url":"/International/video/international-hotspot-violence-erupts-video-beaten-american-teen-24454708","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}