Massive explosion in Beirut, cause unknown

There is a “high number of injuries" after a blast near the port, the Lebanese health minister said.
4:10 | 08/04/20

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Transcript for Massive explosion in Beirut, cause unknown
Good afternoon we have breaking news of a major explosion in the city of Beirut Lebanon. Here's a live look at the smoke over that city right now the explosion happened in the city's port area but the blast appears to have done damage through out. The city the Lebanese health miss mr. says that there are many injuries. And describes the damage as extensive. ABC's Ian panel joins us by phone now in what do we know. Yet I'm and there are very few cracked their formal question like that rock bottom of what it trades at that was one of the two. Very very large explosions. They did in an area down by the port area some of those buildings he used the storage. Or collectible from some of the video and on social media is this. Theory that whole explosions or the sound perhaps so far away doing all. And then one of the cameras catches in the distance all the figures only be verified. What can only be described as a massive explosion certainly one reluctant. I've ever seen broad a mushroom cloud up into the car windows were blown out with what are the building of blown out the damage to spend it. I beaten seeing someone in Cyprus group is an island out in the Mediterranean. Saying they and felt the shockwaves. Romantic explosion and seeing video of it from multiple angles. The question of cool you know what actually happened Walt it's just a while work storage area. We know we count. At a time of increased tension between Israel and has both militant group that's part of the government that been. Owns a attend by both sides to gain each other Israel is currently going aft but in this area. People on the ground are asking the question wasn't that military destroyed. It. Not impossible schools it would absolutely racist state on Wednesday it Norman. What jobs in an accident happened in an area where it leave our work. If not some Condit munitions were stored. The parent to of that question putting aside the level of damage and the numbers of injuries which. Give massage and explosion could be catastrophic putting just to one side temporarily the longer it bigger consequences for the region. Would be great and the on the and I'll play what. And. It's a big question that we'll need answers but looking at this image in I mean it's incredible looks like a war zone we're hearing reports of ceilings collapsed. Balconies knocked down glass everywhere. This is it is is quite a bit of damage. Yeah I meet significant damage and an equally to understand the timing. Of it in and meet a devastating for any sickly. But let that and he's also in the death of an enormous financial crisis to keep that it suffering from the lack of electric they lack of Allah. Lack of resort date. People are unemployed alert almost bigger scale than ever people are talking already about the future of the country being doomed. The hospital with bullet corona virus patient we're seeing reports of some people have been injured in the explosion. Setting up with blood running from that basis but an able to receive any kind of medical attention. So but it route is mold equipped to handle any kind of explosion and consequent injuries that kind. You do not many cities would be but certainly not Beirut's you know Lebanon not map the timing could not subpoena any work. That's for sure we see so many places dealing with. Think that would have been challenging. In normal circumstances and this certainly qualifies to let alone in the global pandemic we're wishing. Them well in we appreciate the report we know he'll say on this for us and again so many questions still left to be answered as to what. Caused this explosion in panel we appreciate the report thank you. And and do stay with us with ABC news live for continuing coverage an additional news context and announces Stacy everything.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"There is a “high number of injuries\" after a blast near the port, the Lebanese health minister said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"72168928","title":"Massive explosion in Beirut, cause unknown","url":"/International/video/massive-explosion-beirut-unknown-72168928"}