New ISIS Video Shows Young Boy Murder a Prisoner

Iraqi forces take back key parts of Tikrit from ISIS.
10:39 | 03/11/15

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Transcript for New ISIS Video Shows Young Boy Murder a Prisoner
Iraqi forces taking back to Crete officials say. That key city which was Saddam Hussein's home town will be under full control. Of the government by tonight. If successful it would be one of the first big victory against the so called off today. Hello everyone untie Hernandez in New York while the goal of pushing back crisis may be accomplished. There are questions about how much influence Iran has had calling the shots and it's offensive. The brutality by ice is seems to be never ending newly released video by the militant group appears to show boy about age twelve murdering a prisoner. That year that's too gruesome for us to show you here. In a recording the hostage is accused of being an Israeli spy before he shot the he's young Lott now has more disturbing video and. A mother in morning. The month meant to cool special. When she discovered that a nineteen year old son had blown away Syrian late last TA but she says the Islamic state creeps recruited him as of trying to through the incidents. How come out and a under a pat. They told him come look at you accounts money you can get married at the you won't. Need. By the time Mohammed asylum compact it's his family from the head coaches of highest in backup he's going to be it was carrying a gun. But he was to solutions instead he wanted to come Haim. His prophet tells me how Mohamed an Israeli citizen try to escape but was courts. And that's when he was accused of being an Israeli spotlight with a poll with Clinton. This no way they were going to let on though says site masonic. That he betrayed us we'll ruin his reputation. And that's lead paint. I the families say they didn't reports that the recent media it is just been released showing Mohamed being shots and currently by a young point. But clearly this is all another attempt by I asked to salt and get into national attention. Analysts kid face closest place to send a message that beyond its apples with all the graves in the Middle East and its rejection of Weston values. It also sees Israel as a fundamental enemy. Ambulance now BBC news. Jerusalem. For more on the latest and I says and the fight against it let's bring an ABC's Alex mark pot in Beirut. Alex says we are still shocked at the brutality. Despite its relentless barrage of videos whenever ice is releases a new video what do we know. About the boy or the victim do we know anymore. It actually right every time I. At least you see something new some new ways to shock us call. One newer elements in his first serious but but first few times news or use the child. As an executioner looks to be developing well their senior schools are sad and what we learned later this afternoon. From a French officials the Associated Press is that this young boy. Is a British citizen now of course we know that there are thousands. 20004. Spiders. What's around three dozen or Europeans look law clients. On the side ISS but it is it's. Extraordinary to see. Such a young one. Coming from your era citizen. Mentions. And nudity he executed us nineteen year old Israeli Arab. Mohammed solemn. Indian coal luck it's extremely difficult and gruesome. Video to watch we understand it. Messages written package instead it is the nineteen year old went to Turkey and then to Syria by on this ice just four months ago and in those four short months became disillusioned and angry crisis. And according to a Stanley tried to lead this is not at first we heard this story. Our other defectors have Pappas gaze on her other factors being executed as well clearly. Ice is trying to send a message we did studio now. Too many Palestinians who gone are to fight this crisis just a few dozen 5060. They're ticking you're great risks if they aren't needed Israeli citizens. In going and trying to fight crisis because they'd be happy good ads as we see here are being accused of being soft spots and one of them. The more interesting in and dark things that we saw in this studio is that it area. Iasis. Published in names and locations addresses ages jobs. Around it doesn't bother people they also accuse. Being the Sox bias including. ABBA songs brother and father who live in Jerusalem as well. Okay Alex let's move on to the to create offensive we understand Iraqi forces have taken over key portions of the city but it seems. That ice is fighters may be still holding out in some areas. Yeah battle isn't over yet this is balanced and raging for about a week now and what we understand is that Iraq. Iraqi forces soldiers at least as well that's bullish says. And Shiite militias Sunni tribes and altogether attacking this city attacked and prices positions from the north south east and west we understand. They are making a round but that ice is still control bulls Center City. It's been relatively slow going there are ice is as booby trapped building it right he's on the side roads got snipers in the buildings. I'll innocent Iraqi forces or for me to treat military hospitals and police stations that are within view some of the palaces of president. Saddam Hussein so this is not over yet at the moment he certainly is on the side of the Iraqi forces. These statements from our military officials there are stated that they don't it's night or be speed air or Friday prayers. This is an extremely important battle extremism all not just because it's Saddam Hussein's hometown. But this is wonder. Iraq's major cities. If if hearings and take it back. Here's your lower prices this is not a person to try to back to reach but if they are successful here will be seen as an editor dress rehearsal. As crisis is expected capitals and our loss. Other concerns about the involvement of the of a run in generals in this offense in the famous. Iranian revolutionary guard leaders reported to be leading the charge what can you tell us about. Yeah the exact nature of support Iranian ace isn't exactly clear course Iraqi officials will tell you that there are much deeper control its answer what is clear is that Iran is Clinton being rolled Kerry Kennedy and in this battle for trees a receipts photos. General you mentioned his name sounds good money. Who Intel recently has been very much in the shadows years. Off and now here's be coming out sea otters and allegedly on the front lines welcome with open arms by. Iraqi troops Andy's Melissa's. Now these Shiite militias make up huge a large portion. We understand. More of its fighting force there they are and and biased by a wrong. Arms to Iran clearly planet very big role here. As I say it's hard to tell exactly who is. General were that many officers are to its senses. But the Iranians certainly playing a big role in the race all sorts of questions about the potential for sectarianism. One of the year's one of them but it did this isn't seeing over the past few months. Is that it's been tough to bring it to Sunni tribes. That decided the Iraqi Government because the Iraqi Government has been seen as extension of the Iranian government. It's steers by the west United States is that if Iran is on the ground it's so obvious. I'm density part to reduce that gap need Iraq sacks nuisance. And throughout all of this the US not involved in airstrike they were not. Part of this week long operation correct. Now it's pretty striking at. Thousands of American military advisors been in Iraq Cellini. Iraqi forces soldiers and police and this battle for to create essentially came out of nowhere. Good morning it was launched remember Monday morning. Pentagon is scrambling to figure out what was going on and so it seems that a rock since it launched this on its own with this war. Of Arabian forces. And the US has been sitting on the sidelines watching all of this down no advisors in the area no American policy planes. In the sky. Yeah prices decisions. With airstrikes. This is this is something that the Pentagon is watching from car. Under chairman of the joint your staff general Martin Dempsey said it's a pain. Military lead that Iran is the ball because obviously got Brady military prowess and not take these guys out. But this is not applied instead that the US's ball and and and one could yes dead. That is in part because of the fact that Iran or Iraq has established itself as its own explicit US. You know you don't tell us what to do you don't control us because this comes right out. After. Pentagon official senior pentagon official did refuse recorders bwics. She was talking about speed expenses on Mosul when it would take place and it made army troops and made it sound like this was an American as a person rock. So the Iraqis then turned around and tax pre weighted down with Iranians were Susan Anderson at least amenable to this. Landon and how we chiefs. All right ABC's mark pot thank you so much. For joining us offensive to treat you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app. And starring this story for exclusive updates on the anti Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"10:39","description":"Iraqi forces take back key parts of Tikrit from ISIS.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"29557742","title":"New ISIS Video Shows Young Boy Murder a Prisoner","url":"/International/video/isis-video-shows-young-boy-murder-prisoner-29557742"}