Across the Pond: New developments in murder of scientist killed in Greece

Plus, missiles seized in Italian police raid and a massive jellyfish is caught on camera off the coast of the U.K.
4:04 | 07/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: New developments in murder of scientist killed in Greece
Let's go across the pond now to ABC's to a McFarland and landing keeping an eye on the biggest national news Julie I know you're following breaking news on that American scientists murdered in Greece forty learning. Morning can add that yes exactly there's been a new development and this mysterious mother that we. Have been falling for the last couple of weeks Susanne. Mud did the body was found but it and that KF World War II era Bamako on the Greek island of Crete. Greek police have now made. They've made an arrest in the case may say that a 27 year old mine who has now confessed. To have much is now in police custody he's not yet been charged. Not but what we understand. From police on the island telling an ABC news team. That's a security camera that was this network of tunnels. Made in that in the Second World War scared to come courts. The suspects moving around often he had told police he'd never been to the area so after they confronted with him had without. He breakdown and then confessed to her killing. While an aunt Julia from increasing out to Italy where police raiding an alleged neo Nazi group made incredible discoveries a missile. And a stash of automatic weapons. I'm affiliate made today Seau this is part of an investigation into far right groups. That may have been fighting in the dawn box region in Easton Ukraine police have been. Investigating not whacks of far right extremists. And in a raid in north in this feature and police say that they discovered that cache of weapons including an ad tech at. Miss sciele three people have been arrested. That is neo Nazi propaganda that was old say seized. And the police statement says that's the miss silent question it was a French made missiles that have been. I used by the qatari army and that it was in what king or to an extraordinary. Seizure of that. Not I who knows what these guys are planning on doing lead that. Little much I think but sized to stunning. Rebate to have how have summing like mass in the hands of these extremist groups. Extremely good certainly have firepower on a weapon and that day. Something much much much lighter I guess. Unless you're attacked by this. Jelly fish off the coast of England at her now I know you don't holiday. As we like to say across the pond there any limits you go to these faraway lands Julia. But let me holiday weekend vacation. Yeah. But I dare the author codes there's a giant jelly pesticides at a humid. Yeah let these extraordinary Paige says this is up the case dove. Corn ruled that Weston and of the UK. These divers soul. This study fish items they need us why I'm right next to now these guys they are biologists say they are people he know that stuff. They recognized. This study says as a gentle giants it's a meter and a half long. And Lizzie daily. She said it is she wasn't worried about is got a very mild thing she says and it pays is nice threat to humans. And she said that it was such a serene grounding experience swimming next TV. It. Adam old fish. Most I ain't mine and she went I don't but she said that she would have reacted very differently. If the had been a Portuguese man of war right not housing fatal sting it does. You have to do certain things Julia as you know. But when economists think we'll see another episode of friends Canada I'd inning we need to revisit Platt thank you did very I want ads. Our Juliet I'm happy at stake here and the US there must be jelly cause jam don't shake like that. Thank you so much rival red eyed Christian ass. I don't believe ya Matt narrowed.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Plus, missiles seized in Italian police raid and a massive jellyfish is caught on camera off the coast of the U.K.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64365616","title":"Across the Pond: New developments in murder of scientist killed in Greece ","url":"/International/video/pond-developments-murder-scientist-killed-greece-64365616"}