Across the Pond: Sri Lanka terror attack investigation

Plus, a comedian is elected president of Ukraine by a landslide, and how South Korea is combating food waste.
5:45 | 04/22/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Sri Lanka terror attack investigation
I'm back now let's go across responded to me diseases London bureau we're doing far linking and I am the biggest international news. Julie good morning we of course are gonna start with the bombings and Sri Lanka you've been covering this. Since it happened what are you hearing from our teen run aground there. Good morning Jamaican morning path I I mean how pieced of Monday but yeah you say it was a really tough weekend covering this. Horrific story. Yes they're on east a Sunday now we've got a teen who. Just arrived on the ground and they'll be on GMA Mason today with them bassist on the investigation. I'm just. Looking over the damage of all of what's happened. There have been some interest in developments they have been night it's some months dot police chiefs ten days again as man has just reported. In the saying. They sent a warning ten days ago about a possible threat to touches. Two security officials the prime minister has said that he announced. Government officials. When not aware of the threats but that is now an investigation into. Why eight of disinformation was not accent on that now there is graying. In trust. In a eight as an and a lesson Nyhan Islamist group intelligence chiefs say that they are looking into this group has. The possible suspects. Before the bombings. Really insisting that because they are not bailout not a high profile. Is in this group had told them they say ministry Lanka for vandalizing. Buddhist statues have illicit street I'm K as a multi ethnic multi religious multi cultural. Country but this of the screw you is is known for. A feel for vandalizing buddhists not to say but admitted -- is that they. That the ones responsible. For this not just Peres's huge amount question because these attacks while sophisticated. They won large scale. And they were highly successful sale a lot of questions admit that indeed tens that this is a group that was responsible. So many questions and if the investigation finds there was a major breach in security there and an intelligence failure. I think there will be some. In a more questions than there and another story we covered do a few weeks ago and now it's official Ukraine's next president will be a comedian. Famous for playing a president on TV so how old that we get here. I mean it you can't make this up right don't instead must be watching that some thinking man. In write a case there in Ukraine. The guy in cold blood in his eleven ski he is a sit terra cook TV stock he is no iron. For playing a teach. Do unexpectedly became president of Ukraine oft filming a video and ranting about corruption. This show is cold seven of the people and now it tends that he is now on these seven of the people for real. He won the Ukrainian election with more than seventeen. This sense. All of them by it wasn't even place I and you know restraint in saying this guy he's 41 he's going topsy no background. In politics he's got no political experience. But also his campaign style was completely novel he issued during rallies and speeches and hold the traditional. Methods of campaigning he did on line video it is. And he vowed to tackle corruption and to stamp out. The dot sun influence in Ukraine and of course incumbent Patrick for a ten K he's. He's a talk let's factory and a he's an all the goth himself. This I mean this is a fascinating story. He aware about a month away from his inauguration and he's crowds to. Deal with a lot of Ukraine's problems particularly with the conflict in the east with Russian backed separatists landed small scale. Civil conflict so it's been interesting to see how this one comes out. To use the words drain the swamp. At all. I certain. Put some that would tell the UK and really do that today happens to be earth today so well there are parts make the planet a little but batter but South Korea has some big plan. Tell us about those. Yeah us sir this is that interest staying. South Korea they have been whacking really hard to tackle. That that. Food waste now. They've been running Syria. As of manages that you are seeing here. Residents. I'm villages they've been getting subsidies from the government for attending that feared waste. Into compost that then these big machines installed in May the heads whack people can drop the suit waist. And a month later it comes out with high quality. Code must and it allows them to start from its own small scale been farming there and vegetables a knack. Taking to those with great gusto fee is again a the South Korean government they. Made it mandatory for people to recycle that feed wasted and indeed in these buy eggs and say it. They had that there was a financial. Incentive for people let's cut die on the amount of food that they were chalking out. And yet this might sound like kids it's not a huge go but actually feed waste is Britney was what is it is hugely. Responsible for limiting greenhouse gases because of how they deacon poston and landfill sites and survey the front they missed a lot of greenhouse gases. Means that they. You know that the really bad for the environment say I think this is really interesting and yeah it's a good story folks. Day looking at one how one country is trying to tie the time to do its bit to to tackle this crisis. Jim we ought to do our part Julie up. Thank you my friend we really appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"Plus, a comedian is elected president of Ukraine by a landslide, and how South Korea is combating food waste.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62547966","title":"Across the Pond: Sri Lanka terror attack investigation","url":"/International/video/pond-sri-lanka-terror-attack-investigation-62547966"}