Macedonia takes a new name to end bitter 27-year quarrel with Greece

It's arguably the world's strangest international dispute.
1:36 | 06/13/18

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Transcript for Macedonia takes a new name to end bitter 27-year quarrel with Greece
June 2 little movie you remember it for the historical historical day they ran on mobile bootable the soot fall. It's. These important on the same date. Twenty years ago. NATO and to root in this region and console. And on the same day. As I said the mode renewal has fallen and only vote is spreading. Through the region this do you buy the history of this country in this region into into Paul. It's important for all the communities. Because the need to America and the EU narrative. Is the glue for the ethnic cohesion in the region. But also for the prospective polar region politically economically and security books that are going to be resistance. Domestically it. From those. Who oppose the respect to overcome Seubert also in the region within the region and geopolitical. But I believe that the industry that is has been released from solving this dispute will not leave any wrong. Being here in the country or in the region. We thought. Or being indifferent. To this to this issue and therefore I think you're going team implement this agreement. Cause we have. The agreed to yesterday yes you're going to face resistance. You're going to get closer to me took the position will be bigger and bigger. But I think the energy will salute so close fool the differences and opposition from schools.

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{"duration":"1:36","description":"It's arguably the world's strangest international dispute.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"55867154","title":"Macedonia takes a new name to end bitter 27-year quarrel with Greece","url":"/International/video/macedonia-takes-end-bitter-27-year-quarrel-greece-55867154"}