Across the Pond: India bans citizenship law demonstrations, detains protesters

Plus: A U.S. government website lists a fictional nation as a trade partner, then removes it.
3:27 | 12/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: India bans citizenship law demonstrations, detains protesters
Now to India where police have detained more than 100 protesters and banned demonstrations. Against a new citizenship law and access to the Internet has been blocked. And parts of the country let's go across the pond to our foreign correspondent Julie McFarland in the London bureau for more Julia good morning. Good morning today yes your right as you say the chaos and India is continuing and it's all about this controversial new citizenship will. Know what it does is it paves the way if this isn't set. Four people from Muslim majority countries Pakistani Afghanistan. And Bangladesh if they religious minorities that's Sikhs Hindus Christians buddhists and other government says that this will help. People if you fleeing religious persecution. In those countries it means that they may have tipped Lipton watts. So what's in India for six is instead of eleven before they become eligible to apply for Isakson said they say that this is a good thing. But critics of this law say that this is actually the real agenda. Is to my delight India's Muslim majority remember India. Has 200 million Muslim. Six and that is a huge country one point three billion people of that but islamists. Minorities on death. Hinduism and other hung up other religions. Now I do say the latest is that it didn't police have detained hundreds of people he defied a police ban. On these praise test said that that was it pays in part of the capital Delhi and some other Muslim majority states. And in death. And guys among those detained is this while the renowned Gandhi biography on his story in his colon don't rummage hundred Q hi and a lot of people are saying that this isn't a sold on freedom of opinion on freedom of speech in India. And Julie moving onto a diplomatic it's backed its backed. Would you US ally in the Department of Agriculture remove the nation a walk on nevertheless the trade partners. What does mean for our by bringing him imports. Exactly. Right it seems that trade talks between Captain America and black pants have not panned out according. To plat it now what's happened is they did Department of Agriculture. Has seemed to rip me do what content from un debt its list of free trade pot has. To the US now bolt wasn't accredited daring on that list isn't cool its. A fictional account country and East Africa have from the marvel you know bus. And until yesterday. It was listed on the struck down menu for the foreign agricultural sub this tariff track. Now oh the suspect's been for the department said that a over the past few weeks the stock had been using test files to ensure that the system was running properly. The what Condit information should have been or may adopt a testing. And has now been taken down now other countries Otto listed on this list of countries like Colombia Guatemala. And Panama. But when what Condo was listed on that the Agriculture Department at high that some of its agricultural exports such is. Live asses mules and hit knees and several other saw my animals. But guys got mixed famous agricultural. Explode from what Condit is hot chicks had set gave blight upon the his god likes it ties. There's one on the list say it may be asked why the American society pullout. Oh maybe so. I mean. Still going up credit idea of that via our I could figure for joining us via.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Plus: A U.S. government website lists a fictional nation as a trade partner, then removes it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67822428","title":"Across the Pond: India bans citizenship law demonstrations, detains protesters","url":"/International/video/pond-india-bans-citizenship-law-demonstrations-detains-protesters-67822428"}