Princess Diana's Gowns Go Up For Auction

Some of the most beautiful dresses in the British Royal's collection go up for sale.
3:00 | 12/03/13

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Transcript for Princess Diana's Gowns Go Up For Auction
This is a special group. Hello everyone I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington DC with this ABC news digital live event there's a new owner of one of princess Diana's gowns this one here take a look. Considered one of -- most ornate and romantic. Her frock she'd like this one so much she apparently wore it more than once ABC's -- -- Has been following the auction today in London and joins -- parent has now from their -- it's great to see you thanks so much. Phyllis into how the dress did it just clear the option. Yet it fascinating and -- just -- we don't really have not much information right now Paul from that it costs 85000 we get their fifth and that's dollars -- war. Pounds but I'm assuming it's pounds. It was set to sell for about a 130000. Dollars but as you said this is princess Diana's. One of her most iconic dress is one of her most beautiful ball gowns that she not so much -- if you go back Connecticut's. Some of the meetings that she's had with president some of the -- years that she's going to. She's worn this dress and she loved -- so much that it -- not Eckstein made for constant when she Soyuz. At a Red Cross fashion event -- -- events. That was given by the designers themselves that's David and Elizabeth Emanuel should not -- so -- -- -- and she -- -- -- -- the -- So wasn't actually custom made for -- but that's when she liked and that was adamant in about in 1986. That happened. All right 1986 -- just hearing that now that -- on with you Lama that it sold for about eighty. 5000 pounds or four. -- or thereabouts on the block there but. What -- they also interesting facts here this down one of her favorites as you said. It may have been bought right off the rack is that true. Yes that's exactly right and just to update you so that's 85000 pounds about -- 140000. Dollars so more or less within the expected range if you like of how much it was. Going to sell for big -- -- she was that this she sold this dress that was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel at this charity event it was one of twelve. And she set her sights on and she -- like tension just -- off the rack in. We were told blind the or -- has self that it was -- traffic sliced ten Nazi UK ten I'm guessing that's about. For -- six. US and local shark could be wrong Saddam -- Democrat -- -- -- -- but you know -- -- state -- well if it has so well but yes. It's one of her favorites and again you know if you to connect. Some of the still -- images of her wearing it she just looks. Every inch the princess I'm sure he'll -- with me. Proceed as an agent that's very princess -- met in the down and never 1980s as -- said designed back in 861 of twelve. Tell us a little bit more about -- manuals. How famous are they as dress designers and why would she why were they when her favorite. Who -- I bet you know this simple fact -- that I'm about to tell you but David and Elizabeth Emmanuel work. One of her favorite designers -- -- was very famous for creating that fairy tale. Wedding dress of her as you know who could forget -- when she was walking down all that everybody could see her. And in the church so that famous for that but she. But I continue to Elizabeth Emanuel a couple of years ago and she said that she'd had a great working relationship she. She -- trusted them and she put her faith and then then you know they grew very close together that. He did they design have wedding dress but also all the items of clothing -- the tech and at times he -- for example. And also when she went to Wales state visits and stuff like thought they also divine. Designed gowns and the houses and stuff like that that's Princess Diana would Wear so. They had a very good working relationship a close working relationship and you know she trusted them and she felt safe in their hands if you like. So much more than address here I mean -- that those of the lucky buyer again just hearing now about a 140000 dollars. For this favorite Diana's getting. Very center now I don't know very personal -- to her. And we also understand it comes with some accessories. Yes so multi functional and and that's exactly which she did with it you know sometimes. She'd -- because it comes with -- had found. It also comes with detachable sleeves and a petticoat so you know it depends on where she's going so. She reaches into -- -- you get more than one way -- out of that if you like. But it's just beautiful if you look at if you look at the details it's very intricately designed its -- -- And the diamonds encrusted details as well as little troll and banishment so we. The auctioneer told us that you know if you sat and little girl down and told her to tool. Where princess should look like what kind of dress she should Wear that's exactly what she would come up with and -- and not really is an -- comes -- Across is this like fairy tale dress and she carries it off so well and it. It just kind of employees this dollars and 1980s. If if you look at it closely of course -- you know -- -- state secret. This credit to people out and concepts that -- -- Before we let you go Obama what do we know about the person who -- it to -- -- this person as. -- -- we jumped at the moment -- a lot of times they wouldn't surprise me pretend because a lot of times a silent and all we know is that this was a -- it was mates and that was made of via a phone -- at this. Point in time that's all we know right now. But again you know it was so big so many of these auctions. Some of the buys -- -- and so when surprise me if we don't find out many details on May be we will. -- it down -- few years from now. All right ABC's llama Hasan and our London bureau on the Princess Diana downbeat today think you so much vomit so it's great to chat with you. This has been an ABC news special live event. -- Devin Dwyer in Washington thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Some of the most beautiful dresses in the British Royal's collection go up for sale.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"21085673","title":"Princess Diana's Gowns Go Up For Auction","url":"/International/video/princess-dianas-gowns-auction-21085673"}