Meghan and Harry's trip to Morocco

The Duke and Duchess attend three official engagements during their whirlwind trip to Morocco.
1:21 | 02/25/19

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Transcript for Meghan and Harry's trip to Morocco
I'm Cindy McKee would hit in Rabat Morocco and for the Harry and Macon royal visit to. Today Iraq about Crimean stables of the season beautiful horses in the background tire and make a magnet. Inspects the horses have body at Kline stars did they do hit the disabled children. Yesterday we are often abuse of flatness mountains in the small town of has me. Well how many physicists and ghost boarding houses Ron white Christmas Day which enables these goes through remain legions of access education announced tonight was a blue. Cameras blistering. The reception for some boxes house Megan making contacts in the dual pound. I'm today will send in a half. A kukui tossed a Connie Marcus top chef is going to be working with Megan and they gonna do one of the recipes from had together cook but. An in the last engagement today's Indy and Denise seeing gardens for Harry meg gonna connect. Inspects a Moroccan awesome cross to meet soon young on finance and finally for them today they can have an audience with the Moroccan king Mohammed sixth. Before going back to them roll residence where they've been staying throughout the trip was cut as a guest of the king. And then pop pap samarra a day of relaxation before they get back to the UK and say Mickey with admiral can you watching ABC Neil's life.

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{"duration":"1:21","description":"The Duke and Duchess attend three official engagements during their whirlwind trip to Morocco.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61300099","title":"Meghan and Harry's trip to Morocco","url":"/International/video/meghan-harrys-trip-morocco-61300099"}