Is Kate Middleton Pregnant Again?

The Daily Mirror's royal correspondent on Prince William's potential hint.
5:19 | 04/13/14

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Transcript for Is Kate Middleton Pregnant Again?
So is this is -- -- the prince dropping -- hit earth could this just be -- gigantic misunderstanding. Yeah I mean obviously blamed spokespeople all the time constantly he's been he -- -- look at least wouldn't have met his. Everything he's paid to someone as a times that and being reported in the past making any media -- these people -- I think Heidi Holland and -- he would. And Britney saying something to someone he knew he could get -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think he -- -- high you know we we aren't gonna happen of the child -- -- I didn't he was having -- -- pregnant not this is not what it. Turned into I mean. -- this tomorrow while I cannot believe that prince William -- with cheese (%expletive) And the men to sneeze in this -- I just I just take things happen. So what do you think happened to me -- it did the prince slipped. -- I mean -- neat effect when he took to so many people in. I think sometimes they just make comments that maybe aren't but apparently actually come -- Atmel. I'm Anita promised to having Tenkrat. I mean she did say often acts that the way he -- it was like he was next to him amnesty critics -- she clearly people. He was he was trying to -- has something but I think it was more the case that he was. Making a comment you know he was saying we do want to have children do what have more children but but I -- -- that he was. Keeping track the exclusive news that -- is -- Everything someone in the Stanley says is pretty sought out pretty strategic especially in a public -- rates and -- the likelihood of him making an accidental act complete closure leaning towards people all the time and -- net particularly in these and I -- -- bass -- me. Well told the press often -- -- -- immediately talent left friends and sat sentinel came to pay anything that they wouldn't be happy for the cup snapped out. To Sheridan lives in the bubble is everyone and what it is she -- it was a bubble is this fish -- issue isn't getting even smaller now everyone watches every single move. I wouldn't call that she came on them into is that they -- unchanged -- the single day the -- watching that every minute when that outback. Everything to -- if she Texas FA -- she. And just hiding if the pain. Extra hassle for the moment because that in the spotlight -- the time. And you know how AM they might -- -- two with three engagements week. Austin -- -- -- saint but today they were -- three for things they went in the spotlight for -- oust and it's difficult for them. So is this the controversy of those this world threat that they always want. -- noted because I ask don't -- This is the control of the -- -- I mean if if this is story and that. You know it Heidi. Even if you got kind of speed fact that I think. I think and act mature like -- when they meet Sammy. He helped set it and make things come out and we've already found out honestly thought something happens to vote how long -- -- -- to -- enough questions -- -- announcing that. Profound happens -- me how we eat sweets he accidentally definitely yeah actually matched us. I think I think it week we found not -- and and and almost happenstance is and then pay it might take weeks and even not spread -- this information -- not because the heyday in the concentrate or environment. -- don't we day constantly talking to keep -- And giving them I know -- and -- So after tour after this this -- emerged what did prince William and Kate go -- and what might that with the wine tasting and then Manuel Lara and what might that have said about the possibility that she's really pregnant. What exactly I -- yes today we have this apparent hate strongly and but he was nothing can I think she was beaten Oakland today I -- today she lives at. To -- -- and she was tasting wine. Doesn't -- -- -- king five's Scott. She was -- several. Several -- supply. And then straight talk to act humans and what will ride which does not recommend -- do if a pregnant. Not if she was pregnant has abstinent men may -- -- -- things she would net once the announcement was met east. People would look fat content and he would -- -- -- pregnant again and what -- -- upfront what erupting right -- the puppet but saying it should she didn't Hastings and that -- judgment on parent. She wouldn't -- read how that happened she thought she cast so she wouldn't want to see. SA CH it's doing anything as things went on highly unlikely whipping some and a warning a bigger fan I think death is that they were chosen -- -- -- sleet and rain has had several times -- They want actually -- -- and went to children -- been quite specific apps as they may have once they may permanently or not I think they are definitely haven't talked possibly even take. And they definitely not the economy. I don't within the next -- -- in the eyes I think Olympics.

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{"id":23308516,"title":"Is Kate Middleton Pregnant Again?","duration":"5:19","description":"The Daily Mirror's royal correspondent on Prince William's potential hint.","url":"/International/video/kate-middleton-pregnant-23308516","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}