Parisians rally around charred Notre Dame Cathedral

Parisian Auxiliary Bishop Denis Jachiet shares details of what has been damaged and what's still standing inside the cathedral.
3:30 | 04/16/19

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Transcript for Parisians rally around charred Notre Dame Cathedral
David I just want to talk to you about people's reaction on the ground how are they feeling about all of this. Grows and hugely emotional day for the people of Paris to people of France really. We're about two blocks down from where James long minutes standing and all along this. People are gathered. All day long. The traffic has been difficult to get past and as we are waiting to talk Q we saw an unusual scene even talking about the bravery of those first responders. As the Pope BA the powdery. Came out the firefighters of Paris. There have their red truck pulled up out of vacate right here. And the crowd gathered here burst spontaneously into applause. They're thankful that they. Really. Sacrifice themselves put themselves in harm's way two to try to save this monument of French heritage. And we've we've slowed to a number of people today some of them were in tears as they watched this. Back cathedrals burned. And others are who are really saying prayers of thanks because it was largely say they'll just welcome the auxiliary bishop. Paris he's the number two guy underneath he archbishop and he talked to us about the significance of what was inside and really the feelings of Thanksgiving. That it wasn't worse than it was let's give a listen to what he had to say. What I can tell you that its stock tips from the right place of the works quit going on he. On the roof of the vessel laden web about life after construction I think most brother the way point by being why is going to explaining how bad is the candidate. The damages are it'll hold the roof talk sudden. Luckily he's at the end of the spine which went on the beauty of this capital totally visibility and collapsing inside of the building site. But inside of the building would don't know exactly involved in launching his of the main street you know we know that thought that meets that big and that the YLA's reserves. But then inside we don't know all of grow old great great Tuesday estimates as and it's and it's clear it was directly above the altar exactly. So was Pulitzer itself damaged and no the also seems on the on the beach alert has been made just disband the odds are because it's in the and it's there in the back. From the middle. Of the crossing on the festival but swift. You know the spine dropped in front of the outs off. Obviously there are many famous works of art and precious relics. Much of this was. Wherever to save the most important for knicks which is of drawn us buying you know on Jesus Christ that's my good friend of though on exactly. Does so it's it has been preserved with also a the other critics like you know. And knees on the fashion. And also bid Deo wearing others think release its old preserved. This church is famous because of her stained glass. Does this survive. The one in the prompts you know from the rose in and of NF sprawled on the that there is quite present. The other one we don't know yet maybe they're big they can be domains we don't know yet. Yeah. It's if us now. Overstate the cultural significance of Notre Dame. To the people in Paterson to the people of France and this is a building that has stood. Through the French revolution through two world wars it took 200 years plus to build this great cathedral. And only a matter of hours to bring it nearly to a state of ruining.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Parisian Auxiliary Bishop Denis Jachiet shares details of what has been damaged and what's still standing inside the cathedral.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62433906","title":"Parisians rally around charred Notre Dame Cathedral","url":"/International/video/parisians-rally-charred-notre-dame-cathedral-62433906"}