Across the Pond: Hong Kong's leader says controversial extradition bill is dead

Plus: Pamplona steps up sexual assault prevention at running of the bulls, and American women shine at Wimbledon.
3:21 | 07/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Hong Kong's leader says controversial extradition bill is dead
Now to Hong Kong where mass protests have been heating up over the past month and now the city's leaders as the controversial bill that started it all. Is dead let's go across the pond now to dinner for apple stand and the London bureau for more good morning Jennifer. Hey good morning guys this is breaking overnight a follow up to yesterday's story. Out of Hong Kong its leader Carrie Lam. Says the controversial extradition bill is dead and calls are government's efforts to amend it after massive protests a complete failure. We've been watching critics of that bill a massive cross Hong Kong over the last month. As many as two million voicing their anger some even storming a legislature and violently clashing with police. The bottom line of their anger and their fear well that's the extradition law a rep for jet represents Beijing's creeping authority. Into the semi autonomous state. With its democracy imperiled that's the fear. But today's scrapping of the deal is one of the demands from civil rights groups and protesters there would also like to see Carrie Lam stepped down. Some are casting doubts on whether she is truly killing the bill we're setting it aside for calmer times so lots of mistrust at this stage. And Jennifer from Hong Kong to Spain now are the annual running of the bulls is going on this week. We know already several people happen gore but that's not the only concern tell us about that. He has something different the northern Spanish city a compliment this week opens its famous running of the bulls festivals where thousands. Of tourists descend upon the town to watch people dodge bull's tail pairing through these tiny streets. It can be dangerous exercise that case in point you mentioned with an American was gored by a bull this weekend. But the festivals also been plagued the plan assaults on women. And not by the bulls so this year's organizers are taking measures few better safeguard women doing the nine day event. After Ceres of sexual assaults during past festivals. Police say they're upping the surveillance setting up booths with resource is dedicated to abuse. And launching a cell phone app for women to report those abuses. Credible there and back there in London will wilderness and to go quarterfinals at. Fifteen year old phenom Coco go off has been eliminated but American women are stolen the spotlight asked Serena Williams and house and risk. Face off this morning. Janice Wright was a humble waved goodbye from the court at Wimbledon. But this last week Coco got has introduced herself to the world with her massive grids. And come back steer it. I hope they learn to about me. Terrified and on every Q above. And I hope they learn firm needs I mean anything is possible if you work hard and just continue dream date I mean. My guests have some may told me this maybe three weeks ago I probably wouldn't believe it. When the crowd were. Roared with delight at the end of the match yesterday it was pretty clear they were applauding the Victor but also the fifteen year old from Florida who captured hearts. And many many more fans at Tarrant tennis. Maggie said Serena Williams also survived terror around and so did another American player 29 year old Alison risk. She's playing Serena today still lots of great sport here in London for the next couple of days are back to you guys a little bit what they have ever thank you for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Plus: Pamplona steps up sexual assault prevention at running of the bulls, and American women shine at Wimbledon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64212007","title":"Across the Pond: Hong Kong's leader says controversial extradition bill is dead","url":"/International/video/pond-hong-kongs-leader-controversial-extradition-bill-dead-64212007"}