Across the Pond: Deadly school shooting in Brazil

Plus, the battle against ISIS in Syria and the latest vote on Brexit.
3:23 | 03/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Deadly school shooting in Brazil
Right across the hot that ABC news London bureau where Bruno Burton is keeping an eye and the biggest international news Bruno good morning it will start some sad news. A terrible school shooting in Brazil of course here in the US we know that all too well what is the latest there. Yes very sad well what went what we blunt is that two shoots his two young man 117125. Started that killing spree by she's she's in one of that uncles then entered the school joining lunchtime and shot five students dead. Killed two our belts and wounded seventeen others. They were armed of the handgun and up. And wearing mosques is sort of a familiar unfortunately familiar Khan a resident veteran all of these sort of shootings. No explanation as being given as to what was driving them this way the mother has been quoted as saying that has some. Of one of the mothers who sees me Hassan had been bullied at the school that have been excluded because of that. And one of the shoot as did posts. Virtuoso pitch is on Facebook's showing him posing with a handgun and the Moscow that he used in the attack but. Pretty really all full C. Justice we're so used to seeing this scenes here in the US and see them. And another country there and is still just asked tragic Bruno. I was lured to Syrian ice is of course that decisive battle against ice as militants coming closer to an end so what are we hearing now. Well as its its ongoing. I mean what was surprising is according to the US backed Syrian defense. Democratic forces. The crisis Ramadan hold up the Tynan at the Larry and bud who's actually staged a counter attack overnight. But again you feel that this is just the last gospel of this group come in in Syria that. Right M Bruno after all of that a little bit of a lighter note so hard hitting journalism where officially have a royal baby while hot. What is our dodges meg and mark children are you. You sitting outside of the hospital amount. Not I I have done that actually twice. I'm actually I know it's it's not hard news but I I can't wait I'm very much that you full tobacco and out. Is the duke and duchess have had their last official engagement together. They pollution at C net the commonwealth day a couple of days ago but the duchess AKA mag and is now we don't we understand. The got to go maternity leave ahead of about the fire first child. We don't nobody know when the child is due but also speculation. We think we're late march early April but very much for in full to that actually. So many sides of Gruner rover he can cover. Aren't you say I got it wound. One little thing I'm afraid I've got to mention Bre X it sorry old and I can't remember. Rig and ridicule that's her favorite topics or current you have no idea com and it still will Kyle's been more mayhem for its series of maize attempt at trying to exit Great Britain. A deal was voted down then parliament said that they took no did off the table so that that. We know we don't know where we are and now diamond street has let it be known that there's going to be a flowed meaningful vote. On how to deal so let's see who knows fingers crossed we might actually get out of this. With some sort of resolution a third back ever since you. Talk to me after the tenth moved on this. And please no no no mole. Are tired Andrea thank you we appreciated.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Plus, the battle against ISIS in Syria and the latest vote on Brexit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61675858","title":"Across the Pond: Deadly school shooting in Brazil","url":"/International/video/pond-deadly-school-shooting-brazil-61675858"}