Across The Pond: Thousands arrested in Kashmir amid lockdown

Plus: Migrants evacuated from ship in Italy as the nation's premier resigns, possibly prompting new elections.
3:57 | 08/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across The Pond: Thousands arrested in Kashmir amid lockdown
And now to the disputed territory of Kashmir which has been on lockdown since India revoked its autonomy. And imposed a curfew and a communications blackout on August 5. And now some officials within the police force are saying they've arrested more than 2300. People. In an effort to curb unrest so we want to go across the pond and Julian MacFarlane in our London bureau for more Juliet good morning. What's going on there was protesters. Morning cover exactly is that I do say 2300. People have been and detained. In the in the Indian administered region. All of Kashmir that's according to and three officials speaking anonymously to the Reuters news agency. Alleged they that did the number of days. Detained includes anti Indian protest is as well as prayer in didn't Kashmiri. Lead does not that's an unrest in recent weeks since the Indian government stripped Indian. Look control of the cash met all of its special autonomous space us. That a controversial news lost did cash Maris sort of split between. The Pakistani controlled site in the Indian concede control inside but the Indian side enjoyed it some level of went over a bowl of autonomy. And say this controversial made spot to number of protests. The security forces. The Indian security forces they issued allowed crackdown. The cell and that was woods people didn't have access to any communications. Indian families struggle to get hold of that. Relatives and friends in Kashmir really really worrying time. Julie to Italy were migrants rescued from the Mediterranean by an age should have finally been allowed to dock after a nineteen day standoff some of them. Jumped from the ship and an attempt to swim to shore. Imagine they mrs. happened several times in recent months with several different ships. It is an ongoing issued in May sweeten its recently this is a Spanish ship called the eighth and bombs. It's simply refused to lessen doc Watson had dozens of migrants on board and say for three weeks it sort of inflates and all of the Italian cased. The N is of the ship and the captain they said that's. The migrants were suicidal really severe conditions on board people feeling sick just two showing just two toilets. Shed by everyone on boards the migrants with sleeping cheek to jowl. And you know this comes off a few months ago when a jam in ship. Tried to do this say amended the whole crew on the captain would detained for bringing those migrants on board but this is spot to real. This is an ongoing issue for its lead because as they say. They take and and a disproportionate number of migrants right in ordeal and its own right now and also Julie of this is happening as the Italy's premier has announces resignation. When can we expect new elections there. And about every so the current makeup of the Italian government is there is a power sharing coalition between two populist policies. And an independent prime minister now. The movie then these all of the legal pot to unify Brian's. And and attend some meaning he tabled a no confidence debate against prime minister. A Giuseppe caught on tape he then resign and said that he couldn't what led them. And if there is ended and that's. Something is unable to form a new government and you can see elections and its lead in the full. Now there is two parties that made huge gains in the recent European elections not about to the European Parliament not the Italian parliament. But in the case ability get and the five stop need men pay if populist anti immigrant parties they both got a huge share of debates at best given pretty spunky. And just that they can't take said that Selby news actions. Well all politics because he wants to see another election Julian MacFarlane always keeping us informed from across the pond Julie thanks for McIntyre forced thanks guys.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Plus: Migrants evacuated from ship in Italy as the nation's premier resigns, possibly prompting new elections.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65093998","title":"Across The Pond: Thousands arrested in Kashmir amid lockdown","url":"/International/video/pond-thousands-arrested-kashmir-amid-lockdown-65093998"}