Iran Hints at Nuclear Deal Amid Death to America Chants

Iranian President Rouhani says nuclear deal with the west would be "win-win" for all involved during massive rally.
8:22 | 02/11/15

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Transcript for Iran Hints at Nuclear Deal Amid Death to America Chants
You can. A rousing speech in Iran on the 36 anniversary. Of the revolution but amid the chants of death to America. Say the country's president hinting at cooperation right now the Internet. Hot spot favor on Iran. Hello going on down. New Yorker Ryan president rule on a speech today took a slightly different town than when we are used to hearing from the Islamic Republican in the addressed running mention. How we expect a deal to come through on nuclear negotiations that would be a win win for law. ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz was in the middle of at all and sent this report. I'm Martha Raddatz and am rhyme nine million people were gathered to celebrate. In the Islamic. It. And then I got hurt and they see this revolution. As in victory over the United States hold their western influence that this is also went and I don't think pivotal time for Iran. Don't think decides to some sort of it reminds with the US and hunters over there are no clear and fish. It's. We and we have night. Out of. I. Right now listening to. President rough on me. Talk about this celebration this victory celebration they believe on the 36 anniversary. I think his comment revolution a victory over the midwest and over western values. All around me. Here chanting. Death to America. That people look at 83 guys coming up. Thank you are not aren't getting paid out there. Aren't panicked and can't run around. And Martha joining us now on the phone Martha I want to ask you. Were you surprised about the tone and the context of this speech. At this speech by president were hurting other Arab very wide ranging. And at first of course he was just talking about their celebration of this 36 anniversary of the Islamic. Revolution which of course Americans remember 1979. Is the year. Our embassy employees that they are aware taken hostage for 440. Fort days. But what what present or honey talked about his is that a lot of things he talked about the fight against extremists he said you've seen in Iraq Syria Lebanon and Yemen. That the power that could help those nations to counter terrorist groups. With feet of rock the Islamic Republic of Iran. A nuclear negotiations he said what we're offering is to reach a win win agreement. In which Iran will show transparency. In its what they call. Peaceful nuclear activities and the other side and it's wrong inhumane and illegal sanctions. The sanctions or what they want lifted here because you really can't. See the effect of those sanctions. Martha you were there in the cried as we just saw right there what was the response than from a crowd when. The president rule on it was mentioning and men rattling off those specific points there about this win win possibility. Well I I think you know you have to understand a lot of these people were busted and a lot of these people I I mean they're truly the biggest crowd I've ever seen. So they're cheer they're cheering or honey everything he has believe me this is a crowd that is that is there to cheer indeed nothing else. What about the president also praising Iran's anti terror efforts in the Middle East referring to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and crisis. This makes a run that have an unlikely ally does it not. It it it is it's it's the enemy of your enemy. A lot of people were talking about crisis sent it and it was very interest Indian because. They would come up to me and they weren't they didn't seem to be sure how Americans felt about crisis that we're at one point. The woman came up to means that prices aren't they are not Muslims they are not Muslims. We hate nicest things you should hate crisis and basically do we do and then she didn't realize that and another man came up to mean said. Please stop supporting I assistant said we're not supporting and assisting in no way are we supporting access to sit. Well we hear they have your weapons either using your weapons which as you know it's true that Iraq they still a lot of weapons. But back here to some people just people like doctor on the street it can't simply cut for all the people here. Did seem to believe that we intentionally supply does. Maybe got a broader picture that harnesses and has it changed the geopolitical landscape right now the region there with President Obama. Addressing that request for the use of authorization of military force against crisis. Well I think it is again this is just truly an extraordinary time. To be over here and it was in Jordan just a few days ago. Of course Jordan losing their pilot in that horrific manner. Jordan wanted to send troops to the border with their rock. The focus with with the authorization middle military force is clearly its battle against crisis and what can be done. And you have now all of these countries. Trying to do whatever they can't just stop by this particularly profound in short right now. You've seen talking talking about it you've seen them taking. Their response. With multiple air strikes. Becoming much more involved in air strikes the US has carried and still is carrying their best heavy burden on that. But Jordan clearly wanting to do more. And and then you've got Yemen. It's extraordinary for me to sit here because I've been Yemen numerous times. To see the embassy personnel finally having to leave but they. I know the State Department wanted to stay there as long as possible. I'd have some sort of affect some sort of impact on fighting terrorists there. But there's really no government in place that are so I think at the hand that in the threat there they just seemed to have to get out of there. Dick given the extreme measures it's taken by prices and then those obviously being taken by the United States and the international community is it even possible. To entertain the idea that the US might in fact fight alongside the Iran eons. You know I asked general John Allen did on Sunday. I I think it is not attend I think that would pretty much be ruled out I mean in effect they are and and certainly there's an Iranian President. In Iraq fighting assists but general Allen who is these special envoy to president president Obama's special envoy for countering. I says. Said there is no coordination with Iranians. I certainly think they have to some coordinate some of the aircraft and things like that that's probably done through the Iraqis but. I don't just see it had excitement. What when you look at Iran and the cutter has a great deal of influence in that region one place in fat that it may certainly flex a lot of muscle. He's in Yemen it's Xia rebel group now in control US embassy evacuating. How close the do you think this Yemeni government will be than to Iran. That is the real concern because this the Iranian really bitter that they really do backup but that he rebels. And see where that goes and look what kind of cooperation would get in fighting terrorism there because Yemen. I think certainly it that there from the people I've talked to in general Allen included think they they pose a potential. Threat to the homeland. But the terrorists in Yemen the al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula who are based in Yemen. Posting much much greater threat because they are far more sophisticated in their aim is to go outside Yemen. Where crisis is concentrating most of its effort in Iraq and Syria right now. Our chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz and Iran Martha thank you appreciate it as always thank you can't. And of course you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news that star and story for exclusive updates on the go. You don't watch and international hot spot I'm Dan that's where New York.

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{"duration":"8:22","description":"Iranian President Rouhani says nuclear deal with the west would be \"win-win\" for all involved during massive rally.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"28895145","title":"Iran Hints at Nuclear Deal Amid Death to America Chants","url":"/International/video/iran-hints-nuclear-deal-amid-death-america-chants-28895145"}