Rescue in Thailand: 8 boys, coach remain inside cave

Four of the boys have been safely pulled from the cave, but rescuers will now try to save the remaining eight boys and their coach.
18:37 | 07/08/18

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Transcript for Rescue in Thailand: 8 boys, coach remain inside cave
Safe and doing well. Adrian what else can you tell us about the activity there at the hospital we know it's the middle of the night there Thailand right now. Yes it's about midnight here in Thailand it's not right. The quiet peaceful town where not much like this happens thankfully but when it does the entire community comes out we've seen lines of people. Does that flooding the streets as well as journalist here on the sidewalk with us but many of them have gone home for the evening. And if you look behind me the hospital the street the hospitals on is so quiet. In fact we know that those four boys are inside receiving medical treatment reunited with their families as they should be after quite an ordeal. As you mentioned that rescue effort is put on pause tonight it is pitch black what they've been doing is transporting each boy. In a single ambulance to a helicopter. Out near the cave and bringing them to a local airport nearby but in these conditions they postpone those efforts. As dark as it is and they'll commence sometime in the morning we do know that those who are here have already been evaluated. And those who are yet to com. Will be seen by doctors and nurses on the eight we'll work one whole floor reserved for them. For the thirteen in all twelve children and their 25 year old coach. But to have a complete medical examination. Failed test things like their lungs and their breathing functions now also look at whether or not they have any infections. I a lung infection called cave disease is something that they could have contracted as well as any bacterial infections from the water. They'll also check their mental state now one thing that was of concern. During the dive is whether these young boys with panic because most of them if not all of them were not. And are not strong swimmers. That is something that is remarkable given the fact that this kind of a diet this snaking through was cavernous. Conditions is something that even the most experienced divers would find daunting so to have these young men be able to come out of this cave in one piece is certainly remarkable. That the rescue efforts certainly to be applauded but now they're checking in to see whether the time spent in that cave much of which was spent in the dark. And without exercised a routine some lines. No no normalcy. Whether that had an effect in weakening not only their immune systems not only their strength but also. Their minds whether they'll happy CST is yet to be seen but the doctors were certainly treatment for that. As well as again. Put them with their moms and dads and Brothers and sisters try to get back to life is normally again which. Absolutely. Some encouraging news so far encouraging developments but still long way to go here Adrian we are showing the video. When those boys were discovered by those divers a number of days ago. But leading up to that it was such an emotional roller coaster because for nine days nobody even knew whether the boys were still alive. The agony and the time for the parents who were out there waiting and praying at the mouth of the cave. You know when others have lost hope those families they're in Thailand. Always believed that held on to home than those boys still alive and we see those images there smiling faces. What what are the families doing right now I know that there was a special area for them or their favorite setting them up so that they can. Have access to their poison they arrived at the hospital right. Yes it's on that same floor so out of the fourteen story through the eighth floors completely cleared. Where their treatment and to reunite them with their families they when it everything to be contained there was no family out here. On the site locker waiting outside in any lobby are waiting area when we arrived gosh now over sixteen hours ago. We have been here that we'll time the police kept moving us back further and further presumably to respect the privacy. Of these parents in these families I mean you can only imagine that they need time to bond with their children again to cry again thank god again. But right now the world is watching they want to know about the story are so many people who have. Written and sit posts and tweets an instant Graham messages. Saying thank you ABC for covering this story and for making it some positive news something that is watchable in the midst of something that could have been so tragic. We still don't know. What the status is of those eight others still inside the cave but the hope. After seeing these for come out. And being sent to the hospital it seemed to work like clockwork I mean when we go back to the press conference the news conference earlier with high officials. Saying that they were able to extract of the first boy. And the Sackett so quickly and within minutes of each other. It seemed to just galvanize everyone present. Volunteers as well as those from the military from around the world and rescue workers as I fighting each other symbolically celebrating. The fact that this went so well on the first night that night where they this was a do or die mission that they had to complete. And try to get those boys safely out emissions begun but it's far from over tomorrow morning at daybreak we're certainly gonna be right back here in the same position. To see what happens next back everyone remains hopeful. We absolutely Adrian baker outside the hospital thanks so much and as Adrian pointed out so many times were. Covering stories where the world is often divided but in this case. Hearts and prayers around the world rallying around this team the wild or soccer team from Thailand and of course all of the rescuers who were involved this is an international effort. As we continue to show some of these images just to give you some of the numbers here today's mission involved eighteen divers thirteen. We're foreigners five Thai Navy SEALs ten of those divers actually brought the boys outs over part of that escorts you see the world coming together. In this this camaraderie this collaboration. To be able to it to save these boys and bring all a wonderful good news ending. All of this but there's still a long ways to going for more information on that let's check in with. Are due heat show who was at a press conference earlier this morning. They are in Thailand. Judy tell us what Thai officials are are telling us we know there's a bit of a pause in the activity now as they replenish the cave. With oxygen and other supplies what's the next step. Yes they actually said that the auction has been exhaust this though they need to bring in more air tanks and then spray oxygen and there. Normal Austin and they would be 21%. A couple of days ago it was down to 15%. Which raise alarms to the Thai official also. They're trying to make it. Better a better condition for the rest of the eight boys to come out and I just wanted to say I was there at the press conference and when that governor. God governor of this region officially announce that they had successfully. Extracted four boys all the journalists there where. Sherry time there are clapping there was so much joy. In that area and there are these are all international journalists and that's you say this is an international collective effort and it truly shows. How the world could unify in getting these boys out of this case. I'm really is a credible and there and all eyes are on this event watching everything unfold. You talked about they're they're taking a pause in the effort the replenishing the oxygen supplies. It ought to remind our viewers that there were several plans that were in place that they decided not to move forward with one of them. Included an oxygen cable into the cave they realize that wasn't going to be good enough their ideas following the example of the Chilean miners in. Perhaps drilling bore holes to extract the boys from the caves of they'd have to travel is far but in the end. Two he they decided that the best way to get the boys out. Was exactly the way that they came and yet they expedited this because of the rain in the conditions that were coming in. Talk about the weather looks like there's a bit of a lull right now in the rain that we are seeing a couple of hours ago. The first three days when I got hairy back here five days of was dry and I was very lucky in that gave time for the officials to get ready for this rescue plan. But since yesterday it's been raining like this on and off. And unfortunately though weather forecast this is linked to rein. Constantly until next Friday so I was running out and the tire efficiency really need to make it work today start today. So that they could bring all at twelve points out. And about the options yes they weren't. Thinking of drilling a hole on top of the mountain. There there are building pools and finding holes all over the place and we saw. Experts going up the climbing up the mountain beast we're nests bird nest hunters and they are the people report says while but. That option was not viable because it would take time to build up or down and it will take time to find him slow so the best option. For them was to bring them out the way became known. And a sobering moment too when that Thai navy seal on the retired Thai Navy SEALs died from a lack of oxygen in there that relate. Made everybody stop and think twice about how they're going to approach this situation. Judy Cho for us live in Thailand thank you so much. If we could go back for our viewers take a look at that graphic again we have this incredible animation that shows you. The elaborate underground and the chambers that these boys have declined through to get there many of our viewers have been asking the question. How did they get there to begin where that if you have been following every detail for the last sixteen days. I can tell you that the boys and their soccer coach on on this. Wild Boortz soccer team. Would height in this cave from time to time and it would spend hours in there coaches former Vermont he would. Meditate with the boys and it was a team building experience of the had been there before but what happened on this particular date June 23. They were walking in the cave and then it sorted to rein those monsoon rains that we talked about. If flooded out the case. And the water started seeping in not only from the entrance but from other little channels in the ground the water level started to rise and the boys realize that they couldn't get out the way they came their exit was cut off. So the coach then decided to retreat deeper into the cases they could find higher ground. And there you see them they've been stranded on essentially an underground beach surrounded by water. But some of the process of the that the rescuers had to go through was. Clearing some debris and opening up the ceilings with underwater jackhammers to try to make this journey doable for these boys many of whom hardly know how to swim. So to get some more perspective on what it was like. In those caves and underground are Matt Gutman actually toward a cave a different one but nearby to give us an idea of the condition state law. With. Marketable about this is in. But so remarkable is that I'm. The crouching the whole time. And if the tired very very quickly. He's basically the constant squat like this trying to make through here imagined it got a backpack with couple pounds imagine doing it. 5067. Pounds. Of scuba gear no wonder. Whose rescue divers are completely exhausted. You can see how scalpel sharp it looks like some sort of courts which is obviously very hard but. Cup sharp it is unimaginable in your head into that each of anything here and that's what's underneath. Let me passage ways. So narrow it. He's had spewed an if but. Or. Crawl. I imagine. Doing this underwater. The other issue is. If this thing is. Filled with water. Finding the actual hole is nearly impossible especially when there's no visibility in the water which is why people and guys who often. We can. Still these. Schools curtains it's all minerals that dripping. From the top of the mountain through the the ground. It keeps this constant drip rained a lot he 210 once you start coming down here. Dropped one. If you. Cisco has come through right now they're cannery casino hard it is to get any equipment through. And he should have one camera. Could pretty fit guy. Easy to get through there and you know. Everywhere there is people's. And hazards. Whose finger him tenure at a commission while. Skate goes on. Point about. 550 yards or so. Barely a fraction the cabling. For the boys are but it gives you a sense of how high the spaces and just imagine if this whole thing for flooded. Hanging funny actual entrance that tiny little entrance when these abilities absolutely zero it would be nearly impossible and it's one of the reasons. Net for the divers and we've been talking through our. So one now yeah he's gotten completely exhausted. From doing here's here's another issue. Their sudden. Turns. Hard to navigate. Go ahead. Tulsa well we know what it's like a T but there's a clean bottom here which is very slippery. Make a navigation even. More difficult. Here's a here's a big chamber right here this is kind of well there's of that this is kind of what they talk about when there's a chambers who could be a really narrow tunnel for quite a ways. And then it opens up to this. The shootings you're probably twenty feet tall when he behind conceit is that lag thanks hang an off. Musical curtains they're minerals that are dripping. For. Thousands and thousands of years and years of Batman there in the again you know I'm on carrying a backpack that probably weighs fifteen. Twenty pounds Max. But via the rescuers and all those people involved in this rescue. Have pacts with them that way. Dozens and dozens of counselors can imagine how hard it is also. Mean we're in a pretty oxygen rich environment the only people in here. But in that Kate because they have a let pumping equipment and because of so many humans. They've essentially consumed Robert it's the directive and the camera does its part to navigate but all those divers and resented her 400 people. Indicating once they've all consumed a tremendous amount of oxygen in there. And them. Oxygen level in that cave is about 17%. Which is about the amount of oxygen in the air that you exhale. That. After taking a breath. Hard to tell OK to just imagine just for 12. Magic going from the big cavern like this. There's plenty of space in your diving and it's filled to the brim and then. Somehow trying to navigate without being able to see to find the hole here it's down there. And there's a turn to the left which shows right now. Yeah this is an example. These craft and it. Is an example thank you spaces of Robert can get to that spot there. Among pre small guy who pretty small guy and I can't imagine having to go through. Some of this with gas tanks under water trying to help kids get through but this is the only through in this particular tunnel. Pretty dirty. That. Right. Grant. I don't think Roberts going to be able to get. This is it up very much what it's like for the divers. To get through. Because he go through a really really tight space. And you find a big space that allows you to recoup. Get a little rest take a breeder. Who had this is imagine doing this we've done Laffer who probably for five minutes since we've been rolling on this live stream. And we probably navigated so far. 5060 yards through the tunnel and that's a tenth of this particular tunnel but it's something like a hundredth. Of the total tunnel that these divers are doing. Imagine doing that again and again that's what they're going to be doing as they extract these kids. For the next several days and that gunman in the caves just outside of may site Thailand. And I hope you keep watching keep things got those little boys and all the rescuers. Our thanks to Matt Gutman and his crew down in the caves giving us that a sense of what those boys what the rescuers were dealing with down there. Matt and his crew made it out okay again they were joining us throughout the morning with special reports. Just an update. Four boys were extracted from that Kate taken to the hospital are said to be in good condition but it's the middle of the night they are eleven hours ahead of us. They are in Thailand and rescue crews had to take a break up pauses make it replenish oxygen supplies and other equipment inside that cave. The rains were picking up. But still they're moving forward they say that they are ahead of schedule with the rescue mission. And will resume to remove those remaining eight boys and their soccer coach. Within just a matter of hours as nudes of news develops here at ABC news we'll bring that to you in the meantime you can download ABC news app for breaking news alerts or if you get. All of this information on I'm whit Johnson for this special breaking news coverage of the rescue in Thailand. This is ABC news line.

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