Military takes control of Sudanese government

The Sudanese people are demanding democracy after ousting President Omar al-Bashir.
4:55 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Military takes control of Sudanese government
We want to keep you updated on the crisis in Sudan there was essentially a revolution two months ago Sudanese people coming out in droves. Demanding president Omar Al this year stepped down. After a very repressive thirty year rule the military responded and they ousted him and put him in jail now reminder. Al this year was in power during the genocide in dar four and continued the rule after hundreds of thousands of people were slaughtered so he's gone and now the people want an election in and a transition to civilian rule they want democracy except. Now the military has taken control and their acting like the dictator the people just over through and the military won't relinquish their power so. More protests came as Civil Disobedience bringing all businesses across the country to a halt. And the military response more violence a massacre of over a hundred people. Who died and according to local doctor is close to. A hundred women. Were raped so. I want to bring in Cameron Hume he's a former ambassador to Algeria South Africa and Indonesia. And former top diplomat to said Nan. Cameron first thanks for joining us so much today. I think many times people feel like since this crisis is happening far away in a different country that it doesn't affect them or it's not something that we should be paying attention to. But in your opinion what should people know and stay focused on. Well I think what they should know is bad. As you pointed out. This government has been involved in a number problems over the last thirty years and in particular I'd look at two things one is terrorism questions we've long had. Terrorism disputes in Sudan and it terrorism dialogue and terrorism cooperation and that's been our main. Our main policy points and the other is dar for. I served there. Wallet dived are four crisis was on and we got it to. And that the people who were involved in the violence and are four are still in the government wasn't just no moral this year. It was other people and actually I think some of them have acquired more powers since then so I would. I would worry about the potential for. A lot more violence delight you so. Recently. And we've seen mess many times where military's takeover. After a two and in things don't go well why is it so hard for the military to relinquish power when they agreed to house. The president the protest happened they kicked him out and now they won't give the power up. Well it wasn't just a one man rule these people ruled with this year and Dave looked at it's like to ship and they saw the ship was going to a bad place they threw the captain overboard that this same people have their hands on the tiller. And in particular is the forest which has come to new four this. RS staff. That it is commanded by a person who was in charge of many of the operations and our four and so it's not as if B shear was gone and everybody now is sweetness and light. Exactly yes so. I just one Sid get your opinion on if you think that this will turning to some thing. If anything will change because an envoy was sent over do you think that that's been successful so far. Yeah I think it's a good it's a good step that we re engaged after not paying enough attention that's good. However I think that. Coming out of that and saying we want to have full investigation. That's it that's a good thing but that's not gonna help to people who are in duck you were in Khartoum and in the streets next week. The government there is heavily supported. By Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates and also to some extent the each of these are countries we are. We have closer relations with and there is no convincing evidence do we have opened a senior level dialogue it would really get the attention of the rulers and Saudi Arabia in UAE. Who. Support this not only the government that they support this rapid support for us. By hiring them to fight in Yemen so. There's there's a big international connection there and while the visit. The assistant secretary do Khartoum was a good step forward. I think we have to take steps that the people who are actually supporting the government. All right Cameron him in our DC bureau thank you so much and will continue to keep. Everyone updated as this develops thank you for joining us good thanks.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"The Sudanese people are demanding democracy after ousting President Omar al-Bashir. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63766296","title":"Military takes control of Sudanese government ","url":"/International/video/military-takes-control-sudanese-government-63766296"}