Pompeo: Tanker attacks are 'a problem'

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is trying to convince Asian and European leaders that Iran is responsible for oil tanker attacks.
2:46 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Pompeo: Tanker attacks are 'a problem'
Secretary of state Mike Pompeo doing his best to convince Asian and European leaders that Iran was earth responsible for two oil tanker attacks. In the gulf of Oman last week he's saying it's a problem for the entire international community and not just the United States I want to bring in Louis Martinez at the Pentagon. Lily why does Mike Pompeo have to convince leaders of this you may not believe that he rhinoceros responsible for it. Kimberly it and what's going on here is up Pompeo and needs to make a solid case TDs American allies in Europe and in Asia. Of that in the Iran is truly responsible. We saw this grainy footage that was released last week. News that it that showed Iranian. Mariners trying to remove a magnetic mine have been places and unexploded one on the site and aside one of those tankers. The United States team that is conclusive proof. I'll lump sum allies he would as well Britain and Saudi Arabian Sea that's the case but Japan and Germany taking it more on the hesitant attitude. I think that's because they don't want you create a scenario for potential conflict in the region. They want to be solid that this is actually the case that Iran is responsible fort. And they also want to see international action I wanna see. Some kind of international investigation so kind of to defusing tensions. But Pompeo saying that there is lots of evidence that Iran is behind this that there is more intelligence at the United States is going to be releasing soon. We know that he was burning up the phones over the weekend in contact with some of the is an ally partners trying to make the case it's possible we may be seeing more evidence this week. But it's they have kind of a tough slot for United States so far in trying to build international consensus that Iran was truly behind us. And yet in the meantime. Iran has said it will exceed its uranium stockpile limit. Originally set by the nuclear deal in the next ten days so when do we make of that. Yeah that is another shot across about from Iran. Of course that this whole scenario. They have between the United States and Iran has lasted decades. But it was a runs nuclear program that was defused that four years ago. With this and denuclearization plan I'm involving Iran that they would not exceed certain limits. Well now they're saying that they are going to receive some of the limits of four low enriched uranium. That they are were sent by that accord what we do know is that the United States under the company is rationed backed out of that plan. But this is not just the US and Iran agreement as an agreement between the five permanent members of they UN Security Council as well as European in Germany. And so they are also key players in this but when the United States backed out of it and Ron threatened that. They would reciprocate and I think Christina now. I rightly Martinez at the Pentagon. Thank you for the the updates we appreciate you joining us.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is trying to convince Asian and European leaders that Iran is responsible for oil tanker attacks. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63765674","title":"Pompeo: Tanker attacks are 'a problem'","url":"/International/video/pompeo-tanker-attacks-problem-globally-63765674"}