More Mystery Debris Found in Search for Malaysian Jet

5 separate planes have spotted objects floating around flight path of MH370.
3:00 | 03/28/14

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Transcript for More Mystery Debris Found in Search for Malaysian Jet
This is a special room. And -- and I'm Devin Dwyer -- New York with the CBC news digital special report more possible clues to the whereabouts of Malaysia flight 372 day. Five different planes that spotted multiple objects at various colors and yet another new search area 21 days now after that plane disappeared its latest area of interest -- 700 miles north of the previous search area in the southern Indian Ocean. It's about the size of New Mexico. The search for wreckage from flight 370 has changed course again this is based estimates of the area in which the aircraft is likely to have crashed into the action. Investigators today unveiled. A new search -- 700 miles northeast from where they've been looking. They -- -- analysis shows the plane was traveling faster and burning fuel more quickly than previously thought. -- -- didn't go as far crashing into the water closer to Australia. This is the normal business of search and rescue operations that. New information comes to -- refined analyses take -- a different place search planes -- directed to the area today immediately spotted objects in the water. Five different planes photographed multiple objects of various colors still nothing can be confirmed until ships -- those pieces out. -- real danger of that -- -- battery running out and never finding the wreckage and never finding out the mysteries of flight 370. Some families of the 239 victims reacted to the shifting search with disgust walking out on a briefing by Malaysian officials -- They always repeat the old information these are all -- said the father of one passenger. Growing frustration three weeks after the plane disappeared as investigators plead for patience. And officials say that new search area has generally more favorable weather conditions that will make it easier for recovery crews and satellites. Which of course need clear skies to see any debris on the ocean surface -- joining me now from Washington -- powder former director for aviation safety at the NTSB -- Thanks for being here again in chatting with us. Breakdown this information for how confident are you that we're actually getting any closer to find in this -- Well there every day there's little bit more information now based on some previous radar information. It appears airplane was going faster than previously thought which means it's burning more fuel. So the fuel run out sooner and that's why it got its new areas to move -- To take a look at it and so. Every -- little more information little better analysis and hopefully keep refining the -- It and Tom let let's talk a little bit about that new routing -- continued to fly south now a little bit faster we believe. But but with all the evidence that we've seen the past few days are you still convinced that that some pilots were in control of the plane went back at the time it ran out of gas. I'm not convinced of anything there's an -- as -- will piles for control or the aircraft was. Preset course and -- kept on going after pilots became incapacitated we don't know. We need to get the -- back to pin that down. And let's talk about some of the debris spotted today we see a map here showing the area multiple option X multiple different colors and -- we've heard this all before you give us your sense just from what you've seen how promising this isn't. Gosh I mean -- imagine it's pretty hard pick this stuff up three weeks later. Well if obviously -- -- objects Botha south and to the north now that the key thing is that airplanes -- seen objects we have had them before. The next thing we have to do is get ships in the area get these parts picked up to see what -- -- -- the aircraft parts or not that's a critical piece were facing the moment. And what are -- going to be looking for Tom I mean and obviously here they're just -- these items right now from the sky but. How how can they connect with them on the ground I mean are they throwing flares are they are they plotting these on maps how can they come and pick them up well -- With the aircraft does is provide the latitude longitude where they saw the parts and those are provided -- on to the ships so -- -- heads that area. That's the important thing. Once the parts are picked up hopefully they'll have a defecation serial numbers -- will know where they came from. It in and give us a sense of what sorts of clues they can glean from say a piece of insulation -- -- many cannot really tell us anything everywhere where they go from here. Well the real thing is first to -- got a serial number like a seat cushion will have to manufacture. You'd pay them back today come from the triple seven -- not. And once we start fighting pieces. Then we can start working all the wind in the tide -- there's wind -- -- information backwards to see where the aircraft impacted the water. And -- just as we're talking now where we're hearing some the first sound from a pilot who spotted some of of that material today let's hear what he has to say. On the -- things. It's. Establish. Really placed with what we've come across tonight. A live in objects in total is is what would come across. Very. Range -- show Shiites sauces. Politics it was sitting on the surface of the ocean some just a lot of. We're really pleased. -- we've heard a lot of this very optimistic language the past few days. Have you had a chance to take a look at any of these images and in how optimistic are you that this could finally be it. I've looked at some of the images. From what I've seen a resolution to say what the party is. Certainly -- there's a lot of junk out there in the uploading on the ocean unfortunately. The good news this the airplanes are now finding debris fields of sorts. Would need to show upstairs -- pick this stuff up and see whether what it really -- Now it seems to be the bottom line here they've got to get their hands on -- we've also heard from authorities -- time talking about satellites. Apparently this new area has better weather which will allow the satellites to maybe. Get some clearer look at some of the material. To talk to me about what we know about the satellites that are scanning in this area right now it. And I understand it from US officials that they were really say either way with the US satellites are looking here what you know -- that. Well mean that decision once satellites is a matter of national security and -- won't get that information out necessarily. We do know that there are multiple satellites have been looking at a serious certainly you need clear skies to get a good -- -- picture was flown -- on the surface. It appears -- a lot of assets are put into place here. And the weather has cooperation fortune. Really it's hard to match up as you said before the satellite images with actual. Physical objects on the ground before we -- ago Tom let's talk a little bit about the black boxes we efforts so much about these past few days. Just about a week left if you believe how much those battery when it. Hats in -- and how close does a ship or submarine need to get to this object to really hear it. Well depends certainly you're talking and maybe five miles you gonna be within maybe three mile also with -- -- -- the ocean you have to be fairly close over the top of it to pick it up. And that's if things are strong this it's going to be difficult. And how how critical are those black boxes in any investigations that you have looked at in the past it in in this case I imagine that it's going to be pretty significant. Well I think in this case be very significant we need to take a look at all all the information the black box. Are the controls being you know flown by a person or is it just being handled by the computer what are sounds might be in the cockpit at the time. There's just -- huge senator formation that we need to really solve this case all right and we continue waiting for those searchers to come back with some good news Tom powder. In Washington thank you so much for terrorists thank you. Are you can keep up with all the news and the missing -- -- in real time by downloading the ABC news -- starring the story for exclusive updates on the -- For now on Devin Dwyer -- New York this has been an ABC news digital special report.

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