Quarantined man: 'It's getting scary here'

An expat reacts to the lockdown in Italy as coronavirus numbers rise.
2:53 | 03/09/20

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Transcript for Quarantined man: 'It's getting scary here'
And joining us now is one of those residents on lockdown in Italy John Henderson is retired and living in Rome. John thanks so much for Skyping in we have noticed over the past few days. In Rome things seem to be the excelled accelerating there what are you seeing. What basis it's getting scary here and it takes a last year Romans they've been through a lot it gets everybody. We wake up and see the little red block the little red dot on. Represented the corona virus a Linda disability he's growing. And growing and the cases small line community would be 2% to daily slick sunny 300. I suitcases didn't. Not wizards 14100 deaths already ailing. Syria alone. There were 34 deaths and I got it. That kind of Soros people and I kind of feel like I'm an extremist science fiction movie where weren't wearing kind of seem to receive one always see. The mysterious strategic breaks out of exotic. Fish market in China and then see who is all he's people's drama ever ever Camelot. I'm in NRC exaggeration but part of it is true is it. We don't know what's going hot and we don't know who hasn't we don't know we have that we don't know. What's gonna happen if we do happen and for us American Express retired here. We know what's gonna happen the market at this point yet not so it's ever did everything is really up in the air and it changes by the hour. Our does it seem cheer like people are heeding those warnings and actually staying homered UC a lot of people out about. There there there lyrics are staying home mostly I was out today thank doctor's appointment news out of curiosity. What they got a doctor's appointment I could tell the difference is that the waiting room they had. Blocked off every other share so people wouldn't have to sit at least one meter or. Opt out of curiosity when I comforted fury which were more pop yachts is rumored to Stewart used to all the public executions two centuries superior are always very crowded he's lived near there. And it is not her for Arnold or what's a deserted by any means but. Every restaurant around the yeah Swiss organ and Harley anybody was sitting down. What the larger trying to get people sit in there weren't any people deplore. The fact that went to a and they're only selling us there. And is we outside. The line when you're hardly call sandy I don't like the DMB and United States. On this Reese this 300 credits no traffic. Mom it's it is definitely a weird weird seeing somebody who's living room pro war. Well John thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us today we hope these measures payoff we hope you and your family stay safe thank you. My question about.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"An expat reacts to the lockdown in Italy as coronavirus numbers rise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"69494243","title":"Quarantined man: 'It's getting scary here'","url":"/International/video/quarantined-man-scary-69494243"}