Across the Pond: About 100 protesters trapped at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Plus: North Korea not interested in another summit; ancient geoglyphs discovered in Peru.
5:42 | 11/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: About 100 protesters trapped at Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Well we turn now to Hong Kong and be young protesters holed up inside of the university under siege by police Hong Kong's. Leader carry lamb now says about 600 people have left the campus. Leaving about a hundred still inside let's bring in our foreign correspondent Julian MacFarlane across the pond in our London bureau who is in touch with our team on the ground there. It's really a good morning with the latest. Morning tennis well. A senior foreign correspondent Ian panel sent us that this spots added this morning he's so that the scene had choir and Don they've got some access inside. That's almost a battleground of the Polytechnic university which has seen raining really intense clashes between protestors students. And riot police including Hong Kong's elite rack to police. These last few days and other students have been occupying mean about ST along with pertussis for a few days now. But Monday so. Police and Randy tried. And force everyone outside. Now miss the people have left but there is a small contingent of around a hundred people. The most hardcore protestors at being described does he was still counts inside now the reason they didn't want to leave the premises. Is not day could be arrested for rioting which could see them a maximum of ten years in jail so what we have seen is some pretty amazing scenes. All people trying to leave. The U Nevada Steve. X escaping outside all police capturing them people swinging out of ribs out of win days and ended balconies trying to get out. All of that secure accord that the police have set up now a lot of the students then not well they've been running out of supplies a lot of them are in need. Of medical attention guys it's raining really serious scenes in Hong Kong. Getting uglier bought as our team on the ground reported that it's a little more calm today than yesterday. More of that is a sliver of good news there those images really look like a war zone from Mac camp is there. Moving on to North Korea really threw a statement Juliette saying that. They are no longer interested holding a quote. Fruitless summit with the US coming less than a day after trumped we did see you soon. Toward North Korean leader Kim Jung and so. What do you think here is this the end of that these. Hawks. I mean it what it's not a great sign it right Kenneth let's just by talking to sort of explain what's the North Korean Foreign Ministry wow responding to. Not that were reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had described. To vice president Jay Biden. I as a quake rabid dog now presents from today's again he tweeted in response to this. Mr. Chatman Joseph Biden may be sleepy and very slow but he is not a crate rabid dog he's actually somewhat faster than not. But I'm the anyone you can get you what you need to be you should act quickly and get them deal done. CU student. Now all missy president Tom was trying to insinuate that they will hopefully meet again get by today's the stalled negotiations which ended. And Fabbri opted to oaks in Hanoi. Came to an abrupt stop off it was clear that note. And no steps towards a settlement were one likely and on not particular summit. But and as you say a new statement from the North Korean Foreign Ministry said. Putting an advise. I am tempted president kick the president comes tweet on the seventeenth to signify a new summit. But we on no longer interested in these meetings that off useless to Austin. All right well before you go you tell us about these new discoveries and for really Japanese university found some each designs there. Good news isn't great story I knew sent up he's invested a 140 care. New images they found on those incredible nods cut lions and they. Represent living things and others other objects. And that they've found days amber huge area. And what's really interesting about this is not they have been able to use a lie is AI. And machine lining to winning help them pump a lot of data to trying find when you lions. And doings may be found and also the kind of blackout exactly. What's these images represented said not as a human nor say he had this is described as a humanoid what you're saying now a two headed snake. With two humanoid Faggins Mendez during other fish. Not one is apparently a battle they to me it looks like an pay off fifteen on an when you guys saying that looks like some kind of rifle with a he pick me about this is a fish storing. Who handled the thing was amazing about being historians as a missing these aerial face had a cementing from the act. That and enduring mystery has been how have they been able. Two toward these pictures in scale and in proportion to themselves. When they come as such a Boston out of area how can they see without having some way of looking out of from the sky that what they enjoy and actually makes cents and fits together it's an incredible mystery and with this new technology have reason lawns of the comings and. There are so many mysteries. That we just had literally I don't know if we'll ever find the answers to you like it have you got every other stone hints thing yet. This yeah I I don't know I think there's a lot of conspiracies about that I have to say I've not been on myself spot. It's I I don't quite so sure about Stonehenge it's just a couple of rocks right I mean it's not the nods lions but they can mean an Oscar lands a male class Manning who did not being very patriotic right now but I'm I didn't really definitely not right wow it. Why did by staying hands. You're over there again. Julia the X letting the team down though when it all right thanks Bret we appreciate it via.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"Plus: North Korea not interested in another summit; ancient geoglyphs discovered in Peru.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67128139","title":"Across the Pond: About 100 protesters trapped at Hong Kong Polytechnic University","url":"/International/video/pond-100-protesters-trapped-hong-kong-polytechnic-university-67128139"}