President Trump a hit among residents in Chinese neighborhood

One resident said if President Trump "continues down this path, then all will be solved in this world."
3:02 | 11/16/17

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Transcript for President Trump a hit among residents in Chinese neighborhood
He half now. I'm Bob Woodruff from walking through the streets of Beijing justice you what people think about about president trump and his and his trip here. To Beijing on the show them the newspaper shown film the picture. But the bottom line is we just wanna see what the we call allow bison which is the ordinary people what they think about the American president. Dennis. What did an appeal comments as he and Simon and delinquency Gemma moment Dave weighted CU was and the sealock. Young talent in here some they not units and that. And her husband Colin you know and then come at eyes at him. Beat out Jung look at Danza has you know should it who's to crack the. When he what do you think about America's president. Panama. That was for law specializing good. But soon he'll talk. And then curtail. What his arm made little woman and it will into the visitors are from our. I don't know compliment ever would have ripple rock and it was heard it and among them are. Did you lose or need Huntington are you. Ohio devote her. Bush only rob Miller on our behalf. Fueled. School that it. He didn't believe. Oklahoma frequent car two men that went over it and don't harm Fenton didn't you know under tomorrow. To order a downward Democrat one of heat illness. He looked a little arsenal are. Houston apartment because sometimes when the president read leaves China that he says a much more. Let's just say negative things about China. You that deserve. Devoe. If full floor that than they what a uniter. Yeah. It Boehner fought over via the well. For right away. The war aviat Oprah you've the only. Show you. What is that. You fight walk. To two shouldn't you now blog. So this fellow shop price of I held my yogurt in my all right my dear to us moves my friend. Yeah there's your mama. I didn't that a woman the woman a telephone which American president. So what do you think about him. You can't again. One that fumble what you. A quick pace yet. That. You should out while he should you with a lot of money. I don't look. It is in this them so they just don't with a and it from a beautiful new home. When you think about the president of America. No comment.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"One resident said if President Trump \"continues down this path, then all will be solved in this world.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"51176158","title":"President Trump a hit among residents in Chinese neighborhood","url":"/International/video/president-trump-hit-residents-chinese-neighborhood-51176158"}