Prince Harry unveils UK team for Invictus Games

The Duke of Sussex announces 65-strong team selected from 350 applicants.
3:32 | 10/30/19

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Transcript for Prince Harry unveils UK team for Invictus Games
They had Maggie really ever ABC news lives. You can't hear is prince hairy had just arrived here this events he's. He's not put. Meaning with members. The UK eighteen for the index's gains could kind of fun to watch is posing with the team right now. They've been waiting for him here for a little benevolent and really excited to have fun moment here in London and it's a fun when especially coming off the heels of what spent a week full of headlines for the prince. You know just last week in his documentary of the duchess Megan came out a lot of press here in the land in and around the world how you also can and Megan are dealing with tabloid drama there in a fight with the tabloids at least three lawsuits have been dealing with so. It's a heavy time for the ducks and that's as the then you see things like this an event like this in your son reminded that you know there also appeared to work. Let's put aside the tabloid drum. The media aboard the moment and this is what matters to Harry he's been all about veteran work charity work with veterans making so that Dan knights is to be invisible injuries. I'm Constance. In picked. State's schools. The prince has made a point by showing up here today showing that he still wants to champion. -- organization and charities that are important to him the palaces saying you know. This is really the kind of stuff that he wants to be doing wants to keep. Moving forward to working with organizations that means something to him and particularly the index's gains of as always been so important for Harry started it. It's over five years ago others are even four games as a fifth one coming in the Netherlands this may. Perry who did two tours in Afghanistan knows what it's like to be there on the ground in these were sold for him. Would be really important and meaningful organization it's important events. It's something that he makes a point to be at every single year. He was in the Netherlands earlier this year sort of an announcing their fifth games he's here today made appointing you want to compose with this team so. Big group peeking behind Anthony wrapped up his another 65 men and women. Currently or formerly serving in the military. Who are wounded as well and a U Harry's made a point to save these types of physical events a physical games that can really not only help the men and women here but also. Other people serving to show them what can be done despite the fact you were wounded are dealing with injuries and he met Harry before now. First time today was the first time again that life. And it says that surveillance habit. So these two get so you know we can extra LA good ribs had a please baby today. Discuss possible sports I was doing many set just stole it and he can that be an entry to can be paparazzi sporting to I'm just gonna doing so. So again the games are happening this. May be addictive games it's nineteen countries around the world more than 500. You servicemen and women coming together to compete in these events. So it's going to be exciting Harry has been at every single one meg enjoying Harry last year at the games in Australia so we're hoping that both of them could be. Maybe it begins this year in the Netherlands as well so it's great to see. Harry out about speaking. With these men and women right now showing that there's still work to be console charities to champion Oregon. Stay here with them the rest of the morning and of course we'll always have more world news for you here on ABC's live.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"The Duke of Sussex announces 65-strong team selected from 350 applicants. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66631519","title":"Prince Harry unveils UK team for Invictus Games","url":"/International/video/prince-harry-unveils-uk-team-invictus-games-66631519"}