Radar Data's Release Depends on FAA, NTSB Involvement

Malaysian officials vow to release radar data if military sources confirm lead of missing flight MH370.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for Radar Data's Release Depends on FAA, NTSB Involvement
Five days into this investigation and officials are still unable to give the public any hard evidence of what happened to flight 37. We were on the military base in -- all -- for where the search and rescue effort is being staged. But there is a lot of criticism over the lack of a coordinated effort to get information out to the public as the investigation goes on. Let's run a lot of criticism we were able to get the air force chief on the phone to ask you about. I just have to ask you one question just one question chief. Just can you clarify for me why aviation authorities are not able to release radar data or even a timeline at this time. -- No comment. -- -- No comment. No ability to clarify the confusing right now sir can you tell us whether or not -- receives data from the engine manufacturer Rolls Royce. I can you tell us -- five days into this investigation there appears to be so much chaos and still little progress. He's not -- -- A lot of speculation that condition that we bonds took to the -- And -- be given to go through what to ensure that any. Speculation -- that convinced that didn't investigate that and -- -- been victims that are. Through the media to the public that they -- the fourth and the princess. Secondly -- on the issue of Milwaukee cut. And expertise of the communion I think that is a process that -- is going on. And David indicate that other agencies that come in to help with the team that investigated and finally. Be sure all of this thing. Mathieu. National cooperation. We with a different different levels of cooperation that -- we were reviewed from time to time. Let's say you are looking for the aircraft and transparency is your -- and -- also reaching out to civilian. Civilian authorities and cities for help why not release the -- radar data are there any plans to do that. We need to lower -- peace -- the -- Powell. Beavis. Yes we didn't -- easy but it's I don't know that anxious being indicative fully diluted. All the -- and that's all places. But did -- intended to be that the Al central Italy that peace. Activate your stuff we did he -- you needed. It being -- be confirmed that this flight. From there are people on the Davidson is. Right. Tomorrow. -- -- There seems to be a lot of confusion between what the data from the radars. Monitored by the military show vs those of civil aviation authorities. The acting Transportation Minister told ABC news that if the FAA -- Federal aviation administration and the US NTSB. Determined that a certain point and radar data eased that a flight 370 he will release that -- radar data to the public. On Thursday that's a sign that US involvement here is very key in moving this investigation forward Gloria Riviera ABC news -- more.

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{"id":22887153,"title":"Radar Data's Release Depends on FAA, NTSB Involvement","duration":"3:00","description":"Malaysian officials vow to release radar data if military sources confirm lead of missing flight MH370.","url":"/International/video/radar-datas-release-depends-faa-ntsb-involvement-22887153","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}