Across the Pond: ISIS bride wants to return home to Britain as Brexit debate rages on

Report: A runaway British schoolgirl speaks out about living with the Islamic State.
4:54 | 02/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: ISIS bride wants to return home to Britain as Brexit debate rages on
Let's go across the pond to ABC news London bureau where Julia McFarlane to the united biggest international headlines Julie good morning. On holiday today diet yeah good morning happy Valentine's Day that a really really interesting story is leading Lebanese costs here in the UK. This isn't exclusive. In the times today this is a story by it's me Lloyd one of really well on and war correspondent southern if you recognize us go but she is one of the three. Young teenager as you left London and every 2015 to join. Crisis they would Nyhan is to to Heidi brides. One of them is believed to have died in an ass strikes he has got another is still Barron not lost sliver of land but I says is making its loss that of this disk. She's cushioning the bake and she's not nineteen years old and she is nine months pregnant. And she has appealed a for the British government to let come headed now in this remark boat into issue makes number of really quite a netting statements she doesn't regrets. What she bitch doesn't regret joining ice us she wants to go hand machine Hudson was to say about the journalists who are kidnapped and ignited by a crisis. But a lot of meridia and kissing national security questions the government today responding to this. But this is really significant because there's three goes when they left. That image of the three of them in the London at what heading for Istanbul really became emblematic. Of how cult like ices wasn't how they were able to draw. Young people a lot of foreign fighters from stable hands in Europe to join them in Syria. Leah. Asked did he really is just give me any any more insight about what it was like to live under ice is control on a strong hole like that. Yes says she talks about how life in Iraq 'cause she said that life was batting normal that the very the stabbing. Part of the interview where she says the last time that she still a severed head. In abandon rock and she wasn't fazed by it. She told how when she first joined the so call it counterfeit she. Applied to marry an English speaking foreign fight between the ages of twenty and 25 and she is pat up with a dot spice. The two other Goss of a packed up with an American. And another European one was pent up with a Bosnian. So a lot of these goes another unlikely to face charges of supporting terrorism they -- to slightly differently from foreign flights as you actually took up arms to commit acts of terror. And other trustees. These women another sort of kind of civilians will likely be facing charges of supporting terrorism. I'm sure in 23 plus years that she is there she has seen on imaginable. Things probably no wonder why she. Will like to come home Juliette Tokyo though Julie you're also watching them some of Albrecht said. He does so what's happening in bags that say the couple more developments the house of commons that going to be debasing. The next steps in the Brecht the press says it's going to be. Some votes on amendments. But the vents in the debates failed largely symbolic. This I mean this processes is not really meeting on woods because the two sides are so intractable trees amazed gritty. Having to walk a fine line between theirs and how Aponte who. A very pro bricks at war and won a tough stunts. Other parts of a posse which one will consider tree a starts with European closer ties. And she is not really able to bring them together meanwhile got caught continuing to take on the UK it is. Is getting to leave Europe on the 29 of Mott was still not be any clearer on on how that's gonna whack. And on not nights a lot of lot of us were talking yesterday because. And the some of these -- citizen of preparation conversations in the cabinet to keep some may got a lot of attention yesterday. When they were discussing how to cut fitted waist she said well you know when dam is moldy and not my covet I just scrape it off. I'm key eaten yet say gotten got a lot of attention everywhere talking about the PM. Eating more moldy jobs that this was a story that has been talked about a lot. And the prime and hasn't been mocked for her comments. By lot of other politicians Scottish. Politicians said that. The comments about scrapping the mold off the fridge rather than throwing a two way say its it was a bit like how she ran hypocrisy. Our rules of van loan crash pool. A judge because. Be weeks ago that I'm. As they haven't been inside there was some cheese in my fridge right Danny had a little mole who didn't actually cut off the vols even Maloney right. Some heated meant to be even though being all right likes Bill Clinton. Not sure you know I love a good should shivery. I remember now that word but I know I love NEA got ever apart officials they're just like us grimy and the this paper dossier removing. A life lesson or ultimately though none had appeared briefly can you guys.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"Report: A runaway British schoolgirl speaks out about living with the Islamic State.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61073508","title":"Across the Pond: ISIS bride wants to return home to Britain as Brexit debate rages on","url":"/International/video/pond-isis-bride-return-home-britain-brexit-debate-61073508"}