Prince Andrew Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations for First Time

Royal refers to previous statements and says he wants to focus on his work.
9:53 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for Prince Andrew Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations for First Time
I'll royal accusation allegations of sexual misconduct against Britain's Prince Andrew. And today is the first time he spoke in public since those accusations came out. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York more details of those allegations are out today in new court documents. The accuser 31 year old American woman who says she was forced to sleep with Prince Andrew. When she was just seventeen years old. Prince Andrew is at the Davos economic form in Switzerland and he's hosting a reception. A business leaders he addressed the allegations just a short time ago and here's when he Wednesday. No I'm delighted to welcome the reporting here. To the students' perception. Particularly as it focuses on work. But I'm doing back in UK in two petitioners. To you and thank you for coming. Firstly. I think I'm not us rules. For the record. Two referred to the events. Take place in the house few weeks. And I just wish to reassurance. And we have the statements which are already in my in my home. Why Buckingham Palace. My focus. His own modern work. A brief statement and on to the session for no more now I wanna bring an ABC news chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran who is in Dallas. Very good friend says I said briefly addressing these allegations are you surprised that he did speak on this scandal at all. You know pressure on the Scottish that he spoke you know American. Crisis management advisors PR advisors general itself. Their clients. Don't add fuel to the media fire in the story like this. It did prince is involved in the court case dairy fairy remotely and tangentially. Them unimaginable that he would be physically hauled into court and Florida to answer. These allegations that he had sexual relations with oh with with a woman who was a minor. At one of the times she alleges that they had sex that the case in is is very very difficult for her to make in another country the fact that he cannot shed any. Providing secure and sound in an indelible image. Four people around the world on this story is quite surprising but it's clear. That he was under tremendous pressure relief for the people of Britain. He is representing them here in doubles representing British business. The business of the nation. And with this scandal swirling about him he and his advisors and perhaps his mother the queen. Decided that he himself needed to speak publicly and denying indirectly denied these allegations. And of course Terry scandals are not new to the royal family but these allegations involving Prince Andrew brother of Prince Charles and uncle Prince William. Are sparking controversy how is bucking ham palace hand willingness. Camp out this is basically buckling down they are they are hunkering down they at least these categorical denials. Which the the woman in question Virginia Robertson says that prince hander. Had relations with certain at least once when she was seventeen years old a minor child in that jurisdiction. She didn't issue is called that announced hurtful but. The Buckingham Palace says it has been very aggressive in. Categorically. Denying this story. There was also. I'll report that Queen Elizabeth called her second song that's just man in line for the throne Prince Andrew on the carpet. When this scandal erupted. To get the truth from him about what actually went on because there are photographs of Prince Andrew -- Virginia Robert at that time. And so there is smoke whether or not there's any fire. Remains to be seen. As this case proceeds forward but it's a very aggressive response from buckled palace so much so that now a member of the royal family has com. Publicly before cameras to deny allegations of sexual impropriety. And and let's just face it in the long after the British monarchy. Pretenders not the first member of the royal family who have been alleged that engaged in sexual improprieties but he hit the first now. Publicly to speak for cameras and deny such allegations. All right Terry mentioned that case in Florida. And explain it was who that involves billionaire here in the US what our prince Andrew's ties to him. Yet it's that the case is really. About the victims here this Robert and three other victims. Of a man named Jeffrey apps being a billionaire hedge fund. Guy who was extremely well connected with the rich and powerful around the world and who was the subject. Of an enormous federal investigation. Into sex crimes against minors in particular do sex trafficking of minors. But she got off with an incredibly sweet. Plea deal to bargain deal C got he was looking at a ten year minimum sentence and federal penitentiary. For the course of sex trafficking of minors which is one of the charges that that he was being investigated on and yeah. He served one year and one day in a private wing of the palm beach county jail with a sixteen hour day get out of jail free pass. So it could still go to war and they victims now years later. Stake that deal with not sufficiently explain to them lights as victims under federal law and they want that plea deal opened up again. And they want their day in court again. As part of that. Ms. Roberts who says she was one of alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein chief says she'd accept hurt during his rich friends including Prince Andrew. She's trying to join the case saying Prince Andrew. Once was one of Jeffrey Epstein friends that he basically coerced me into having sex. That's how pretender gets into the case it's a case of the end of the day really legally not about sex. But about how the power money the power rich wealthy friends perhaps to distort. The criminal justice plus. And when you say that the victims in this case one this reopened again where does this case stand as it close to the public. Well there are. Enormous amounts of documents that more than 101000 pages of documents from this federal investigation into what was. By all accounts of the alleged victims in this case an extensive. Essentially trafficking ring barred by Jeffrey Epstein who did plead guilty to one count. Also the solicitation of a minor for sex. At Wendy's they registered sex offender and it spent a year in jail but the investigation was. Sat out all those documents right now are essentially under seal and one of the things that Virginia Roberts and the other women wore. Is to get access to those documents to see what the federal government new. About the Jeffrey Epstein at about that is. Brands and business acquaintances who we allegedly. Involved in this extra draster drink and they want ultimately to get to case reopened didn't get him. To serve a more severe punishments for what they believe are the crimes committed against. There now I must say legally it's a long shot the law likes finality and end there is a part of the law that says. Once a plea deal was struck. This victims have a certain amount of time to come forward and say it's not fair to me what that window closes it's hard to reopen. That's really what that what the battle in court orders about right. Cemetery where can this go from here is Prince Andrew. Facing any legal hurdles aside from may be a civil lawsuit or even criminal at this point. You know it's almost impossible to imagine that show how. A member of the oil for on the first there's the question which has never been casket which is is a member of the oil limited they have immunity. Around the world that it that the apparently a new question in international law but it probably wouldn't even get there the age of consent in Britain. He's sixteen now one of these events allegedly happened in London. A the issue of consent in New York is also sixteen in the US Virgin Islands where the third event is alleged to have taken place. It is seventeen and so. Did the Virginia Robert alleged she was a minor child subpar election counter with which prints. And that's. You're the long arm of American law almost certainly cannot reach him. And as pro that all the lawyers know. That Robert sent a letter. To prepare a group requesting. That he denied these allegations under vote. And that that at the end of the day is all they can do ask politely they really have no power block compelled. All right Terry Moran. In Davos at the economic forum thank you very much for giving us an update on the story. And of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring this story for those exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"9:53","description":"Royal refers to previous statements and says he wants to focus on his work.","mediaType":"us only 08","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"28410749","title":"Prince Andrew Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations for First Time","url":"/International/video/prince-andrew-addresses-sexual-misconduct-allegations-time-28410749"}