President Trump authorizes sanctions against Turkey

The sanctions come as attacks continue at the Turkey-Syria border and U.S. troops were pulled from the region.
3:34 | 10/15/19

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Transcript for President Trump authorizes sanctions against Turkey
I write so we move overseas to Syria and it's been a full week of the Turkish attacks on the Syrian Kurds now. And now presidents from issuing an executive order. Authorizing sanctions against the government of Turkey for destabilizing the region. A reminder president trump would drew US troops from northern Syria and gave the green light for Turkey to attack the Kurds. Who have long been allies with the US in the fight against ice this I want to bring in. Ian panel who's on the ground come in do hockey rock with the latest. What thing many people think what it means is inconsistency. And I'm of your kind. Way of framing it in practice what it means is says they're gonna target currents in forma governments officials who are parts all of the attempt to push down into who northern Syria that's one thing that go to council negotiations over a hundred billion dollar. Trade deal and also steel tariffs apparently gonna go back cuts 50%. So the governments and the economy of Turkey hasn't actually been self has been suffering. The value the Turkey's currency the Lira. There's been going down ever since present the one launched this because an instant Norman Syria and so that will be damaging but. I think many people regard it pretty much is fiddling while Rome burns. Yen EN do people think that these sanctions will even be an effective. Yeah I think that's the key question will it change president anyone's mind will have an impact of the citizens of Norman Syria. It's hard to see that it will articles we don't know it's possible that it could we seen sanctions imposed on other governments and the valued the impacts of sanctions look at Iran look at North Korea I think is highly debatable certainly would present or turkeys and big country's powerful country. And it's a relatively wealthy country I think you can probably sustain this level of sanctions and ending. It's going to change policy happens in other areas. Certainly didn't withdraw some Russian officials and exposes. And crime Mir in Ukraine etc. So I don't think he's gonna make a huge difference and present two are determined to press ahead but he is under enormous amounts Prussia. At least the sanctions is doing it but there's a lot of political or military pressure on right now. Russert is playing an increased role in golden Syria it's he's also talking to the Turkish government. Is it possible that he puts a halt to losing because it is no sign of the moment. All the indications are leading towards perhaps perhaps that could happen. And EN com. Yes that's right to me included do the role of women in Kurdish society is that the kind of equality that many other countries kind of responses. You know women and men are treated equally. There was a FEMA couldn't quite so we've Max. In the battle for record gains on city systems too just over two years ago now we just Macs have finally again have brother. Also parts of that battle we said that in its view them on the key things that he said. Was the level of betrayal he feels in America the assistant died while watching alongside the United States. And now he his family's community will being put under they. Under the cost of Turkish aggression is he stories and he would never trust America's would first ever again. All right Ian panel right there on the ground in the Middle East thank you so much for the updates.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"The sanctions come as attacks continue at the Turkey-Syria border and U.S. troops were pulled from the region.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66289145","title":"President Trump authorizes sanctions against Turkey","url":"/International/video/president-trump-authorizes-sanctions-turkey-66289145"}