Melania and Ivanka Trump praise Saudi Arabia for empowering women

"The View" co-hosts discuss the Trump ladies' controversial comments.
3:00 | 05/22/17

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Transcript for Melania and Ivanka Trump praise Saudi Arabia for empowering women
I'm not on top bond praised Saudi Arabia for their efforts to empower women. But this is a time change where women need to be accompanied by a man in public forests and news separate entrances to some businesses. That the only country in the world and doesn't let women dry. So list of people have been some questions about the idea of empowerment and what you know our top I was. Have to listen some of the things they do there I agree with for instance. There bans from reading fashion magazines good inches decisions pollute your mind anyway. Cannot opt out there bought for mention is entering a cemetery even if they hope to have that would confused and. Yes OK yeah. Also I looked up in 1974. A woman in this country could not get a credit card without her husband's permission 1970. Yeah. Really asked asked what we get the ball in the hole conscious of until 68 so that's not shocked but does not that long ago outlined you not know not need it was yeah yeah. Yeah I am so you know that we can yell at them and make fun of them but meanwhile we're Arab and all the men that we've seen in Trump's cap mid and all those pictures of all those men however that much different well you know perhaps not as on it Ed that's true I didn't. Societies different though I mean I think it was a little tone deaf for them to save their you know it's about the empowerment of women because each of the women that they met with they met with fifteen business leaders. Each of them had a chaperone I think they're called. Guardian aren't. It's a women in Saudi Arabia aren't allowed outside without a male guardian. And so the fact that they ours you know sort of praising Saudi Arabia for its empowerment of women is a problem. And I think it's also problem that he thought the trumps fund is gonna get a hundred. Million dollars. From the Saudi not vanish out and they want to criticize Hillary Clinton's foundation. Critics' eyes are during the debates and set how dare you take money for the Clinton foundation. From Saudi Arabia it as a place that doesn't treat women well and now his every daughter. Who's really kind of the Sarah get First Lady is taking. Ten I it's it's not a little Tom death of a lot town you know and it's it's bad and when a Fokker was out there. She's talking about she's making strange parallels between the United States and Saudi ribs it in every country including the US women and girls face challenges. Yes that's true we face challenges here. But we can women can swim women can drive there's no parallel that should be made between the United States and out yeah. And allowed to collect bothered me because if you're gonna be First Lady aura bako who often appears like she's taking a First Lady role. Then be educated about these countries are acting out if things no power. I like to tell mr. trump that I saw this movie before when Nixon was about to be impeached. After way to get he was also in that in the Middle East he came back and they said sorry you're out so dying. But this little trip is giving you pass this still investigating him Dowling a half.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the Trump ladies' controversial comments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"47562598","title":"Melania and Ivanka Trump praise Saudi Arabia for empowering women","url":"/International/video/melania-ivanka-trump-praise-saudi-arabia-empowering-women-47562598"}