'A Promising Lead' in the Search for Flight MH370

Australian authorities say they heard two different signals that may have come from the plane's black box.
3:00 | 04/07/14

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Transcript for 'A Promising Lead' in the Search for Flight MH370
This is a special room. -- have a New York a most promising lead. In the search for the missing Malaysia airlines jet gone now for 31 days. Sounds -- heard underwater with specialized equipment consistent with those. Of the black box from an aircraft but the mystery still obviously far from salt is Karen Travers joins us now from Washington with the latest on the search Karen. Good afternoon -- and the head of the search team says this is the best information they have so far but. They would really like to find some wreckage to be certain that they're looking in the right spot. Two -- picked up by search ships in the Indian Ocean. Could this be the first signs of Malaysia airlines flight 370. Clearly this is -- -- promising -- And probably in the senate senator. Australian authorities said one of their vessels with this American -- will cater heard two separate signals this would be consistent. With transmissions. From prize the flight the record and a. And the cockpit voice recorder Saturday night and Sunday crews heard something like this. The first signal lasted two hours and twenty minutes the ship turned and picked up another signal for about thirteen minutes. The two -- -- about a mile apart. Now this Australian navy ship the ocean shield is zoning in on a very small area -- just three square miles of the Indian Ocean. The waters are very deep there -- nearly three miles to the ocean floor. But the search teams want to hear a third -- that will allow them to try and delayed where the signals are coming from. -- DC's search could begin. That will be the trigger the minded towards the autonomous underwater vehicle but the more accurate -- knocked. And potentially camera for -- and visually looking at the ocean floor. The batteries on the black boxes were expected to be at full -- only through last weekend. But manufacturers of the so called seniors say there could be a few more days of solid signals even if we lose -- -- Where a small -- search area that we're going to be able to find some record on the bottom. But -- that may not be right away experts say it could be months even years but really it's just a matter of time before they find it and so care if in fact they do get another -- is the next step and actual underwater search. It is -- AUS navy vessel that can go down and take a sonar map and also take photos it's very high tech but it's also limiting. It -- area of up to a hundred meters but it cameras -- if you will can see only just a few meters. These vessels can work up to about -- a sixteen hours shift. So these searchers wanna be sure that there in the right area before they send this down this -- not from the they're gonna do until they have absolute little bit more certainty that there at least zoning in on what could be area where there could be wreckage of the plane hoping for. Any kind of sign ABC's Karen Travers -- Washington with the latest on that Karen thank you back to joining me now via Skype -- aviation analyst John Nance and John I want to bring you into this. What is your assessment on these -- do you agree I mean this is the best -- so far. Questions. And -- had until four hours per -- litany -- Policy is that we have that extra nervous walking up and say this for the last three weeks it will take a law that looks like that's exactly what we have stumbled -- -- like yeah. They were emphasized from some area that was involved here. But they have picked up what is apparently -- quietly now -- repetitious things from one. Two sources is simply a matter now going back and were confined to leading the and -- Maggette for people like in double -- but it looked. App from better get this really is location and I don't know why would be anything else they're thinking on this frequency 37 point five kilohertz. If it is directly and we that you break. John let me ask easily because the -- these things get transmitted Odyssey through the water Bennett picked up by these microphones. How does it complicate the search -- because some of these waters three miles deep right I mean that can back and that can throw up. Trying to pinpoint exactly where these things are coming from. We're -- good news bad news situation that -- -- -- very limited. To what degree are very limited about. -- so -- you could hear these fingers the good news is that when you don't need your. Close to them and therefore by crisscrossing the bottom and sides inning solo artist take that much to find out where the wreckage is where the -- are. The bad news it is of course accused Silva remodeled debt they're so there's a lot of ocean to go through. That fact he has -- that these signals by the time they get them. -- the -- other they've already traversed a couple bottles and they are pretty. But apple by the idea that we go to -- signals it's like 1300. Possibly was not viable but this again I can't overemphasize -- tremendously. Try to straight at the Santa about these black boxes these topic voice recorder boxes and the data recorder boxes well. The manufacture essentially says that is that these are equipped to. -- admit these things for thirty days out this is now -- 31. To searchers have enough to triangulate a position if in fact those batteries -- died. Oh yeah they do -- -- -- as of this moment. They know within a properly usually ten square miles -- -- continuous improvement. -- this coming from -- seems to be coming probably will be able to move on from there. Something to keep in mind is equal the manufacturer -- we have a thirty day period before the that recite. They don't talk back what it might get -- -- that we'll get him to give those. Slowly more like a lead acid and so therefore if there's still leery of being debated here tomorrow may even be able to -- for couple weeks will be getting slower and slower -- disabled list and looked. The does that actually. And judge Jimenez says -- that this is such a tremendous break in this investigation because no debris has been found anywhere. Nothing. Yeah it was actually borrowed -- picture the media and I think get a couple all of us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of course it was probably hundreds of bottles with a publishing from the crash site and is still group but from the special that the idea that the -- might think that publisher which. Mainly that follow it up -- that party shock that is extremely fluctuation that was looking like the only thing we have levels law and that is actually as well I think stumbled and. A big development and a big scramble now to that particular area of the Indian Ocean aviation expert John Nance on -- for this job thanks for your time here it's I appreciate it and of course you can keep up with the search. For Malaysia airlines flight 37 in real time by downloading ABC news app -- in the story you'll get exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm down Cutler in New York.

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{"id":23226201,"title":"'A Promising Lead' in the Search for Flight MH370","duration":"3:00","description":"Australian authorities say they heard two different signals that may have come from the plane's black box.","url":"/International/video/promising-lead-search-flight-mh370-23226201","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}