Across the Pond: European elections shine a light on rise of nationalism

Plus, Botswana lifts a 5-year ban on elephant hunting, and Queen Elizabeth learns to operate a self-checkout machine at the supermarket.
5:52 | 05/23/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: European elections shine a light on rise of nationalism
Well it has the special day as we go across the pond this time I. Larry. To pull some strings went well. Love all of our London bureau people what we've got a celebrity stand along the endgame in an debut on its morning America and we are thrilled that the Yankees and Muncie. Debuting on on the senate to you thank you so there's a unanimous when this. F good morning and narrowed its morning I can't. Again I'm. I'm go to Drina. That are now and I they everyday you your ideas James. I was soul let's start wind more EU elections the. Yeah yes that we know I'm sorry gotta get ourselves together we're just so like clever. And yeah. Direction again and take it away to get out today you sleepy year LX and that's right I mean is fascinating isn't it but now they all. Very very important and I have. People are running to the polls K in the UK and in the Netherlands today the unit in the same across. Other countries in year for the next few days and on Sunday we'll have an idea of what. The European Parliament might look like of course is the Charles people across Europe to make their voices had about how they feel. About the European Union but also about and national politics in front for example in monument my call is in a bit of fight for his life with. The fall right in not country you have. A coalition in Italy of populist policies that it's tells people and not country to say how they feel about them Poland and Hungary how far right. Comes governments that too. Hopefully will want from that perspective to send anti European parliamentarians. To the halls of year to dismantle the European project in the way. That we did K in the UK we own rights to leave the European Union says. I'm a lot of division across Europe will be we'll see what the result saw on Sunday but Haiti in in the UK we weren't even expecting to have to votes. In these elections I'm gonna have to go off to what today. It wasn't going to be something that we were gonna have to data could be voted to be the EU the two main parties here expected to not do well tool. The consent of particles in government hasn't come out with a proper plan yet to get us out of Europe. I'm the labor party in opposition hasn't really come up in all times upon either side fox is you know how things are looking here. To be honest the big a deal here in the UK the bigger critics and people are going to be looking to is an leadership election to replace our prime minister threes and may she isn't. They fight of my life to remain prime minister we think she's probably going to get beat down at some stage winnow shall when. But when it does happen there are plenty of candidates almost as many as are on the democratic. Talking to you. Vying to be prime minister. The Al lock on their days we know that year old be busy into the tree get out and boat. Cheating he egg gears now to Botswana. It's lifting a ban on hunting elephants. After five years now that the numbers are on the rise talk to us about bat. Is rather see a 100000. Over a 100000 elephants in balls one of us means that something like a cool tumble elephants in Africa in bolts woman says she pretty significant for them to. That if this Bonnie came into play to these say in 2014. But basically everything whether thinking of of lifting is that his farm as the saying that all that crops are basically being destroyed an elephant tons up. Where you naval way you what he eats everything so farmers particularly in smaller. More rural possible swan are saying they wanted this bond removed they'll succumbing to contact with humans and humans have been killed. Cynics as saying this is really the president who faces reelection all taiba trying to appeal to those rural places. And tries and if this bond but it is going to have a big backlash conservationists are gonna have for me to say about this. To give its conservation is kind of the bedrock of Botswana tourism industry so that could have. An impact we will have to wait and see if ash stated if this bomb. And also seen out in the wild we understand out Queen Elizabeth. I was out about how you think the. I was brought out about yeah. Let's leave pretty must just like the commoners. Like us the self checkout lane Miller credit for they've gotten rid hoping the queen of the horses broke off by Kenneth because you going to be the doghouse seasonal color opportunity not. Teddy she without yes that things raise which is kind of all publix I'm reliably informed by my colleague OK to do a bit like a public the saint critics and has been around a bit longer allowed to buy everything in the UK. It's ancient 1869. Things reserves started. And I was all points and Queen Elizabeth is going down for its 150. Anniversary two a pop pop shop quite close to the original Sainz Brisinger remain in Central London and that she was met with -- that should go to Charles to see. What the original kind of products were from back in the Davis is what they on now she said that Fuhrman that eating fish paste. When that she was that small child during the war when she didn't lie about a cult blamed not. She will say joked about using those self checkout machines about how you could possibly cheat. How much should be choosing doing having to do united scam the balk as well rested it. But I contending she probably wouldn't like self check out yet she had to use it every day the first time that probably should and rational like. Yeah that we're not big bad themselves tech music go to do it ourselves now. That's really you know with the queen she may watch this program she may not that. But if it's already figuring did it on watching. I mean she should it I will do my best to make who is against a copy of the work and if that I have to. I will never be invited. James we appreciate you very much yes James I love the and it's it's morning America I know who this. Like united let my name now yeah I lament that the now go do Good Morning America. Thanks isn't sure you know today. Well.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"Plus, Botswana lifts a 5-year ban on elephant hunting, and Queen Elizabeth learns to operate a self-checkout machine at the supermarket.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63224531","title":"Across the Pond: European elections shine a light on rise of nationalism","url":"/International/video/pond-european-elections-shine-light-rise-nationalism-63224531"}