'Very Large' Shark Kills Surfer in Australia

A surfer has died after being attacked by a ‘very large’ shark in Australia.
1:45 | 02/09/15

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Transcript for 'Very Large' Shark Kills Surfer in Australia
Searching for a shop. That's now Manny. Animal instincts they killed to die she not to hire police the other if it. They now. Ringing. Pain medicine time and its entire. And now. Has stepped. Current. The 41 year old Japanese national leaves in Balladur and was sitting with nights when he was attacked just before 10 this morning. You know could do was bullying and instant just gone. I think Ruth Lou upset. Opens already it opponents of his. When you mean the valiant attempts didn't work to die she not a hundred died from blood loss he suffered serious injuries to both these slates. Their actions. A commendable. He we have the situation way. You know significant. Amanda blood in the water yeah took to rescue these sinful. Mr. -- are worked for assist fortunate and at a local hotel this afternoon he was remembered with well this thing. Life sane is an ass gallery of the coastline. Searching for the killer. We believe it was a very lives so. We do now have a shocked expert that will be. Coming today on the and assisting us to join determine what talk was shot wolves. This is the second shock attack in this region in just two guys yesterday I man was beaten on the back to be Byron. And it has some residents worry. Supporter of shocks but. Something has become. In Balata Michael based nineties.

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{"duration":"1:45","description":"A surfer has died after being attacked by a ‘very large’ shark in Australia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"28826878","title":"'Very Large' Shark Kills Surfer in Australia","url":"/International/video/large-shark-kills-surfer-australia-28826878"}