Across the Pond: British tabloids go all out for the royal baby

Plus, Brunei's sultan walks back Shariah punishments, and Myanmar releases journalists detained over Rohingya coverage.
5:07 | 05/07/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: British tabloids go all out for the royal baby
Let's across the pot now to Britain over over in London for no good morning I'm excited you about this baby. I'm I'd John very size and I have to say and sunny high nominated him the medicine men but I'm actually I am I'm. I'm quite moved by the hold experience. Com and I will come to that later but I've read here despite the cynicism to some extent there was or threaten some of the reporting in the lead up today thus. The papers are mad free it's everywhere every paper hats it. The Daily Mail has 2323. Pages devoted. To the royal baby the daily stars gone through smugly post Malden I'm iiroc I around. The impasse strap line note headlined just as American actress has baby. But Tom back goes against the grain so that over here is lots of speculation. About the name of the babies he was saying. One of an I has been proposed dispense. Which is the family name all prince Harry's mother lady down of course the much lobbed lady Diana unfortunately it spends I have AF slightly different connotations. It's actually slightly common nanny got Spain south. Pride and I'm not sure is gonna kind of work prince expense but anyway they some if sort of way forward as he probably we might wind might hit tomorrow we see. American actress has EB apple Y that's why it really at a Bruno fallen move on to the next line I've written an article about. We loved it you love symbols in the mean of this and the fact that the Odyssey is a multi racial. Child first British royal. They say multi just because we're gonna debate right yeah. You know I mean based heritage there but the diversity here and so are people there. In Britain really. Looking at this Matt symbolic way. The diversity of the young British monarch he. Really matters here yet no I mean this. Sting on I think it's one of the surprising aspects of this of this may be I mean this is the first Anglo American. Member of the royal family which have seized some of control lesson for you have that. But it's also the first moon by racial shops and that's kind of a big dinner and I think that's played amongst back community and I have to declare it just myself I'm the parent to two biracial lobby biracial bullet. And I promise so factually. Quite moved and quite excited as as my kids learn about its missile quiet the president a bomb on mamet but it's another. Sign of how things are changing in my view that's really cool yet rep. We keep learning more thing you have value and work there a bigger fans every now do I know. You're invited to the cook got as well ha ha. So. Move radar now I'm sue Brunei where the sultan who made news have recently with a wily condemn law that would. Make gay sex punishable by death is now putting a moratorium on capital punishment so what's the latest there. Well he's he's I think he's bowed to pressure that's been a global campaign against. He's hotels around the world a hotels have an interest of the sultan of Brunei. Led by people like Ramallah and George Clooney Elton Joan Ellen DeGeneres has been a really a global outcry and a lot of people of canceled Don. Events that they weren't gonna happen some of these hotels is not a pressure and said that in fact. Despite the introduction of this new show area and I'm criminal mole which actually has adultery and homosexuality powers to be punishable by death by stoning. He said that isn't actually going to be applied. Sure. I'm what I relief is that having said that I'm used to be and cut off the fuel cool time and found guilty of theft why yeah how it's obviously very. Disgusting disturbing. Tom and that moment I read that headline I thought and you know. What year is this candy I know there are a lot of things that happen across this globe that. That would just amazed that so. N and granola bar two journalists who are imprisoned in Myanmar over there wearing of the nation's abuses of the rocking of Muslims are were pardoned and released this morning that is big news what do we know right now about their release. Well they were released act under presidential pardon which released six and a half thousand other prisoners as well the two Reuters journalists. Who have found guilty all of the breaching the official secrets that this is actually colonial era. I'm an old because they reported all the matter all of had met wrecking Gooden. So why soldiers. Jewelry can be well what the UN calls after it clans and of all Brett Caine goes from rap theme province west 700000. Ethnic where Hingis would driven away from that that whether they didn't fold foes but many many generations across the border into bagged the dash. And the soldiers themselves who wouldn't who would guilty of the matter were found guilty in census in ten years hard labor but these so that he'd done this themselves nonetheless found guilty under the official secrets act that I said but they have been released. But Dennis still continues to be harassed and arrested in Myanmar so it's go to wild lands but bad and artists as well. Our front one step one step at a time. They -- thank you my friend and again that great chatting with you assess whether royal baby and and thank you for reminding us again that families come in all shapes sigh yes and colored it as well we appreciate your mark thanks for now.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Plus, Brunei's sultan walks back Shariah punishments, and Myanmar releases journalists detained over Rohingya coverage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62873177","title":"Across the Pond: British tabloids go all out for the royal baby","url":"/International/video/pond-british-tabloids-royal-baby-62873177"}