Across the Pond: Mexico stops migrant caravan

Plus: China’s president Xi issues a warning amid Hong Kong unrest, and the Pope appears to tweet support for an NFL team.
5:38 | 10/14/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Mexico stops migrant caravan
Now to Mexico where hundreds of migrants who. Formed a caravan in hopes of making their way to the US have been stopped in their tracks by Mexican authorities let's bring in our foreign correspondents Gilliam McFarland. Across the pond in the London bureau for more on this Juliet good morning and we've been seeing this more and more from Mexico since president trump threatened to shut down the border. Morning guys. And that's exactly right so what's happened is hundreds of migrants hair had crossed the border into Max K they have been wasting. In this very southern border town call atop a chair that they were waiting that. For months waiting for transit he says a military across next Keita made their way up. The country to warns the US boarded a lot of these migrants there from Africa as well as some Latin American. Countries now what happened was on Saturday. They set off from the southern border town and they began launching north they made it around twenty miles. Until the Mexican National Guard surrounded them cut them off from that pot. And a school to them into police runs to be sent back to that time when they started human rights groups how to criticize Mexican authorities. Foot seemingly waiting until they were exhausted lot of them carrying babies heavy backpack supplies. And making their way slid it on foot says. A lot of criticism that phone human rights groups but as he set as you say there's been a marked change in Mexican policy. On this thing and now ready toughening up. On on tons up from migrants crossing their border and trying to me about that country to warns the US Puerto. And speaking of toughening. Chinese president cheating thing is speaking out as protests continue in Hong Kong warning against any attempt to divide China. What's he saying Julia. Exotic Kenneth he has current the in a cool on a state visit the pool of course which boy does that autonomous. Region of China have bats now. The Foreign Ministry issued a statements. Yesterday as he was making Matt state visit. This then the stay Monday is. Anyone who attempts to split any region from China will perish with that bodies in smashed and batons and ground to powered. Any X stumble forces that support the split Ting of China. Can any be regarded as delusional. By the Chinese people. Say look. Some of the body and imagery in that official statement from she Jin ping back now he did not mention. Hong Kong. By name but it is of course widely seen as as an as a not so veiled threat. Again says protesters who key tanning out on the streets of Hong Kong misses the nineteenth week. Say five. Protest is have been taking out to the streets demanding more democracy. With over the before Hong Kong and against police brutality. In suppressing a lot of these protests China is clearly. Running out of patience for this it has previously said that they believe. The Hong Kong Greece well able to quell these protests but it looks like that's not already happening so everyone's worried about. If this escalates and what China will do when it does. And last but not least on a much lighter note we're gonna talk some football Juliet I don't up closely if all of the NFL where you are but. It seems they knew Arlington seats and at least one high profile and in who Francis. Yeah. IAEA had to sky I'll produce a Davids as well coming on that they're why everyone tweeting he dat. The Hayley find out what what is going on this. There is say a new round of canonization gang on. In the Baskin as well as the third independent chooses to new saints. Ands it saying he released a tweets. Treating outs. But today we give thanks to the lord for on new first time Sainz they Walt my faith and now we invade. That into session number Christy house tied sayings. He traded. The twist or to Massey at meiji. Four big statement. Say about led to a lot of Louisiana Sainz funds saying this as a but the divine intervention. Not as things they were. Fighting against the tigers this week and the may one night game. And the singers themselves they said they said that. The pick trees saying McKinley is up to those blessed and highly favorites. Say that is is test of Ed's it's a nice. A nice ones to and the weekend but if you look on the bad tomatoes some lousy Polaris replies. A lot of people as saying you know if you dot makes heavy fog that would. Hello and a smiling of face of you who Giuliani and elect I was looking forward to you talking about this story because they know how much you follow American fable and NHL's marriage. Yes as you quoted there them Louisiana. It don't. By the way for the Louisiana saints yes the New Orleans Saints are Louisiana yet but. Also you gotta setting up on who'd advocate as a very very very popular person here this network running Robin run. Who that mid span they got to know as much don't think it's possible. And usually isn't leaving our nation and Robbins to actually Sheen to London to into the news about the things and one. And a pit on their feet as well as that they have very happy to have. Robin as a yet yes she's our pockets here at ABC news pat. Art good thank you Margaret we appreciate idea favorite lady yes here in favor. I tell.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Plus: China’s president Xi issues a warning amid Hong Kong unrest, and the Pope appears to tweet support for an NFL team.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66258389","title":"Across the Pond: Mexico stops migrant caravan","url":"/International/video/pond-mexico-stops-migrant-caravan-66258389"}