Millions take to the streets to protest in Hong Kong

People in Hong Kong are still turning out in droves to push back on an extradition bill.
3:57 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Millions take to the streets to protest in Hong Kong
And as as you know we've been covering the protest in Hong Kong people out in the streets to defended their autonomy and massive crowds on Sunday. Two million of the seven men million people total in Hong Kong. We're in the streets so today protesters left the streets to avoid clashing. With police again and moved to areas near the city's headquarters I want to bring in Bob Woodruff. Who's on the ground in Hong Kong on the mom can you just give us an idea to me just at the scene for us. In. Well right behind Michigan here's some chant thing going on right now these are some of the protesters that are gathered right inside at right in front. Be the chief executive's office here he'll carry lamb. These protesters and are just furious about her and she did give an apology about how she's handled. This this event these events certainly the way that the police actually reacted to these protesters especially on Wednesday. When they came back was a little bit of violence against the people. And they called it a riot a back then the students were furious about that as well because this was not a riot in their mind. In fact today that was actually now. But not upgraded or downgraded to not call it arrived but simply just a and basically a slight uprising against or some action by this by the students on the streets. So things are changing as a lot more calm than it was before you're absolutely right Kimberly that this was. One of the most amazing. Marches through through a city that have ever seen before you know if you look at the population of Hong Kong. There's about less than eight million people living here this was two million people. If you look at this in the United States if you look at the ratio of population that would be like 85 million Americans coming. As protests and marked around the country to resist part of its policy. So this has been a huge event here in Hong Kong but you know this is a town it's it's a financial city. No one here likes these kinds of these prices to ripped through the streets and then upset the marketing. The market so this is one that's a lot of the business people came forward. Two Carrie Lam later on and started to oppose this movement this this possible law that they wanted to pass. And now it's a little bit back to normal now the big step is what's gonna happen next. Yen up close and ask you what is going to happen next I mean do you think that all of this protesting are they making progress in what they want to achieve. Well they've achieved something already Emmy just to get that they. The executive deed indeed. The chief executive actually to change a direction here but is partly because with the business leaders did come forward and said may we should not do this right now. But a lot of this was because of the students things sings really triggered that some it certainly is way what the military I mean what the the police did. And the first two of the last week there's been actually three. Complete demonstrations out here on the streets in the in the past week and now what the police did certainly upset the students in that started to change things. Other other also there was a one. Very very sad. Situation was that there was 135 year old product. Go to protester. Protester who was. Who actually fell off the scaffolding in front of one of the malls. I'll and and died and now if you look all over this city you see flowers of people laid out on the side there's posters up. Certainly criticizing the leadership here but also giving to honoring this this young man who actually sacrifice his life as a protestor. And this is also brought more the students out on the streets so this number doubled. From the previous Sunday. Yesterday two million. Year a week earlier though as one million. So the students are really active I don't think they're gonna give up until they get something and certainly they're just calling right now for her resignation they want her out they said they're not gonna. They're not gonna leave until this actually happens wild weather that will happen or not that's really up in the air. Right they are not backing down Bob Woodruff right there on the ground. In Hong Kong thank you so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"People in Hong Kong are still turning out in droves to push back on an extradition bill. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63766137","title":"Millions take to the streets to protest in Hong Kong","url":"/International/video/millions-streets-protest-hong-kong-63766137"}