Across the Pond: Tourist bus bombed near Giza pyramids in Egypt

Plus, India's giant elections wrap up, and Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan celebrate their first anniversary.
4:28 | 05/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Tourist bus bombed near Giza pyramids in Egypt
Across the pond now to Julie McFarlane in the London bureau who's been monitoring of bombing near the famous pyramids. And. Morning guys yeah what I mean what a blade two this amazing. Site is one of the seven wonders of the ancient while advocates. Huge tourist pull you know how many of us of have gone no would hate to see the pyramids ancient Pyramids of Giza findings leave there. That was sixteen people injured in the blast but none of them seriously now this happens a good weekend. On Sunday that was footage on social media that shades. The box. That was damaged in the attack now we believe it was a raid side device that was decimated behind defense. I was the boss went costs and this was just outside. The new national museum which is still under construction. And this new museum it's part of the government's efforts to try and bring tourists back. To Egypt because the tourism industry is one of Egypt's biggest contributors to its economy and it's taken a real battering in recent years. Because of the number of attacks as he said. It's not the fast attack and he's there was 16 months in December four people were killed three Vietnamese tourists and their Egyptian two guide. You know the Egyptian government crackdown. On militant that lacks often every attack but they still they still continue to act until it happens that a government has promised. Heavy handed response on those responsible and to bombings and six months of Julia switching gears a little bit India just how the largest election in the world. Talk was about the results there. So yeah this is an election of huge scale and turning forty in the last election they spent five billion dollars up because it's such a massive operation India's got 900. Million. Eligible. Million people a lot of them obviously will be eligible bay does anyone eight at the age of eighteen. And it is the biggest election in the wild because of course the biggest population China is not a democratic country. Say 10% of the wells economy. Could have been facing these elections that take some six weeks to carry it out so we think of Election Day we'll have a election study nine days. For the Indians now it's pretty interesting these elections the cause. Missed a may. But we even talking a lot about nationalism right around the wild in India is not immune to that an estimate he has been branded as a Hindu nationalist. It's many people and the countries become a lot more divided on the hand. So exit polls say he's likely two win a majority but it may be a hung parliament because the country is becoming increasingly divided Sobel made the results later this week. Joy of the royals there the British royals they have a way of just keeping us hooked. We thought that after may be Archie you know we have a little bit of a moment. Take a brat. They said we have some pictures for yet. Yeah I mean this is I mean the suffixes really I think things there and way it was a close that one. Wedding anniversary. On Sunday of course that stunning a lavish semi that was beamed across the what than what it is and always saying now it is that paste on instrument Mott Donna vested by releasing this slide show picks. Some of them never before seen pictures behind the scenes of the big day some really lovely pictures that accompanied by a message. Saying sank into the well wishes are on what he made it even more special and that music accompanying the pay. Is this little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine which if you're a member is the song the top that complicate this kind of factional song. So luckily lovely little a snapshot of a life with the suffixes. We remember and we remember well I'm I hope you are enjoying your. New baby royal there act is spend what nearly a week now RA are couple weeks although some. Napoleon the yeah and it's it's two weeks today I think actually advance on an old days. I'm happy to me how people at my way Julie have you watched the game at her not not not yeah. Feel like doing need to take this out I just what is your opinion but you into a laugh about it they're even I was reading the news this morning and our news stories about it and so it's like a minefields so I guess in the leg public and the technology and the like are we wanted to clear yet it after you watch it. We'll check in with you about tomorrow took some putts and I are strong opinions about.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Plus, India's giant elections wrap up, and Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan celebrate their first anniversary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63148262","title":"Across the Pond: Tourist bus bombed near Giza pyramids in Egypt","url":"/International/video/pond-tourist-bus-bombed-giza-pyramids-egypt-63148262"}