For royal superfans, the great Kate wait was worth it

ABC News' Molly Hunter chatted with royal superfans after parents Kate and Will introduced baby boy Cambridge to the world.
9:23 | 04/24/18

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Transcript for For royal superfans, the great Kate wait was worth it
Can't afternoon I'm Holly Hunter and if the ABC news and outside the Linda weighing out I don't think Mary hospital in lines and where we last met. In newest addition to the wild family baby boy Cambridge now mean yet. But we just up prince William and that deficit Cambridge come out. Cradling their newborn baby XB hop in the car just stand there Prince William behind the driver's feet Kate in the backseat with their new baby and me jester of the way. Babies slept the entire time no real feel for parts not yet but adorable nonetheless we also saw Prince William actually walk. Into Galindo Dwyane Wade prince George and princess island just before it's and meet their new. Babies sibling and lots of stunt from princess island await into the crack. I'm just need you a sense of where we were so over here you've got him fit media pen. You've got less than cameras and actually just fifteen minutes ago hundreds and hundreds of the tigris everyone's busy filing now. Already out you I was wracked season die hard row fans were waiting and walked me over here at this back TV and print handle and knowing. And he got them help end a yeah. Or our prime time out. What do you mean you've got a union Jack flag what do you think of any giving mean gases that monument. I debate me. Is it means he backs. It. I think at Virginia gas Albania asked the eyes. Ivana and not his greatness. A lady of the alleged leave you here. He's got a lot and we got to congratulate him and Erica got places Georgian style in the US older siblings it's a rather well done and Kate. There even I'm rob banks. I didn't have her out that there yat. Philip called it went eight U I you sign and it would. Be asked the head and Yemeni named gases are you you it isn't. Now now I eating and drink maybe hundreds against non mean what is what is this little one thing. This is staring dignity is even knew little baby mound. Now. Up. I did you parents specifically remaining. I. Mean yeah. Every year I'm hoping over the crowd of people that we spoke with as we. Who would kick in camping out. Outside of the hospital offered is on and just to make sure that they wouldn't it actually like that young woman with. Let's just conference act and if there's there. Be careful crossing the street and. And it's extraordinary and fifteen minutes the police presence just of the back Brady they were lining the street helicopters overhead. Here we. Scary. And it finally got fed. It it's. And pitching day fact that. Harry we met last week and carry Allah how many days previously paying fifty feet heat right over there. And it was it worth every exit where every actress will on the game on the ground it's. And it would be crying the looming screen with it worth it. Dunk. I think it's a classic record when it was it worth it today have been admitted. And I'll pick of the code. Some time trying. A split second. It's no lessons in real time. Since the mid 1990. Again I'm overwhelmed and no one night making them they keep you playing. Announced. It's time and you write with the way this do you think Philip Michaels still holds do you think hearing your favorite name is designated as non. It's been a lieutenant in the would. Then parents of course being carried name I they have the good. So they're that would mean mentioned remind me to do it and your wife's name is Jim aren't. Well congratulations to you are you. Earned net did yeah yeah. I think what. Looking at doing that very thing Harry and some of his friends had been sleeping out here camping out here and acted just gonna show you that kind. That they actually spent every night at them last week. And has yet. And congratulate San. And so please let's have a pat until he conducted. I mean nothing but Google lightly but a vote might be people when. In history and things up quite frightening and I'm when it went up fifteen days weren't that Oakland is now thinks he'll. And sits on and a cynical as it affecting dice. Coast devastating he keeps acting. Must bond swap. That leaves and he smiled Nutten on the liking. Plus the beautiful lakes. Despite. Having a closed out of the eight pence and honest. But things fields and so on they would be adding I want all the movement's possible they will be having the times and I. Thank you John think you and I hate for the kids and champagne for everyone out their husbands and free champagne around not not now and consumed my. You are ABC and of course lots of revelers around here. We. There are a couple of other three is spending the night it fifteen game. Amy re happy. Bank with it with a fifteen it's worth it yeah yeah. And look around aria. Adamant that was totally worth it. What was your favorite Peter Hart and you guys are all right about the life. Yet. An independent investor island okay jeez man cleared. It's that she was released Friday. It's pretty fat and I events come home. I think it's your Hummer I credit. Maria. How much. I'd. Expect. Anything. You Lesnar already a that the boy and now fingers crossed for not likely thing. Massive Maria and and you were also part of the crew camping out. Yeah he is headed for a hot shower here on bats and hit it. Well your favorite part of that. City. He's sick thing she knows. It. What they can let you have all. Turn your wrath. And that why is this being they let's get technical and ailing one more at times being well. Might be hanging around but you've got thing we all I hard rock band. The biggest fans. Who are out here for the last fifteen days. Allen in a coherent and here's the but keep happening but let's just take a quick lack. You've who aren't there Tudor lion. James five to one Albert fill up Alexander's. Ultra line. Thomas child's rhetoric and Henry. Insisting that we should I not the name in the next couple of days. It's quite different usually would brother is actually we don't find out the names per. C three days even and as prince dealing with getting in the car this evening. He did say. See you would know the name sin but no name yet. Let's just go back homers to lend Elian's. Thank yeah. Yeah. I. A lot of people I think Aaron I'm an party's name. Near Atlantic across the UK and of course across the pot making a lot of line at eight if they are watching. The rate and well things that might it's hitting an mine entering and weren't and pat patently knowing that they.

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{"duration":"9:23","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter chatted with royal superfans after parents Kate and Will introduced baby boy Cambridge to the world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"54684893","title":"For royal superfans, the great Kate wait was worth it ","url":"/International/video/royal-superfans-great-kate-wait-worth-54684893"}