Israel's consul general in New York on the importance of Trump's visit

ABC News' Amna Nawaz sits down with Consul General Dani Dayan to talk about President Trump's first foreign trip.
3:00 | 05/22/17

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Transcript for Israel's consul general in New York on the importance of Trump's visit
Hey ads on an Abbas here live in New York while president trump continues. On his big overseas trip the first since taking office and today he is an Israel. Here to talk to us about the future of US policy in the region and the possibility of actual lasting peace. In the consul general Israel here in New York. Ambassador Danny dye and thank you so much for being here and having them at the pleasure so tell me what's your take so far you've been getting reports back from the field and Allison went from doing it. He's going earth can't hear you know we so. The reception on after the majestic receptions to go up in reality need to inflict it can books like this that Kim. Let go by many of these it's the from very deep for influence of the Arabia. And demand the visit who visit with phone won't. It was roaring bull. The first time out to be an American president seeping government and president visits that was the world why did you that was important. First for the out that might they Kofi it it may be subjective but the is that the in the days and we should. In the yunis school another place that's. Those that want to be ninety's and its connection to lower and simple blood. Well there was no bid to please that was the war of the shall alert millennium collection that connection to with a commitment over. Well what problem. In we hat three. Filth via the first open bubbly. Fly direct flight from Maria who started yet but he's very well but the effect of the sitting president is that the quote that a defense that may be the most people but before. The PP's terrorists people who wrote of the fifth but an America president is that generals that it. And may I remind you I'm of that if President Obama. In his presence of the legalese it's the Cairo but ski generals. I would much in the presence with this and that he. Cairo. Oh mine and notre with the that they that the journal of them is this the. Let me ask you about each of those things and if you don't mind at the first of all. Mr. trump has been hailed as sort of one of the greatest friends to Israel I. The likes of prime minister Netanyahu as well his visit to the western wall as he mentioned is historic. Do you see his presidency as a reversal of decades of standing US policy. No not predicting that the for the Lou could. Alliance between these live in the United States they do at the graph the thread though the graph of bell labs. It's up ports is from nine info the two but the incident in it's an up ports they grew up. Yes we have that we're out of bounds at the coming up on. But not this took that to cut it's. It's it always. Warts Graff a vehicle thieves going up we're very happy that opinion that with. You mention that historic direct flight from rehab. This is the first time this has happened there's been reports about behind the scenes sort of the deepening of relations between Israel and many of the gulf Arab states and that's true. Got to leave it without going into the many of these things the fact that they cut the common sorry you run. No doubt that it has been in you know remain so we've mostly sunny. Countries with supple that we. Full but it's so it is look we don't lemon it's him that he as we more beautiful loving nations but yes they concede video being strengthened. I must say oath of that that speeches by presidents. In wasn't proceed. The fact that it failed to left there. Supposedly. Moderate quote quote president withdrew index that the he made no news and inhibit very plea. That the elements anything but motivate. That they are spreading terrorism although of the world now both hopeful but missed the net and with few minutes ago. That he that the united we note the movement to acquire new carpet but because he's. It also the fact that he did then forget to mention Hezbollah and Hamas. Through to terrorists organizations. Along with them kite I think it's was absolutely. Significant. And the fact that you know and NM NM and thought it with my Muslim majority countries the bills. He didn't hide the fact that flight formerly to use it to me but in this but it but he. If it is obvious and it is the very thing. It's a small thing but it matters a line. You mentioned that your opened in many ways Israel's open in many ways to deepening our opening some of those relations with moderate. Muslim majority countries you count Saudi Arabia among moments. Yeah. It's. And a moderately funny again. Don't want to get the boot with a few days some of the fine country no I'm busy west ethics but. It when I think mobility gone with they'll look to come out of for the amendment and for equality for Politico. Moderates understand it. Let me ask you about. President trumps a policy while he's there has his hopeful policy he is said. That he will do what would Haney former presidents before him at the hadn't been able to do you. Which is to somehow negotiate a lasting peace deal do you think he can do it. But both about a boat but. Gave and that Palestinian substantive suits that it would be good believe it when. In openly with something else that. Quickly put it that today that it. As long that the Palestinians who monopoly organized. They existence though is there that the Jews. It would be very difficult to believe that it would make in the cynical form I think notebook to. Story tonight commitment but let's be hopeful visions of uncle bachelor prince maybe he's done well but some admit the thought of influence votes. We make a brick through. Blue route route we you know we always. But it be stopped. Nickels direct negotiations without Rick of these something right and and out. Now dubbed C bookings. Into both of them President Abbas that's the thing is going Ramada in seven and a half minutes than me they would be tough way. And we are calling incessantly to prevent that lets them do exactly that. But unfortunately though with Rick of these of them were requirements for the negotiation of that four bit with a vivid if the bank and vote. Spewed spoken before about the need for both sides to make. Serious concessions that are critical to the process what concessions as Israel prepared to weather of. All of us who we president and and negotiate and that there's no word or cold systems but they must that he. You know it's well known that these that it. To prove he's the only witness that they would Barak we alone with Britain Italy and it would build a month ago would George W. Bush president of the Palestinians we follow it to concessions in clothing in June that it would that electric boat but Slovakia Oakmont. And they were attacked that so. Israel. Has always present. When. Negotiating with they're showing. Going to win the making it consists of some call realize this but that it unfortunately we've always found them if you the from the Palestinians. You mentioned your excellent do you support president Trump's proposal which he now seems to have backed away from of moving the US embassy to. And I think that the fact that all of the embassy solo excellent little slogan than a moment. Should the public that they think that the United States is appropriate country to pick that didn't shoot well but sense. That being said they must've added that the probably senate to move the embassy to Jerusalem with Bob given to ease with given the American electorate has learned about the position of being mugged. But they that we hope. Where I think that the fact that 6090. That they. He stubs from the fees. Foreign embassies outside tools that it at that moment that you vehicle wreck that that the we believe that the movement that's that is the Clinton that she. Should children should. The previous US presidents have had decided against doing that citing national security interests are you worried about potential blowback at that would happen but I. You know Hillary Clinton's proposal also read this some reports that they good food from. My ministry. We are not of the lower breath but The Who we know we over this the and. But are you worried there could be negative repercussions that no I figure now I think that. On the. Code sequence. The decision to will the American Embassy which are confident we will. We believe that the American Embassy would be intervals that. But you don't believe there could be brought back from the Palestinians I mean they don't believe that things you're well enough to be the capital of the few. I assumed that the US would move them with a picture of them would be with them to move that assumes the and companies that do. So that you know he's not about it. But I think those things one that I think it's that the but with enough of this than the Jerusalem. He's influenced. In but since then he's been productive. Kubel but think. And that's something that even among people. You know he's been 222 threats of violence that it's not that way that the things we've already cut. Some of that blogs. During prime minister Netanyahu's visit here and I in a joint press conference with president trump president come publicly said. He wished that mr. Netanyahu would hold back for a bit when he came to settlements how did those comments go over Bakken well. Doctor and two. Makes them who both Goldman so what involvement but worth it that. A bill that the fault of the solution to the people who have seen variation. The president's liquids and Warren and vehicle starts from him in in. The so called settlements. But that would mean authorities what completely we've been made we didn't make of this instrument bumping that. But with both of them request of the president with that this side of the boat and freeze but we decided who you'll policies that we that it could. It is very seriously them with what. And and get I think it was after that press conference wasn't at that a new settlement was approved in the west bank for the first time in more than twenty years went with Apple's. But was there for us for the with a very complicit question and we Schwab supplement what community with they've aquae that the well we made that. A place who know period both companies that choose to vote and then and young couples. But again I say we didn't and of the site is a boat that frees them stuck with them by name in the cold dark element they gave more. More moderate than about respect but never of this the quote the book and freeze. But the way that that we did that the book that phrase meaning that the president the Obama administration for that month. They put them hopefully bring the Palestinians of the negligent in the. You're saying that's not an effective strategy for moving forth he negotiate folks. Let's be fitted to buy and judging by that a listing of behavior I mean we've been that we've that the Pope of the complete freeze or that month. The Palestinians can't of the negotiate and they've and a bit less mean that. And then refused to continue the negotiations so. Now I don't see it and you know. And I think that negotiations will be fruitful. And it should be without preconditions invests the ghost. Every side we have of course its positions in the negligent in. It's the months that's okay but the negotiate from shall be we. It recognizance for instance you know that that that recognition but the but it union's future of both. Please have to stop even negotiating but we really is phone federalists. I think it's outrageous. I think it's in mostly in complete contrast with things that the presence that youth and we got. Against. Political entities and countries. Funding terrorism. That big complex would it's. Let me ask you about lastly before and we'll let you go it president trump recently in a press conference here. Was asked about his border wall that he would like to build and at the conclusion to that's answer he said walls work just ask Israel what do you make of this well. We do indeed they've been the fence in in in Iowa vote that we need to. Smog leaning. What human trafficking both of them was. It going going through that the book that we didn't it. I must admit that the people where I don't know that's the physical these the for the but maybe you know that you refer to the west of loans the prayer is that we braved the worst of woke definite. Do you think that it I think about it I have notes. Not an maintenance them. And thanks to you for watching as an hour for you can always go to For more on that story continuing coverage of the presidents the story. Stay here for the latest I'll be back here soon for now on on the.

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