Across the Pond: Hong Kong’s embattled leader meets Chinese president amid protests

Plus: Iran further violates the nuclear deal, and the U.K. Parliament elects a new speaker.
5:09 | 11/05/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Hong Kong’s embattled leader meets Chinese president amid protests
Cutting out Chinese president she Jean ping surprise meeting with the battle Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam. Giving her a vote of confidence when it comes to the protest. They're rocked the territory over the past five months of school across the pond how to do it McFarland in the London bureau. For more Julie good morning so what does this mean for the pro democracy protests. Movement. Good morning Kenneth exactly as you mentioned this was a surprise events on the sidelines of a trade event and it shined a high eight. And he is basically. Oh for the show of support for Carrie Inaba Hong Kong authorities responded very posted weak. To this saying the Chinese army had definitely highs carry Laden's back in her position. Has never been stronger had not this is come. Amidst increased speculation you know we've been speculating for a while how China is going to respond to these ongoing protests which showed no signs of abating. Any time seen pro democracy will make his. Said that this is a worrying sign that Beijing is as stunning fan and that they piling on Prussia. On Tai Lam and just one thing interesting because he is state run news agency shouldn't walk. The way they reported this meting you can read a lot between the lines they said that's G expressed his government's high degree of trust and long to stabilize the situation. But they go on to say she also had to minded on this webbing efforts to stop I'm punish a violent activities. In accordance with the little. So Julian just as those protests continue in Hong Kong. A two virtual ride where even announced it's freaking further from the nuclear deal and now Germany is saying Iran is risking losing the entire deal what's going on. Exactly 77 foreign minister says responding. Two yes today's announcement by the Iran and that they reggae to increase the number of centrifuges. That they were using hi Kevin Maas he said dot Iran has me that mean thing. And that's their way from the 2015. New commit agreement and that is it I'm not the Rwandans are endangering. I'm the Europeans. Cooperation with seven malysz had to be settled though the Europeans are desperate need this deal looks like they have been unable to provide Iran is a way to sell that loyal. Of rule it's getting around there's US sanctions are not as what Iran unions once the by the Europeans have been able to do this means that Iran is a stepping up the pressure by doing this but. But also this morning we've also just had from the Iranian President. Announcing a fat the measure that Iran ends tomorrow we'll start planning on injecting gas in today's centrifuges have got takes a rod in even sub. Away from that new clear agreement. I think speaker. Exactly. Not so much or the looks of this village in parliament these days but it is and ends may amend speaker John back to held up position. Spent ten he is and he resigned on the study festival tape. And that he has been replaced. By opposition cause he labor and need some Lindsay play. Now look it's an interest in Paris fashion like K. You've had this big house to be mutual and his elected by a and he's from all across the house you see him that this is. Can be a net drives to this because chat from his seat on the bench is among some labor party this symbolizes. The speak they knew killed position. None of those they see his fellow MPs. Cut quite extensively driving into woods is because this because chat what is interesting about he's nominated by. A number bad he's not just from his and party and in fact he had the same number of nominations. Of nominees from the Conservative Party as well as his own opposition labor pots and that my guys I have to tell you that my favorite speak I have to into DC to a tactical effect he'd be exploit who is because the flu. Forget an incredible. Heights. The issue is that just send somebody should says John Banco when she wanted to be. But I just wanna give you guys as way from hot. Speaking in recent is among the fact that she was the may need you now up elected speaker of the house she said. It never cut it to me I could be a role model I was happy I was elected by the opposition I have the confidence of the house so I want to direct have not confidence. I didn't want to let Don woman kind died the I had to do a good job but not a great. The very yeah. There seeing that video from being dragged them their chance homes that are reminds me I bombs in the US politics when Paul Ryan had to be dragged to this. Speakers shared her as well I really didn't want to do it he had they had to be katic coaxed into it. In what Betty looked like getting dragged out there I feel like she might put on quite a theatrical couple haven't exercised. Obsolete and lay I didn't let go of days there's pictures of passing fad you guys she's one of my favorites. The political. How does have one history people thanks for any introduction and thanks for sharing your legs guy hey they sillier.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"Plus: Iran further violates the nuclear deal, and the U.K. Parliament elects a new speaker.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66759376","title":"Across the Pond: Hong Kong’s embattled leader meets Chinese president amid protests","url":"/International/video/pond-hong-kongs-embattled-leader-meets-chinese-president-66759376"}