Russian spy ship spotted off eastern seaboard

ABC News' Tom Llamas is by the naval base in Groton, Connecticut, just miles away from where a Russian spy ship has been found lurking.
1:52 | 02/15/17

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Transcript for Russian spy ship spotted off eastern seaboard
Good evening on Tom yelled a slide in Groton Connecticut just behind me. One of the most important. And able so bases for the United States on the East Coast here in this country and thirty miles from here out they are. Out at sea is that you is the Russians issued. The Victor leveling off it's been there are wondering. What military officials tell us now the says several people concerned in this area especially. Members of congress they wanna know why a Russian spy ship is so close to this enables a base even though this has happened in the past. Those members of congress are worried that Russia is torn up flex its muscle. With this provocation as summer described it but also with that it's the Black Sea last Friday where. Three jets from Russia was a battleship. Of the United States and of course the reports out this week that the Russians have moved a ballistic excuse me a cruiser missile. Around Russia which would be a violation of one of the trees with the United States now earlier today we spoke. We've now when representatives argue from Connecticut cities bidding contact with the commander here at the sub base and that everyone is ready you're that they don't think this is gonna happen. But they are monitoring this closely they also believe that that should probably stay in the area for weeks but don't expect anything to come of this in order to keep track. The navy the coast or both tracking that ship now we do know 'cause ABC's got a closeup look at the issue back in 2050 when it was docked in Havana. That it has all types of spy equipment on it. From all from the stern all the waited about it there's equipment that could intercept communications there's also a giant. A wore keen on the part of the issue as well so what does have some. Sort of fighting capabilities and wealth not just spy should be go to battles well but again ever will be monitoring that ship from here from the space and so far nothing has happened yet. Just elect decide how close it is reported Groton Connecticut topped Dallas ABC news.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"ABC News' Tom Llamas is by the naval base in Groton, Connecticut, just miles away from where a Russian spy ship has been found lurking.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"45520236","title":"Russian spy ship spotted off eastern seaboard","url":"/International/video/russian-spy-ship-spotted-off-eastern-seaboard-45520236"}