Maduro says military defeated 'attempted coup'

Venezuela's "Operation Freedom" continues as unrest and protests wage on.
4:15 | 05/01/19

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Transcript for Maduro says military defeated 'attempted coup'
And we move to Venezuela if you look at this on their satellite images from space. That captured the violence erupting in the streets of Caracas yesterday after opposition leader won quite know called for the people to take down the majora government. I want to go to Tommy Thomas with more Tom. It Kimberly we are expecting dueling protests today from supporters of one why -- the interim president against those that still support the embattled president nickel osment hero. Now why don't yesterday of course -- now with that three minute video surrounded by members the military calling this operation freedom demanding that liberals stepped down. Demanding that other members of the military support him this launched a date long. Up clash if you will on the streets of Caracas a bloody clash at one point a military armored vehicle ran over demonstrators who were. Fighting back with just rocks sticks and Molotov cocktails. This was a major power play by one while ago but by the end of the day Nicholas wood to appear on state run TV saying that he was sticking around but he was not leaving. And that this insurgency attempt. Had failed. This as secretary of state Mike Pompeo claims that there was a jet gassed up ready to take went to row to Havana for him to leave the country but euros saying that's not true. Pompeo said it was the Russians who convinced Madrid to stay the Russians are also saying. That is not the case. The president has also gotten a ball tweeting that he is supporting the people but as well we'll have to wait and see what happens today Kimberly. Larry thank you Tom and I want to bring in Eli Lopez he's a senior editor for global opinions at the Washington Post he's in DC right now. Eli you know so there are supposed to be the protest today but how to the protests yesterday in packed the plants. Also leave the big question today is what it way bill can survive today without being arrested. After calling locally yesterday for the uprising in for people to mobilize. To overthrow the regime movement the world and generally bad but appearing way to new pulled Lopez the opposition leader who was under house arrest. Real big events of course don't pull that they're very dramatic way I think people were expecting. I'm definitive outcome yesterday agreed there were no defections however in the military there was no major. Flipping of the military forces and the equation of power so today we're back to. Would the original plan was except that's a big question is whether why bill. And will be arrests. He and I'm just curious you know what does this mean for the country we are talking some people yesterday and there is saying this plan gave them hope of what it what do you think pain they feel now. What could have been is being very very heart of venezuelans as he you know decree current crisis and political crisis to commit huge hole. I think there was a moment of of hope yesterday what people saw. New pullover is losing them incredibly popular figure out in the streets apparently today here is in the Spanish embassy. Our secure protection with his family so some tables saw yesterday's events but would got a lot of hope and then. Maybe a setback because there was no definitive outcome. Will see it better if that affects the indeed turn out today for good little mobilized. And I'm just curious do you still have Stanley in Venezuela right now and happy talk to them in Howard how are they feeling about all of this. I do it do it it's it is very hard to get information him and as well actually I everything Boortz or Venezuela. Theater for Richard Baxter. There's a lot of misinformation circulating people rely on social media allowed because the did most of mass media is controlled by the states. So there was a lot of of doubt and and an end and you know uncertainty and and despair but certainly hope when people. So all those images in the morning circulating a wave though. We've low fares but a lot of people mobilized and two to the streets however there was a lot of repression a lot of repression yesterday. By troops loyal to of the world. I will see if it the events today you give people the need to be amount obits death fully biffle and report feeling just desperate. Are all the democratic. Renews have been suffocated by this regime. So BAB is to really really how popular a popular it's voices heard and if and hopefully a transition can occur. All right Eli Lopez thank you so much for joining us we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Venezuela's \"Operation Freedom\" continues as unrest and protests wage on.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62756355","title":"Maduro says military defeated 'attempted coup'","url":"/International/video/maduro-military-defeated-attempted-coup-62756355"}