Prince Harry and Meghan celebrate South Africa Heritage Day

The royal couple continues their tour of South Africa by celebrating the country's diverse cultures in Cape Town.
4:16 | 09/24/19

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Transcript for Prince Harry and Meghan celebrate South Africa Heritage Day
So we're gonna head back over to South Africa where the royals are on their first official trip as a family. With baby artsy and yesterday Prince Harry in May end we're walking through the streets just as we were talking with our Maggie rowly. And I want to go to Maggie again Maggie did you see Prince Harry and Megan today. Of course we're like best friend now haven't heard I waved to them yesterday don't worry about it putting where we're in this neighbor I'm just a little bit ago and it's a huge today here in South Africa a parent today and is gonna show you a little bit about the neighborhood looks like he might recognize some of these iconic houses the Bradley Keller how the Robocop neighborhood. Here in cape town and right now there literally just hundreds of people all over industries meaning catch some people running around in there. Certain pink jumpsuit with all part of the holiday hair today. It a huge day here to celebrate all of the a multi multi cultures that make up South Africa and especially hearing kicked out and it's no coincidence that Harry meg in shows today to be here in South Africa to celebrate. With all of these people in many people in need tell us it's so important events that have been shared today especially. With the royal couple and a many of them mentioned let's also that it was very important and a share today with a woman like meg and a woman of color meant so much to them to have her here. Now some of those topics can get all wrapped up also can really. Into food on the affiliate. So I'm ready if feminist by the Whelan are waiting for our live shot but I'm. This is Bryant one of the local a delicate that he's doing here today an attempt to Canty got but actually. Our chef extraordinaire over at the dry shop told us comes from Malaysia's or just another example. How food on the here. They're also very multi cultural. Denying the coalitions can really think it's delicious. I definitely living your back like I just have to ask you this your first time in South Africa. But my first time here are celebrating parenting today. In South Africa and into it with my new best friend Harry and meg in is really something. So how much they planned to be there and what else is happening while they're there. Police and young people one of there are most important priorities here young people female empowerment and mental health earlier today before I was partying and eating chicken with them a labor all attendees to gather this doesn't really moving only can really come Harry Maggie and where there meeting with us. Great organization called waves for change and that teaches young people on the mind body connection through surfing skills into public and on the that Harry has been a champion I'm really for years now as he hit a point to speak today about it. They would implored him mansion until the full day without gotten the circle together. And we're chanting we're dancing poetic kids to within ethical with them even told that he would like Perry have some work but neck and she got mood you know both of them are definitely putting their stamp parent conference South Africa I knew that's not going forward above. This is still does day two of attending two or so after the tomorrow they're going to let mega going to stay here in South Africa to keep working. Husbands so little invent a lot of them focusing on women. And Harry's going to a few other countries will be in Botswana Angola and allowing. Champion causes their like conservation. As well as on young people once again. They will all end up together though back in Johannesburg here in South Africa and of course Kimberly we're waiting for baby Artie still. So over thinking someday thin we're gonna see maybe RT don't worry we'll keep you updated. Make Arab Maggie I don't know what it is but like seeing your does bring me so much joy gamble for early guy just when asked what are your plans for the rest of the time you're there. I meet with chicken think not just be affected if they. Only ratchet. Going to Angola as well where I'm meet up with some of Kerrey's team there will be within time Friday and into the weekend isn't going to be a really important story is if you remember Princess Diana was the champion of removing landmines from Angola so Harry is quite literally. Going to be walking in a mother's footsteps we're gonna have a ton of coverage for Mendel a coming up in the next few days as well you're definitely gonna wanna be with us for that one. And we definitely will be it's so good to see you look beautiful. Thing. Thank you you can't really good I'll and it. You Maggie.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"The royal couple continues their tour of South Africa by celebrating the country's diverse cultures in Cape Town.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65828923","title":"Prince Harry and Meghan celebrate South Africa Heritage Day","url":"/International/video/prince-harry-meghan-celebrate-south-africa-heritage-day-65828923"}