Nation of Change: Iran's Millennials Look to the Future

Iranian youth embrace openness, Western music and fashion.
2:56 | 07/16/15

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Transcript for Nation of Change: Iran's Millennials Look to the Future
I've noticed a lot of women in the street there's chapters and effort there didn't break colors like you're more make up. Many years ago you probably would've been addressed. Thank you met ten. Divided into four just English music like own played pool and fluid. My son please I thought after. Here on his left hand I can't get a disease but here it. What is the one thing. You wish would change here. It's very and cried and that they don't let us through by the very I I have problems ended its current dating how do you meet people today. They've gotten in bag costs. Chris in Baghdad and they're not free brigade at this. You can't touch it public again. Even industrious and it again. You just can't get on certain web site you can use certain apps so so it doesn't have. Heard it right now we can. If the claim that dealt to kick anything we have it hiring invasion of and is alone Miller an invasion of Google plays yet you have hiring invasion of I on the Groupon. You're making. A Latin you know. I tell us more and pretty operation. It is a small operation but he's the first generation episode in the room we actually got on the the votes who went to any U thousand dollars would affairs. He's going to be self. I'm flattered five fan. He's just Steve Jobs what if what if people think speech. Let me yeah you have forced their perceived of in the you've written this market if you know significant. Indeed those. Than. Women you know home. Clinton. These. What. We see in the street it says death to America. In the marches. It is that when you really think. Voting mean like visiting. Beyond all of saint. I don't believe that it's in your face and a war. All all of this is on the wrong it's his human needs.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Iranian youth embrace openness, Western music and fashion. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"32499313","title":"Nation of Change: Iran's Millennials Look to the Future ","url":"/International/video/nation-change-irans-millennials-future-32499313"}